crow ler

Kidnapped oh no!

Gryff locked the door behind him as he gave a long sigh. It was quiet and frankly Gryff was bored. Taking the short walk, he strolled through town heading to his boyfriend’s factory. It was sunny and Gryff had left his wand at home only really expecting a short visit to the other.

Gryff hummed, Slyth was asleep contently having spent the day with Reflect the previous day, it was Gryff’s turn to spend the day with his significant other. gryff smiled a little bit gushily as he thought about the Winged man, oblivious to the group of men following him. 

Finally getting out of the town, making his way towards forest. Going past a few Trees when a a sharp pain split his head before he blacked out. 

Slyth Immediately woke up, He hissed as he could feel the blood flowing from the back of his head. The eyes stayed unfocused before he realized he was blindfolded and being dragged across the ground. It took him a moment to collect himself, as he started to struggle against the men dragging him against the ground. 

“Looks like he’s awake” One gruff voice said, One that Slyth couldn’t recognise. As he struggled harder, the hands only held him harder.

“Knock him out again, He can’t have him screaming!” another voice hissed.  Slyth only struggled harder, kicking against ground, hoping to get out of the men’s grasp. When it didn’t work he screamed for Scrooge and Reflect hoping that somehow they’d hear him.

 Soon the next thing he knew a Boot hit his face. Blood started pouring from his nose, and lip. 

“Shut Up Brat!” the Second Voice boomed, as another kick made contact to his stomach. Slyth let out a strangled cry, spitting out blood. Slyth growled, knowing he couldn’t beat them, even if he tried, he was out numbered and they were too strong for him.