crouch rocket


“Why? Why would it end like that!?”

He sobbed into the surface of his desk, not hearing the sneaky grunt creep towards the front. Taking a deep breath, the professor leaned back and furiously wiped at his weeping eyes.

“Okay, calm the hell down. It’s not real.”

But it had been so sad! Oh mon dieu!

Sniffing a little, Sycamore tried to compose himself and hoped that his breathing would return to normal. Gosh, his head pounded due to his sudden crying. It was something that he didn’t often do.

When he removed his hands from his face, he looked down at the book, still not realizing that there was a Rocket Grunt crouched in front of the desk.

Shit. He was moving about again, his attention now not solely focused on sobbing over some story he had just read.  That was going to make things a lot more difficult for the Rocket Grunt who had a hand up against her chest to try and still her racing heart in fear that he could hear it beating so quickly.

Just move already would you, pointdexter? Seriously!

She would easily be able to move around the desk if he selected to leave it to attend to something else. A plan formed in her head and she silently pulled a coin out from her pocket. Just the smallest of sounds might be able to distract him, so she tossed the coin at the the window so it made a clinking noise. It was small enough to hopefully go noticed as it rolled to the floor and he would end up looking outside in search of the source. At least that is what she planned on happening.