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Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch36
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and fall in love, and become a couple. But summer has passed and it’s time to say goodbye for now.

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The last of the flame tree petals are crushed on the dirt road leading to the orphanage hill. Saren crouches as she says goodbye to the children in a flurry of hugs, kisses, and tears. She turns to Lily, who’s clinging to your leg. “Sweetie?” Saren opens her arms and waits.

Her lower lip trembling, the little girl looks up at you, asking: “This means the princess will live happily ever now?”

Before you could say anything, Jin bends one knee on the ground so he’s eye-level with her and says: “I promise.” A melancholic smile on her face, Saren nods.

“Then, it’s okay,” Lily declares and runs into Saren’s arms. She chokes back a sob and hugs the child tightly.

When her former co-workers have herded all the children up the hill, she moves on to Hongbin and Hyuk. Hongbin kisses her forehead and embraces her for so long that Jin’s carefully schooled face darkens into a scowl. Jungkook only chuckles and pulls his older brother back from doing anything embarrassing.

“Noona, just live happily.” Hongbin requests. His hands hover close to her face, but he seems to think better of it and rests them on her shoulders instead. “Seokjin-hyung, take care of her, alright?”

“You don’t have to tell me that,” Jin snaps. He takes a deep breath and says in a gentler voice: “Hongbin, you’ve been a really good friend to Saren all this time. I know that’s something you did out of your own will because you care about her too, but still, I’m grateful. Thank you.” He holds out a hand and the other man shakes it.

Hyuk picks up Saren when he gives her a bear hug–both Jin and Hongbin yell in protest, Jungkook smirks knowingly, and she taps him on the head. Hyuk just laughs and hugs her tighter. “Saren-noona, you can always come back if Seokjin-hyung messes up again. Hyung and I will be waiting.”

Jin huffs: “Excuse me?”

Hongbin bows slightly to him in apology. “Please excuse my younger brother, he has a knack for saying the most inappropriate things.”

Rolling your eyes, you kick Hyuk’s shin and he nearly drops Saren, but Jin’s there to catch her. Hongbin apologizes again. “Unnie…” you smile at her.

Her face crumples and she cries as she embraces you. “I’m going to miss you most of all.”

“Well, you have Seokjin-oppa now and you won’t have time to be bored with Jungkook bothering you and–why am I the one comforting you?” You laugh through your tears. “I’m the one who’s getting left behind.”

She pats your cheek. “But you’ll be with us soon?”

“Definitely.” You push her right at Jin. “You better take care of her. Don’t make me regret helping you get her back!”

Jin tucks Saren under his arm. “I won’t. Thank you, Y/N. For your help, for being there for Saren, for getting along with Jungkook… for everything.”

They head inside the car to let you and Jungkook say your goodbyes. Hyuk leads Hongbin a discreet distance away. You and Jungkook turn to each other, awkwardly clasping hands.

You mumble: “I guess this is…”

“Yeah!” he chirps in that too-perky tone he has been using around you lately. “See you again. Later. Much later.” He winces, pain crossing his features.

“I’ll be there before you know it!” you swear. “So… don’t forget about me, okay?” Tears streak down your cheeks then, no matter how much you try to blink them away.

He gathers you in his arms and tucks you under his chin. “Never…” he whispers against your hair. “The time that I was with you… they’re the most beautiful moments of my life. And they will be, until you’re with me again. I love you, Y/N.”

You nod. “I love you too.”

You’re not sure how long you kiss, but when you open your eyes again, the sunlight streaming through the trees illuminate Jungkook from behind and make him glow. “My golden boyfriend,” you murmur. “I’ll come for you soon.”

He climbs in the car and it rolls down the dirt road. Jungkook doesn’t stop waving from the backseat until it turns the corner.

And then, it’s just you, Hyuk, and Hongbin standing on that dirt road. Just as it had been more than a year ago, before the princess arrived with the blooming of flame trees, before two princes followed her, and your life changed forever.

Hongbin pats your head. “You’ll see them again soon.”

Hyuk throws an arm around your shoulder and winks. “Now that Jungkook’s gone, am I your #1 Seoul Guy again?”

