CUTE CALUM PREFERENCE You're on your period

You were lying in your bed after having to go home from school. You were just watching some teacher having a PowerPoint presentation, and your university actually let you come and leave whenever you felt like, but you still hated not being there for classes.
You currently clutched your stomach and moaning loudly in pain.
“For fuck’s sake! I know I’m not fucking pregnant by the blood running out of my vagina, I don’t need the cramps!” you yelled out to no one.
“Babe?” Calum mumbled and opened your door, looking at you. “Eh, you okay?” he mumbled and scratched the back of his neck. You forced a smile.
“Calum. What are you doing here?”
Well, I thought I would make a blanket fort and make dinner for you when you came back from school… Well, mostly order food,” he smiled lightly, but walked inside. “But I understand now that it won’t happen,” he chuckled.
“I would love the dinner and the blankets, but I’m not sure about the sexy part after that,” you giggled but quickly groaned. “Aw, fuck. It’s back!”
He frowned and walked over, sitting down next to you.
“How are you feeling?” he mumbled. He kinda knew how you felt since you were rolling around in pain, but he tried to be a good boyfriend.
You usually never had him around when you had the worst cramps because you felt like h didn’t really need to watch you.
“You know that Freddie Crouger, or whatever, from Nightmare on Elm Street?”
“Well, it feels like he stab you with that finger-knifes-things and when it finally stops hurting, he twists them 180 degrees,” you mumbled.
“Oh…” he frowned. “Err, can I do anything for you?”
“I need tampons…” you mumbled. He chuckled nervously and awkwardly. “Yeah, sure… Err, which… Which type? Or is it, like, one type only?”
You laughed and nodded no.
“There are many types…Eh, I think I have one left in the bathroom so the package is there as well, I’ll just give you that,” you smiled and got up, but curled, your stomach not liking you today.
You walked back and handed him the box with no tampons in and smiled.
“I’ll be back. Don’t go anywhere,” he smiled but his smile faded when he saw how you clutched your stomach and barely managed to walk. “I…” he mumbled and you laughed.
“Calum. Honestly. Don’t worry,” you smiled. He stood up and led you to the couch, sitting you down and pecking your lips. He walked out and you heard that he started a conversation on the phone.
“Michael. I need your help. Right now,” he spoke into the phone before closing the door, making you laugh. It took him 40 minutes, for-ty fuc-king min-utes, to buy tampons from a store that was located 10 minutes away.
He walked inside, and you looked at him.
“You are so fucking slow,” you mumbled.
“Well, what do you expect when I had to drive extra far to get you this as well?” he smiled sweetly and held out roses, chocolate, cookie dough ice cream and, of course, your tampons. Well, that wasn’t possible to find at that tiny market that was owned by some sketchy man.
“Aww, Calum… You really didn’t need to,” you smiled up at him.
“I know. But I wanted to…” he sat down on the couch and wrapped you, and himself, into a big blanket, handing you a spoon and the ice cream tub.
“I love you, babe,” he whispered and pressed his lips to your temple. You smiled widely.
“I love you, too,”