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The crows won’t stop trying to break into my dorm, I think it’s because they think I have shiny things for them to hoard but I have nothing for them and they still won’t leave me alone, regardless of me telling them this on various occasions.

The campus is rife with people offering the crows shiny things in the hopes of winning their friendship. I hate to break it to you, but their recent desperation to get into your dorm has other roots entirely. Consider:

  • you have wronged a crow, once, anywhere, and They Remember
  • they actually quite like you, and there is something dangerous already inside your dorm, and you are not heeding their warnings

on the one hand i’d love to work at a jewelers cuz id feel like a fancy bitch but like….. i also feel like it might inspire the Klepto Bitch inside me and I dont wanna get arrested for shoving rings down my bra in a whirlwind of feral desire u know….. 

Harvesting Rosemary while crows beg me for food

Did you know crows understand gratitude?!

I feed them and to thank me they bring me things they think I’ll like. It’s such fun! Even if it means I can’t leave the house without the crows recognizing me as the lady who feeds them! 😂

Peep the soil in my hair… witch problems ✨