crow peak

crow ch.7 sneak peak!

Working on crow upon the sea today!

“I can’t sleep,” Yurio says in a rush, and to Yuuri, he looks miserable. “I keep thinking – what if he needs help? What if he gets caught, what if he doesn’t – doesn’t –” He cuts himself off, but Yuuri understands his meaning. The same fears have been plaguing him ever since Viktor left. Wordlessly, Yuuri scoots over and pats the mattress, until Yurio gets the hint. The look Yurio gives him is amusing in hindsight, but Yuuri only smiles at him. It strikes him now, how young Yurio really is, though he hides it behind a veneer of arrogance.

“Hand me my laptop,” Yuuri says after a moment, pushing his pillow back. “Let’s watch some anime.”


Crow Peak “Pile O’ Dirt Porter”

86 B+

This porter marks my first beer from South Dakota, brought back with my best friend on a recent trip to the Black Hills. It opens with sweet aromas of caramel, cold brewed coffee, roasted barley, a hint of vanilla, and milk chocolate. The palate begins silky with malted milk balls that pair up with coffee and a light dose of sweetness. Hops then thrust forward with mild bitterness, carrying an herbal/citric character that elevates the body enough to transition smoothly into a tart blackberry highlight to finish. The feel is thin at first, but as it develops it grows more wet and rich, almost semi-dry in closing. I quite like this porter, and I think they’ve done a good job crafting it. The range of flavor from sweet to bitter to tart is all in good balance. I would purchase this again, and I recommend picking this up if you’re ever in that neck of the woods.


40 IBU

Spearfish, South Dakota