Not a toy mod, but I did some sewing for a friend who really likes crows! I actually did two crows with this pattern, one with a little scarf and one with a plush paintbrush in honor of Loki, the crow at the Schlitz Audubon center who was taught how to paint by the lady who I was giving the plush to (but who knows where the photos of that one went, whoops.) I made them way back in 2014 and have wanted to make one for myself ever since but this is a pretty complex pattern and I haven’t put aside the time yet :U Also, photographing black objects, rip me

@beezeeart designed this adorable plush pattern - you can buy it here!

(Edit: Also, you should really check out her kickstarter and get a cute bat plush here!!!)

Asbeel, Angel of Ruin (Alternate Edition)

This special alternate art for Asbeel was done by the amazing Matt Mrowka. It’s the first in a series of alternate art pieces I’m have made for The Book of Watchers.

I’m making a short run of Limited Edition prints for this piece. There will only be 50 copies as opposed to the regular 100. You can see it on the store here :  http://www.angelarium.net/store/asbeel-angel-of-ruin-alternate