You chuckle and elbow him off, glad that even if you won’t see your friends for a while, other friends are there to keep you company in the meantime.

I Thought I Lost You

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Warnings: violence, light mentions of smut
Summary: Bucky and (Y/N) had been in a relationship for a long time now. They were both stupid and reckless, which is why Fury had made a bad decision sending the two lovers on a mission together.
A/N: I hope all u lil sunflowers enjoy reading this just as much as I did writing it :~)
Word Count: 2K

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Derek- Complicated

Request-  An imagine where the reader is Scott’s twin & they both get turned by Peter?The hunters don’t know about her (only Scott) so when Allison is shooting arrows at Derek & Scott you come to to defend them?Also, maybe a romance between reader & Derek?

A/N- Loved this request!!

You ran through the darkened woods, casting glances over your shoulder every few seconds just to make sure there was no one behind you. The hunters didn’t know about you, but that wouldn’t last very long if they saw a shape with glowing yellow eyes tearing through the woods toward the Hale house.
Scott had insisted that you stay inside, that he could save Derek Hale by himself, but you would never have let your brother go into a situation that dangerous on his own. Of course, you couldn’t let him know you were going either, so you were forced to sneak out after he left. Despite the fact that Scott was your twin and not your older brother, he still treated you like you were his little sister. Those ten minutes between when the two of you were born be damned. He was not your big brother.
Besides, after being bitten by a werewolf in the woods, you and Scott both had what were basically super powers, and it wasn’t his job to tell you how to use them. Stiles had figured out that Derek was hidden inside his own house, and despite the fact that the werewolf was sullen and moody, you didn’t want him to die. You liked to say that it was because he still hadn’t taught you the werewolf 101, and it wasn’t like there was a handbook.
If he died, there would be no one to teach you and Scott, but that might not have been the only reason you preferred him alive. Ever since you were bitten, your entire world had gone from boring small town life to action/adventure movie in one fateful night. That had a lot to do with the Alpha, but also with Derek.
You were fascinated with him, with his life, and how much he could teach you. You knew he had a soft spot under all those spikes, and unlike Stiles insisted, he wasn’t a total sourwolf. And as much as Derek ragged on Scott, he always seemed to soften when you were around.
You remembered the night Derek had shown up in Scott’s room and pinned him to the wall, demanding that he not play in the lacrosse game. You had heard the slam of his back against the wall and you jumped up and ran down the hall, crashing into his room in a panic.
“Scott?!” you demanded, staring at him and Derek in horror. “Get the hell off of him!”
Derek immediately dropped Scott. “I wasn’t going to-”
“Hurt him?” you finished, crossing your arms over your chest. “Cause it looked like you were.”
Derek huffed. “You two have no idea what you’re doing. Scott, if the hunters saw you, they’d hunt you down and kill you. And who do you think they’d come for next, huh?”
Scott was silent, but his brown eyes had flickered over to you.
“That’s right,” Derek told him. “Your sister. I’m looking out for you, Scott. And I’m looking out for her too.”
You shook off the memory as you ran through the woods, and you could see the decrepit form of Derek’s house in the distance. You could hear voices as you jogged up a hill, and you let out a sigh of relief as you realized they were your brother’s and Derek’s.
“…kind of like it’s-” Derek was saying.
“No, no, don’t say too easy!” Scott cut him off quickly. “People say too easy and bad things happen. What, do you think finding you was easy? Getting away from Allison’s dad? None of this has been easy!”
