Singing, dancing…crossdressing?!


‘Crove’. There isn’t a person who hasn’t heard at least once of them. They have been ‘the’ idol girl group you need to know.

Since their debut Midori has been a huge fan of them, singing along to their music, following them on their social media sites as well as attending the concerts and buying every piece of merch he can get his hands on. So when one day the chance arises for him to meet them, he gathers all his confidence and gives it a try.

However, he ends up with a little more than he expected when he finds out his idols are in truth guys… and they want him to join?!

Main Cast


Midori is our main character.
He is soft hearted and a bit timid, but not weak-willed. When he tries something he does
his best to make it through in his own way, even if he sometimes doubts himself throughout the process.
Because of his love for idols, he sang and played piano since he was small.

Ren (As Idol: Rei)

Rei is a very elegant and confident person as well as the leader of 'Crove’.
He appears to be well mannered and strong-willed, usually able to adapt perfectly to each situation.
But as Ren…?

Yuuta (As Idol: Aiko)

Aiko is a very kind and cheerful person. He is the emotional support
among the members and very much liked among the fans.
And as Yuuta…?

Takumi (As Idol: Nao)

Nao is a very diligent member with a quiet charm. He particular excels at dancing
and is known among the fans to be „cool and mysterious“.
However, as Takumi…?

General Information

CrossDol is a BxB game which will be in english and free. There will be 3 guys you can date.

Notice: The game will very likely be having smut scenes. These will most likely be not too graphic, but

Additional Information

The game is produced by mitoky and runadial.

We are still at the beginning of developement and it’s still a long way ahead. However, we hope you will be looking forward to CrossDol and support us! (:

That’s all!