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Hey. I'm having a bit of a panic attack right now, if you could provide something short about Prince comforting Anx, I would be everlastingly grateful.

*Oh anon I’m so sorry, I really hope it passes quickly*

Prince often thought of Anxiety. He thought of him on purpose, and he thought of him on accident.

He would think about what the other was doing, or where he was. He often would get distracted because he caught sight of something that made him think of his lover.

Even before they were together, Prince realized one day, he thought of Anxiety very often.

Anxiety was counted among the many blessings in Prince’s life.

Even now, when Prince was holding the quivering other in his arms, did Prince feel this way.

He cared for Anxiety, no matter what.

“Today I saw a crow,” Prince whispered, “Did you know they’re actually really intelligent? He reminded me of you,” Prince kept talking about the crow in the park, attempting to distract Anxiety from his mental pain.

“This crow was flying all over the park, back and forth, back and forth, for well over two hours. I couldn’t figure out what it was he was doing.” Anxiety remained with his face buried, but his shivering had subsided, “Finally, I got up to follow him. When he came back across the park, I ran with him to the other side.” Prince chuckled, “He was very intelligent.”

“The crow was cleaning up litter that had been washed up by the river. Piece by tiny piece, the crow was picking it up with his beak, flying across the park to dump it in the trash, and coming back to do it again.”

“When it saw me, it stopped with a lit cigarette butt in it’s mouth,” He laughed, “I’ll have to show you the picture sometime. When I slowly bent down and began picking up some trash, it watched for a little while longer before accepting my help. Together, we cleaned the riverside. All afternoon, we worked and worked and worked. Until finally, it was done.”

“The rocks were clean of bags and cigarettes, and food, and all things that don’t belong. It was so beautiful.”

“Then, the crow flew off into the tree, where I noticed a nest sat alone in forked branches, two young crows peaking out.”

“Why does it remind you of me?” Anxiety whispered.

“Because,” Prince shifted so Anxiety sat properly in his lap, “Most people only see crows as they are and what they’re told of them- “Like the man who sat in Prince’s lap “-I got to see a whole nother side.” Exactly like Anxiety.

“…Thank you, Prince.”

People From The Past (Happy x Reader)

A/N: This came out way longer than I planned but enjoy. Please send in requests.

You turned the corner quicker than you thought and ran into a woman. You both fell to the concrete ground hard, as the pain shot up into your arm you chose to ignore it and kept on going. You heard the women shout as you ran passed but you didn’t bother to care. You needed to get away and find Happy quicky he was your only hope to get out of this mess you found yourself in. You haven’t spoke in years but the faded crow tattoo was a constant reminder of the time you guys shared. Knowing that this was where he was located you came straight here to somehow find him. Before you knew what was happening your arm was being grabbed back, you went to shrugged it off but they place both hands on your shoulders turning you towards them. It was a women you recognize as the one you hit.

“I’m so sorry but please you need to let me go” You stated as you look behind her, making sure that they haven’t caught up since you last lost them. It was clear for now but it was never safe.

“You must have no idea who I am” She said with a laugh which made you cringe. You didn’t need any more trouble than what you had. Knowing she wasn’t one of them gave you some sort of comfort.

“Please let me go” This time it wasn’t a plea it was a demand and you didn’t want to hurt her but you would if it meant getting away from people lines of slight.

“I’ll have you know that my hu-” She started but was cut off as a women came into slight behind her calling her name.

“Tara. Tara Stop let’s go” The women stopped in her tracks as she took in your appearance. You knew who she was. You haven’t seen her face in years, you knew it would come to this but not this fast. Tara looked at the two of you sensing that you guys have met before which made her curious.

“Well what do I see here. If it isn’t a lost Old Lady” Gemma said as she placed her hands on her hips giving you a killer smirk.

“Old Lady?” Tara questioned, you knew she must’ve been one as well.

“I’m not a Old Lady anymore Gemma you and I both know that” You force out through your teeth as much as you miss her, she never truly understood what went on with you and Happy. But right now you didn’t care you needed her help.

“What brings you to Charming Y/N?” Gemma asked as she stepped closer to you taking in your appearance once again, she couldn’t help but notice the crow tattoo peaking out on your side.

“Happy” You admitted as you made another look to make sure it was still all good. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Gemma.

“You are in trouble aren’t you?” You nodded as she asked, there was no point in lying to Gemma. She knew you before which meant she knew you didn’t come back to start up some old fling.

“I need him Gemma, he’s the only one” She looked at you and smiled as best as she could. You still being here was a shock even more that you needed help.

“Get the car Tara we need to go see our boys”

  Stepping out onto the car parking lot brought back so many memories. Even with only being here once before any Sons club at this point was too much. You felt a wave of anxiety wash over you. It’s been so long since you seen Happy you didn’t know what he was going to do. Would he still help you? You had nowhere else to go that would be safe.When you enter the clubhouse you noticed it still smell like old times, a mixed of cigars, whiskey and sex takin over the breathing air that you consumed. Sitting by the bar was all of the boys they looked up to see who was entering and when they took in the sight of you guys some of them stopped and stared while others look confused. Happy step away from his seat fixing his cut as he made his way over towards you

“What are you doing here little girl?” He said while looking at you with his famous killer look. A look that would sacred many but not you. It sounded like hatred in his voice and everyone could feel the tension in the room.