You could hear Derek huff and you could practically see him rolling his eyes in exasperation. “Fine. You’re right-”
You jumped as he let out a cry of pain, and you neared the top of the hill, crouching down to figure out what had just happened. Derek was on the ground with an arrow in his leg, glaring up at Allison and her aunt Kate as they stalked forward. You let out a painful gasp as you watched the brunette, who you had previously thought of as a friend, raise her bow again.
It took everything in you to not to sprint down the hill as Allison shot another arrow into Derek, this time into his shoulder. He fell to the ground and you pressed your hand over your mouth in horror. Kate stalked toward Scott, her gun raised as he stumbled back.
“Wait, Kate, what are you doing?” Allison demanded, running up to her aunt. “You said we were just going to catch them.”
“We did that,” Kate said with a one-shouldered shrug. “Now we kill them.”
“No, wait-” Allison gasped, trying to move forward.
In one swift movement, Kate shoved Allison to the ground. The Brunette hit a pile of leaves and watched in horror as Kate raised the gun to your brother again, but before she could pull the trigger, you were gripping her arm.
“Drop it,” you snarled.
Kate rolled her eyes and slammed her shoulder into you, causing you to fall toward the ground and take you with her.
“Y/n?” Allison gasped in horror as you rolled around on the forest floor with her aunt. She nearly shot you a few times, pulling the trigger just as you managed to aim the gun away from a vital organ or body part.
You struggled with her for what felt like forever, because while you had the superior strength, Kate had the skills and smarts of a trained hunter. You were sure she would have won out eventually, but when you heard the click of another gun, Kate finally froze.
“Put the gun down, Kate,” Mr. Argent told her. “Before I put you down.”
Kate sighed bitterly and looked over her shoulder at Allison’s father. She rose to her feet and turned the gun on him, just as a hulking shadow appeared from the trees and knocked them both off their feet. You gasped and scrambled up, shooting Scott a worried look. Once you saw he was fine, you managed to make your way over to Derek and help him rise to his feet.
“I thought Scott told you to stay home,” he growled.
“Scott doesn’t tell me what to do,” you reminded him, turning away to glance into the trees.
“It’s him, isn’t it?” you asked. “Peter?”
Derek nodded. “He’s after Kate.”
“And us, right?” you asked him. “He wants me and Scott, too. To help him?”
“Don’t worry,” Derek told you. “He’s not here for you. If he was, I’d stop him.”
You blinked. Did Derek Hale just shown me compassion?
Before you had time to point it out, you were suddenly knocked off your feet and into a bed of leaves. Derek hit the ground next to you, but before you could jump up, he wrapped his arm around your waist and held you down. “Wait.”
You watched as Scott was knocked down by the blur, and Allison and her father quickly followed. Kate, who had risen from the ground as soon as you ran to Derek, was now the only one left standing. She raised her gun and turned around repeatedly, shouting “Come on!” to Peter, although you could no longer see him and you doubted she could either.
He suddenly appeared out of nowhere in his human form, grabbing her arm as she fired several shots in the air. You heard the snap of her arm as Peter broke it, and you cringed. You could practically feel it.
Her gun fell to the ground and Peter dragged her toward the shell of the old house, and you watched as she disappeared inside. You noticed Allison quickly jump up and run in after her, and you felt your heart sink.
“He’s gonna kill her,” you whispered, pushing Derek’s arm away.
“Probably,” he admitted.
“Get off,” you insisted, shoving his arm away.
“Wait,” he insisted. “Y/n, just wait. Please, you have to trust me.”
You looked over at him and raised your eyebrows, looking into his green eyes. You knew Derek had done some questionable things, but you knew this moment was life or death, and Allison didn’t deserve to die. If you wanted to save her, you were going to have to listen to Derek.

