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Hump Day Harlequins

How Man Quins Are In This Scrum? At First Glance, It Looks Like Two, But There Are Three Heads!!

Appearances Can Be Deciving!

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Gods of Rugby

Conor Murray Is Among The Pantheon.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Scrum His Half?

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“Come On…Grab It!”

Greig Laidlaw Appear To Be Telling Jack Stratton What To Do With The Egg.

Bring It On, Baby!

Why I Love Rugby!

There’s Nothing Like This View At Pitch Level, Except Being In The Scrum.

Crouch…Bind…Set, Baby!

Rucking Rumps

 The University of California Mauled, Rucked, And Made Kutztown Scrum!

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The Intersection Of The Beauty Of Rugby And The Beauty Of Man

Jaguares In The Scrum.

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The Future of the Game!

There’s Some Good Talent In The Newly Formed NRC. Watch Out For Michael Dowsett Of The UC Vikings And Justin Turner Of Perth Spirit. They Both Show Promising Potential As Scrum-Halves.

Scrum That Half, Baby!

I really miss rugby. I miss the days where I can hardly walk because my back and knees were killing me. I miss being covered in bruises and cuts. I miss having a broken nose. I miss tackling girls until they can’t take anymore. I miss my team. I miss having my coach yelling at me threatining to take my ass off the field if I don’t kick my ass into over time. I miss screaming at the other team until I can’t talk. I miss trying to do the Haka. I miss the sleepovers we have. I miss taking our shorts off during practice to see who notices. I miss practicing with the guys. I miss lifting. I miss kicking. I miss scrumming. I think I may have just played my last year ass loose-head, hooking here I come. I miss always hating on the lacrosse players. I miss my Lady Knights. I miss MaryWeston. But most of all I miss the memories all of these things have created.