“I need help Happy” You told him as you looked into his eyes “I’m in trouble and you’re the only person that I know to come to” The feelings were overwhelming, you haven’t been someone Old Lady in so long and being back here was all you wanted. He looked down at you examining your now bruised arm from earlier and then demanded


“I got into some trouble with another Brotherhood called Hell’s Helpers. You know how good I am Hap at dealing. I had nothing else to do for years to keep me going but when I went back it was amazing Happy” You continue to say as everyone watched you two “They think I was ripping them off with one of my suppliers when I wanted out but it was too much for me to handle”

“You always found a way to be in over your head girl” Happy added with a smile coming across his face. The members that you didn’t know look shocked at the way Happy was acting they never seen him before so soft.

“It was one my peaks you loved. Don’t even try to denied it. You loved to be my knight in shining armor all of the time Happy.” You teased.

“Church” Clay announced as he got up from his spot placing his beer on the counter. The boys followed him entering one by one.  

“We’ll help you little girl” Happy told as he kissed your forehead, then followed his club. They were going to vote on the matter and you knew it would go through. You were an ex-Old Lady in trouble but not just any ex-Old Lady you were the one that still held Happy’s heart in your hand. You both would give your last dying breath to each other with or without the club help.

“Come let’s have drinks girl” Gemma said as the doors shut walking to the bar. “I think we need to fill Tara in” With that you laugh and started to walk over because you knew that this would be your safe family once again.

Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part Five (Jax Teller x Reader)

Summary: The Devoted Predators have been captured and the girls are ready for kill them. For some absurd reason the Sons don’t want to get rid of them yet as they fear that there is much more to come.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Swearing, violence, alcohol, drugs, death, torture, guns, gore (this is Sons Of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

“Lass, don’ do it yet.” Chibs’ stern voice stopped us.

Bea whipped her head round in surprise.“What do you mean!? These bastards need to die!”

“They should go through some sort'a torture, don’ ya think?”

I couldn’t take much more of this. Although I thoroughly agreed that those sick men needed to be put through something horrible before they finally left this life; I wouldn’t be able to stay or watch any of it. I was satisfied that they were going to be killed, that was enough, I didn’t need to drive a knife slowly through their heart to gain revenge (though that sounded like a good idea). My legs felt weaker now, the pain from my wounds now surging. The adrenaline must have been wearing off. Jax was this and put his arm around my waist, he other holding a hand.

“You need to sit down.” he whispered.

I nodded, not looking at him but at Zac.“Just one more thing.”

Limping towards him I looked down at his cowering figure. Not such a man now, was he? Looking him straight in the eyes, I subtly pulled back my leg before crashing it into his crotch. He screamed out in pain as he doubled over.

“I needed to do that.” I explained now letting Jax guide me away.

I felt myself get weaker as we walked through the corridors. He took me into one of the dorm rooms, presumably his, sitting me down on the edge of the bed. As he disappeared into his bathroom I scanned the room; it screamed Jax. He leant against the frame of the door, gesturing with his head to go into the bathroom. Staggering over to him, he supported me again, holding a wet flannel up to my face. I let him wash away the dirt and blood, feeling flushed under his gaze. He moved onto my hands and I hissed as the flannel ran over my open wounds. Jax hesitated but continued when I said nothing. His huge, rough hands we’re a big contrast to my tiny, soft ones. I dared to look up at him and our eyes met for a brief second before he pulled away from me.

“You can sleep here tonight.” Jax offered as we exited his bathroom.

“Thanks.” I breathed out, sitting on it again.

Every inch of my body was throbbing. It was like a constant headache all over. I heard Jax fumble around the room, drawers being opened and shut. He caught my attention when waving one of his
t-shirts in front of me.

“It’s alright, I don’t need that.” I sadly smiled.

“Yes you do, your shirt is ruined.”

I took it from him, knowing that it would be oversized.

He turned his back to me.“I promise I won’t look.”

Although it hurt, I took off my own shirt and slipped his on. Unsurprisingly it was like a dress on me, going just over my knees and swamping my body. It was plain black with the word SAMCRO displayed at the top in white. I told Jax it was ok to turn around and he smirked when he saw me.

“Looks good on you. You look like a real member.” he was trying to lighten the mood.

We heard a cry of pain echo down the hall, startling the both of us. On instinct I wrapped my arms around myself, also crossing my legs, I tried to comfort myself. Why couldn’t they just be dead already?

“Hey,” Jax caught my attention,“it’ll be over soon.”

I only blinked not really sure how to reply. He advised that I go to sleep telling me I needed rest of I were to get better mentally and physically. I did as he said getting comfortable in his bed. Jax left his room after asking me a thousand times if I would be alright, he finally believed me. Bunching up the covers I pulled them over my trembling body up to my chin, it acted like a shield protecting me from the outside world. Surprisingly I fell asleep quite quickly, luckily not dreaming about anything. I was dazed as I woke, not quite sure what was going on or why my body was hurting so much. When the unfortunate memories came back I slowly say up in bed only to scream at the unfamiliar person in the room.