“…I don’t know about you, Allison,” Peter was saying after you and Derek crept through the scorched halls of the house. “But that apology didn’t seem very sincere.”
As you rounded the corner, you caught a glimpse of Kate’s body on the floor. She was lying on the soot-covered wood, eyes wide open and staring at nothing as blood dripped down her throat. Thank god she’s already dead, was all you could think.
Peter took a step toward Allison, and Scott appeared from the burned out living room with a growl. Allison shot him a terrified, wide-eyed glance.
“Y/n, take her outside,” Scott ordered.
You rolled your eyes but quickly darted around Peter as Scott and Derek jumped on him. You tugged the huntress out into the cold night and you could feel her shaking hand in yours.
“Y/n,” she gasped. “You’re-you’re a…”
“Yeah, yeah, a werewolf,” you told her with an uneasy sigh. “I’m still coming to terms with it too.”
She stared at you with watery brown eyes, just as Peter’s hulking form came crashing out of Derek’s front door. You gasped and grabbed her arm, jerking her over to the side as the Alpha fell onto the ground. He must have shifted inside the house, you thought, as you pulled Allison to the ground beside you.
Derek and Scott came out after the Alpha, and Derek scanned the surrounding area quickly. His eyes finally landed on you and you swore you saw relief in them. He turned back to Peter, just as a silver car skidded to a stop in front of the house. It took you a few seconds, but then you realized it was Jackson’s porsche.
Stiles hopped out of the driver’s seat, and you almost choked on your own spit as you wondered how he had managed to talk Jackson into that one. When you saw the beaker in his hand, you realized that Stiles had probably explained that this was life or death. The stuff inside looked exactly like Lydia’s molotov cocktail, the one she had created at the school the night you were all trapped by Peter.
You hadn’t remembered it working, but you hoped this time would be different. Jackson hopped out of the car and watched in horror as Derek and Scott fought Peter, but Stiles seemed to know exactly what to do. He tossed the beaker toward the Alpha, but much to your dismay, he caught it in one large hand.
Stiles brought his hand up to his mouth and cringed, and you watched in horror as Peter turned toward you and Allison. He was going to throw the cocktail right at you. Luckily, she was close enough to her bow to snatch it from the ground, and before Peter could throw the beaker, Allison was sending an arrow right into it. Peter burst into flame, but still seemed hellbent on getting to Allison.
He stumbled forward, but before he could get to the two of you, Scott jumped up and sent his legs into Peter’s chest, causing him to stumble across the property. His huge form fell to the ground as he let out a terrifying roar, and soon he was shrinking back to his human form. You jumped up and ran over to Scott, just as Derek walked over to Peter.
He raised one clawed hand, and Scott shouted “Wait! Derek, what about the cure?”
The Hale looked back over at Scott and a flicker of regret crossed his face. A few weeks ago, he had told Scott that he had heard about a cure for your current predicament. Apparently, if you killed the one that bit you, you would no longer be a werewolf, but you were beginning to think that there hadn’t been any truth in what he had said at all.
“Scott,” you said softly.
Peter let out a choking sound, staring up at Derek in hatred. He tried to speak, but it came out as more of a gasp. “You’ve…already…decided. I can smell it on you.”
“No!” Scott cried, darting forward.
But he was too late. Derek was already slashing Peter’s throat wide open, splashing blood onto the trees. You closed your eyes and looked away, feeling pity wash over you. You were fine with being a werewolf. It had made you stronger, faster, and because of it, you had met Derek. For Scott, being a werewolf meant that he couldn’t be with Allison, not as long as she was still a hunter.
Derek had just sealed Scott’s fate, but you couldn’t say you blamed him. Scott wasn’t a killer. He would never have been able to do it and if Peter hadn’t been killed, he never would have stopped hurting people.
“Derek-” Scott choked.
Derek turned to him, his eyes now glowing a bright red. “I’m the alpha now.”
You felt Scott slump against you and you wrapped an arm around his shoulders.
“It’ll be okay,” you told him softly. “It’ll be okay.”

