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Noise Complaint (Stripper!Harrison Osterfield X Reader) SMUT

Pairing: Stripper!Harrison Osterfield X Reader

Requested: by my bby LJ @captainswriting

Warnings: Smut, Oral (male receiving), language, shower sex

Word Count: 1450

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                “Please tell me that there is a stripper coming!” My friend Mia begs. A large group of Mia’s friends were all piled into my apartment for Mia’s bachelorette party. The entire place had been decorated to the max, to full raunchiness as requested by the bride to be. A wall of balloon letters spelling out “SAME PENIS FOREVER” hung over the bar where our mutual friend Isa was mixing drinks and casually checking out the women in the party and our other friend (and my roommate) Bee was helping. Women walked around in cocktail dresses, sipping drinks out of penis shaped straws. Hannah, one of Mia’s bridesmaids, placed a tiara topped with mini phalluses onto her head. She giggled and walked over to the bar and ordered a drink. The music got louder as everyone realized that the bride to be was finally here. Screams and cheers erupted and Mia began to make the rounds of greeting everyone.

               The party was been in full swing when I heard the rapping of knuckles against the door. Two men, police officers by the looks of their uniforms. “Hello officers, how can I help you?” I ask, trying to figure out what we did to cause someone to call the cops on us. “We’ve gotten multiple noise complaints for this address, ma’am.” The tall blonde officer with a british accent on the left says. Damn arrest me. No resistance here. “Oh my god really? We’re so sorry and we’ll try to keep it down.” I say apologetically, embarrassed.”Ma’am may we come in? Its routine for us to check the premises for any sign of underage drinking.” The other officer, a buff, long haired haired man, said. “Of course!” I said, opening the door wide so that they could enter. “Could everyone please take a seat?” The blonde asks.

                 Everyone sits and the dark haired man asks “Bachelorette party, huh? Where is the Bride to be?” “Right here!” Mia says, raising her hand quickly. The dark haired man grabs her hand and helps her to her feet. “I’m gonna need to pat you down now ma’am. You don’t have anything on you that I can stick myself with, do you?“ He asks, patting her down. “No, sir.” She says. “Well I do!” He says, and thrusts his hips against her. All of the girls scream and the other officer- stripper, flicked on a boombox and Isa walks around, passing out bills.

                 They both rip their shirts open "Fact is, the law says you cannot touch! But I think I see a lotta lawbreakers up in this house tonight.” The blonde with the accent says, a cocky grin on his face. “Especially that pretty girl right there.” He says, pointing at… me? Wait. Pretty. Me. He thinks I’m pretty. They pull their shirts from their bodies and pull out a pair of handcuffs each. They both turn to Mia and hand her the cuffs. “Who should we arrest ma’am?” they ask, waiting for Mia to choose. Mia walks over and locks one of the cuffs onto my wrist, then moves over to Bee and slaps the other set on hers. “(Y/N) and Bee!” She crows, sitting back down. The dark haired stripper helps Bee over to a chair and the blonde comes over and helps me to the other. He straddles my lap and rocks his hips in a circle. I glance over at Bee and see that the dark haired man is doing the same to her and she is very much enjoying it.

               The blonde grabs my hands and runs them down his chest, feeling his muscles ripple under his skin as he moves against me. He hops off of me, pulling me to my feet and gently laying me on the floor. He moves to almost straddle me and braces himself on his hands, sliding his knees inwards and outwards so that he’s thrusting against me. The feeling of him against my body is causing my panties to dampen. He looks into my eyes as he moves. “My name is Harrison, by the way sweetheart.” He murmurs in my ear. Harrison. I could almost hear myself screaming that name as I came around his cock in my mind. “You’re quite pretty.” He murmurs leaning back on his haunches, pulling me up with him. The men led us back to the chairs and then proceeded to rip of their pants and dance as the rest of the women clamor around them to stick bills in their thongs. I sat there, shellshocked in my chair, trying to figure out what had just happened. I didn’t even realize that the dance was over until I saw Bee walk to her bedroom with the dark haired stripper (Whose name I would later come to find out was Bucky) trailing behind her, clothes in hand.

                  As Isa and I cleared out the guests, calling ubers for those to drunk to drive, Harrison walked over to me. “Is there somewhere I can wash up? Some of the ladies drinks may or may not be coating my skin right now.” He says with a chuckle. “Of course! Just follow me.” I say leading him through my room the attached bathroom. I open the door and step in, going to the cabinet to pull out a towel. He shuts the door behind us. “You know, I could use an extra set of hands in the shower.” He says, throwing his stuff in the corner of the room. “Oh really?” I say, walking towards him. “Yes ma'am.” he says, grabbing my face and pulling me in for a rough kiss. “Y'know I wanted to fuck you right there on that floor for everyone to see.” He says, his lips moving down to my jaw and neck, kissing and nipping at my skin. I move us backwards towards the shower, moving my hand to turn the knob on.  I step under the hot streams of water fully clothed, pulling him with me.