“It’s alright darling,” the older woman shushed me,“I’m Clay’s wife, Jax’s mom. My name’s Gemma.”

My breathing slowed as I took in what she said. She looked like a typical Old Lady; decked head to toe in black, her Crow tattoo peaking out of her shirt on her cleavage. She was definitely the queen here. If course she was going to look intimidating but her devoting, motherly side was showing through at the moment.

“I-I’m (Y/N).” I shakily breathed out.

“I know sweetheart.” she got out of her seat and say next to me on the bed.“How are you feeling?”

“Um…I’m not too sure to be honest.”

“Yeah, that was a big of a stupid question.”

“No it wasn’t. Thanks for asking.”

I could feel her eyeing me up and down. It didn’t help that I was covered in bruises and cuts. She was trying to figure me out, see if I was worth hanging around with her guys. Gemma sighed, running a hand through her blonde highlighted hair. As an Old Lady she was probably used to this shit happening though obviously she had to deal with it. That was what happened when you married at biker, you weren’t just binding yourself to the man you love but also the club that came with him.

“Look, don’t get all pissy over this question but why are you with those girls? You seem like a sweet girl, not someone that would be a part of all of this?”

“They’ve always been there for me, I could never abandon them. I can’t really leave this lifestyle now either.”

“No, you couldn’t could you.” she sighed.

“D-do you know what happened out there?” I timidly asked.

“Sorry, I don’t get told a lot. All I know is that there are no Devoted Predators left in my clubhouse and the boys are carrying on with work as usual. The girls are still here too.”

“Right. Good.”

“I’ll go grab them and get you some lunch.”


“Yeah, it’s two in the afternoon. Don’t worry about it, you needed the rest.”

She began to edit the room before I shouted a ‘thanks’. Gemma acknowledged this, smiling a little. As she left I hauled myself out of the bed having to use the support of the surrounding furniture to keep me from falling. It was a struggle to get to the bathroom though I made it eventually. The pain in my body increased as I leaned against the sink, my breathing heavy. Unfortunately I had to face my reflection and it was a horrific sight; my lips were split and a deep red colour, one cheek was more swollen than the other and I had a black eye. It didn’t help that my eyes were puffy and bloodshot from crying or that my nose was rosy. Splashing some water on my face I attempted to wash away last night’s smeared makeup. Moving onto the mess that was my hair I jumped as someone burst into the room.

“(Y/N)? Oh there you are!” Frankie threw her arms around me, I had to ignore the pain.

“Hey, are you ok?”

“Yeah. It’s over now, we’re safe.”

I let out a sigh, clinging onto her.“Finally.”


It had been three days since the Devoted Predators ambushed us. We had busied ourselves with work as the club was soon to open. It helped that I just had to keep the Cara Cara girls rehearsing their routines for the opening show, luckily they had to prepare their own performance meaning that I wasn’t rushing around trying to put together some sort of choreography.

Although I was trying to distract myself from what had happened, I couldn’t ignore the many looks I was receiving from my colleagues. They were all full of pity or sympathy and it was getting on my nerves. I understood that they were trying to be careful with what they said or did around me but it was not helping me at all. That meant I was becoming agitated, especially on the opening night of the club.

“(Y/N), could you please at least pretend to be happy?” Alex joked with me.

We had dressed up a little to look more sophisticated (not a word I really associated a strip club) preparing the music and drinks. I had covered my bruises and cuts with my makeup, curling my hair and wearing a black, slimming dress with some marching heels. The girls weren’t fond of dresses and opted for formal jeans with a nice top. I sent her a sarcastic smile and she just chuckled.

“Leave her alone. You look great by the way.” Bea complimented as she poured out four glasses of champagne.

“Thanks. You think the guys are going to come?” I took a glass.

“Course they will, it’s their club as much as ours.”

“We owe them big time.” Frankie said.


“Ok has everyone got a glass?” Bea asked as we stood together.“Here’s a toast to a good future from now on.”

Alex had to chime in.“And here’s hoping we get so much cash we make it rain.”


Crow Peak “Pile O’ Dirt Porter”

86 B+

This porter marks my first beer from South Dakota, brought back with my best friend on a recent trip to the Black Hills. It opens with sweet aromas of caramel, cold brewed coffee, roasted barley, a hint of vanilla, and milk chocolate. The palate begins silky with malted milk balls that pair up with coffee and a light dose of sweetness. Hops then thrust forward with mild bitterness, carrying an herbal/citric character that elevates the body enough to transition smoothly into a tart blackberry highlight to finish. The feel is thin at first, but as it develops it grows more wet and rich, almost semi-dry in closing. I quite like this porter, and I think they’ve done a good job crafting it. The range of flavor from sweet to bitter to tart is all in good balance. I would purchase this again, and I recommend picking this up if you’re ever in that neck of the woods.


40 IBU

Spearfish, South Dakota