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Saturday’s Scrum

Is There A Finer Sight Than This?

Scrum Down, Mates!


Bring It On, Baby! 


Gods of Rugby

Conor Murray Is Among The Pantheon.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Scrum His Half?

Woof, Baby!

I really miss rugby. I miss the days where I can hardly walk because my back and knees were killing me. I miss being covered in bruises and cuts. I miss having a broken nose. I miss tackling girls until they can’t take anymore. I miss my team. I miss having my coach yelling at me threatining to take my ass off the field if I don’t kick my ass into over time. I miss screaming at the other team until I can’t talk. I miss trying to do the Haka. I miss the sleepovers we have. I miss taking our shorts off during practice to see who notices. I miss practicing with the guys. I miss lifting. I miss kicking. I miss scrumming. I think I may have just played my last year ass loose-head, hooking here I come. I miss always hating on the lacrosse players. I miss my Lady Knights. I miss MaryWeston. But most of all I miss the memories all of these things have created.