               He unzips my strapless dress and pushes it down to the tile beneath our feet. He pulls his already hard cock out of his thong and grabs my shoulders, pushing me to my knees. “Suck, pretty girl.” He commands, tangling his hands in my hair. I take his long shaft in my hand and give his tip and experimental lick. I take him and far into my mouth as I can and hollow my cheeks, sucking hard. He tugs on my hair and I moan around him, causing him to buck his hips at the vibration. “Fuck you’re so good at that, baby girl.” He groans, throwing his head back against the tiled walls. I bob my head, sucking on just the tip and then all the way to the hilt. He tightens his grip on my hair and pulls my mouth off of him. “You’re too good at that, baby. I don’t want to come until I’m in that pretty little pussy of yours.” He groans, pulling me by my hand to my feet. He grabs my thighs and picks me up by them, wrapping my legs around his his waist, feeling his hard shaft against my wet cunt. I slide my hand between us, angling him so that he was right at my entrance.

                 He thrust upwards and into me, causing me to gasp. He rocks his hips into me, setting a bruising pace. He kneels and lays me back onto the tile floor. He continues fucking me as I drag my nails down his back. “Don’t stop.” I beg loudly, as he his cock nudges my cervix. “The second you opened the door I knew I’d be making you scream tonight, and fuck was I right.” He moans as he buries his face in my neck. I could feel a delicious tightening of my stomach. “I’m so close, baby.” I whimper and he slides his hand between us and rubs my clit. “Come with my princess. Come around my cock.” He groans, his hips stuttering as he reaches his peak. We come together, moaning each other’s names loudly with no regard for who heard. He picks me up and carries me to my bed. “I know this isn’t exactly normal, and a lot of women are freaked out by what I do, but can I maybe take you out for brunch tomorrow?” He asks, hope alight in his blue eyes. “Yes. I would love that.” I grin. He goes to get up but I stop him. “Stay.” I say simply. He smiles and crawls into bed next to me, and lays down, pressing a kiss to my temple as we both drifted off to sleep.


Well, I certainly didn’t see me finishing a Persona 5 print in time for MechaCon! Most of my focus lately has been on much more work intensive piece, and I mostly only worked on this whenever I needed to take a breather from it. Ahahaha~

Regardless, I am happy that I managed to put together a P5 print! And I’m especially excited to see any Phantom Thieves cosplayers at the con! I’ll be cosplaying as Human!Morgana on Saturday, so be sure to visit me at Table 107 at Rusty Bee Productions in Artist Alley! 💖

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it’s MONDAY MOVIE TIME with himiko and @handrot , again. it’s an IC stream, as always, and everyone is welcome. villain, hero, oc, canon, we’re here 2 have fun. today’s first movie is PLANNED to be piranha 3d, but as always i’m taking suggestions to put in a poll! you can like this post if you’re interested in joining, and reply with a movie suggestion! feel free to reblog this post to let ppl know where you’ll be tonight – the time is up in the air as of now, but we’ll likely start sometime between 10 pm and 12 am US central time!

lest i cause more misery - a poem about my kitty - tho theres not much to tell - its not a muse thing btw - tho an amuse bouche is always welcome - no mothy drama - or 2 early wake up - even cinder in her winder sees no crows lately - no bees to rescue - just the usual - praise and pet - some play later im sure - its ok - good even - drama is over valued and not really fun in the long run 

Baltic mythology: Goddesses of death

Giltinė (gelti – to sting) – goddess of death. Her main duty is to watch people and kill them when their time comes. She is a sister of Laima, goddess of birth.

At first people believed that the goddess of death is the owl that betokens death, blaze and other disasters with her dreadful hooting. They called her Mėnulė (Moon) or Mėnulio deivė (Moon goddess) as she reigns during nighttime and is the bird of darkness. People also respected owls as they thought them to be sacred and regarded them as birds of wisdom.

Thus the owl was the primary image of Giltinė. In time she evolved into a human-looking deity. Since then the goddess is portrayed as a tall skinny woman with blue skin and white hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. She has long thin arms and a long poisonous tongue which she uses to kill people. Giltinė covers her eerie appearance with a white cloak and collects her poison from corpses. During daytime she sometimes turns into an ordinary old woman.

People remarked quite a lot of signs that could tell about Giltinė‘s coming and warn them about someone’s death. Among which are howling dogs, mewing cats, neighing horses, owls, crows, jackdaws, magpies, hens, bees. If people noticed a cuckoo (Giltinė’s sister’s bird) flying around or a white dog running from the cemetery it could tell that Giltinė is near as well. Cracking doors, ceiling, walls and balks are among common signs too.

Giltinė has her helpers Maro deivės (goddesses of plague). Wearing all white and riding horses they spread plague in various towns and are often pictured as beastly women. Others are called pamėklės – white female ghosts. They bring various things like skulls, hair, horns, antlers, etc. on a high hill and set them on fire. Which way the smoke goes to shows where the plague will begin. During it pamėklės walk from house to house and hit them from the outside. The number of hits tells the number of plague victims. Sometimes they call people by names from what they die instantly. Pamėklės often travel in carriages.