You rolled over in your bed, unable to sleep after the events of that night. Stiles and Jackson had dropped you off at home as Scott talked with Allison, and you still hadn’t heard him come in.
You closed your eyes, telling yourself that everything would be okay now. The Alpha was dead and so was Kate, and hopefully the hunters weren’t going to come after you because you were relatively harmless. You and Scott weren’t hurting anyone, and you were banking on the fact that the Argents knew that.
You huffed as you rolled over again, but as you tried to quiet your racing thoughts, your heard something creaking outside your open window. You sat up immediately and threw off the covers, suddenly on high alert. You grabbed a baseball bat that Stiles had given you for your fifteenth birthday from under your bed and slipped out of it.
You walked over to the window and raised the bat, just as a shape slipped inside. You gasped and wildly swung the bat, only to have the shadow reach up and grab it with a firm hand.
“Seriously?” a gruff voice asked.
“Derek?” you demanded.
“You think?”
You huffed and stomped over to the light, flicking it on and turning back to him with crossed arms. He looked down at the bat he had taken from you quizzically.
“What?” you asked, stalking over and wrenching the bat from his hands. “It was a gift.”
“You’re a werewolf,” Derek stated with raised eyebrows.
“Uh, I’m still new to all this,” you reminded him. “And I’m a little more comfortable with a baseball bat than claws and fangs.”
“Fair enough,” Derek said with a nod, handing you back the bat.
You took it with pursed lips and slipped it back under your bed.
“Scott’s not here,” you informed him. “And you should really use the right window.”
Derek’s brow furrowed. “This is your room, right?”
“Uh, yeah,” you said. “Wait, you came here looking for me?”
Derek nodded. “You seemed worried when you left.”
“I..I was,” you admitted. “I still am.”
Derek frowned. “I wish I could tell you that things are going to be easier from now on, but with the Argents and Scott…things are going to get complicated.”
“Complicated,” you said as you took a deep breath. You couldn’t have picked a more perfect word to describe your situation. “Right.”
“It’s not all bad,” Derek promised. “Like I told you guys before, the bite is a gift. It can help you. It can save your life. It can even let you save someone else’s.”
You tilted your head and smiled. “Since when are you so optimistic?”
The hint of a smile touched Derek’s lips. “I guess you and Scott have made me see things differently.”
“So that’s all you came for then?” you asked. “To check on me?”
Derek looked away, as if he was considering something. Then he looked back to you, but before he could say whatever he was thinking, you heard footsteps coming down the hall. Your eyes widened and you grabbed Derek by the shoulders and pushed him back toward the window.
“Shit, hide,” you hissed.
He scrambled out onto the roof as you jerked your curtains shut, and you turned around just as a knock sounded at your door. You walked over and opened it, rubbing your eyes to make it look like you had just woken up.
Scott was standing there with a small smile on his face. “Hey. Did I wake you up or something?”
“Uh, you might have,” you said, smoothing down your hair, which hadn’t been ruffled at all.”You look…happy.”
“I am,” he said. “I know things aren’t perfect, but I think they’re gonna be okay.”
“Good,” you said with a smile. “Me too.”
“And I just wanted to thank you,” he said. “For protecting Allison.”
“Scott, I’m your sister,” you told him. “Of course I’d protect your girlfriend.”
“Yeah, and I’m really glad you’re my sister,” he said, bringing you into a bear hug. “I just want you to know that.”
You grinned and patted his back. “Me too, Scott.”
“I’d better let you get some sleep,” he told you, pulling away. “Sleep tight, okay?”
“You too. Sweet dreams,” you told him, leaning back into your room and shutting the door.
You waited until you heard his footsteps trail down the hall, and then you walked over to the window and ripped open the curtains. Derek was sitting there with a small smile on his face and when you popped your head out, he raised his eyebrows. “Everything okay?”
You nodded. “Yeah. You might wanna leave though. Scott’s home.”
“I heard,” he said with a shrug. “But I wanted to do something before I left.”
“Oh yeah?” you asked. “What’s that?”
Derek smiled and leaned forward, and you felt your breath catch in your throat. He reached up to run his thumb across your cheek, and soon he was leaning forward and placing his lips on yours as you closed your eyes. For one sweet second it was just you and Derek, and then he was pulling away.
You sat there stunned, leaning out the window as he ran his thumb across your lip once more.
“I’ll see you around,” he told you, before pulling away and backflipping off the roof.
You rolled your eyes, because it was such a dramatic thing to do, and something, you had decided, that was totally Derek. You watched his back disappear into the trees and pressed a hand over your mouth to keep from laughing in disbelief. Derek Hale had just kissed you and just like he said, you knew you would be seeing him around.

Everlasting hope for a new age (closed rp)


The chill air that passed through the tree branches made the young heir shiver as she hopped from tree to tree. Her calloused hands gripped onto the branches as she maneuvered her way around the forest of red trees. The crimson leaves swayed as one while Chii nestled into the crook of a nice branch.

Tending to a wound on her calf, the heir began to rewrap the area before stopping at the sound of something unusual in her forest. Bright orange eyes darted to the source as she watched a new person step through followed by something. Quickly grabbing her elecbow, she scooted down the tree and made her way onto a small hill. Crouching down, Chii watched carefully as it had been quite some time since she’s come across anyone.