Headcanon Dump

-Woodies just a big space heater like hes always super warm n he’ll give u a hug if ur cold
-hes a pretty good cook and he and warly get into long convos abt mac n cheese
-Woodie can play the banjo
-Woodies the kind of guy that spends alot of time working but if u ask him for help on something even if its like small n trivial like a crossword he’ll sit n help for hours even if he doesn’t know how to help
-Woodie enjoys company, but isn’t really used to it so he rambles ALOT
-Woodie whistles while he works
-Woodie can sing p well but hes insecure abt it and won’t sing to anyone but lucy
-Woodie has a secret stuffed animal collection
-Woodies a really deep sleeper like good luck getting the muscle man outta bed hes not moving
-Woodie likes that kinda genre of music like the mountian string kinda music yanno folk er whatever
-Woodie is a super figety guy like he likes to have his hands busy so he widdles sometimes and stuff
-Woodie can dance pretty well but sure as hell he aint gunna
-Woodie has a huge sweet tooth protect urself and protect ur home

5 Cute Things My Muse Does

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i. kaidan is very physically affectionate with his partners! a tactile person by nature, he will always initiate contact  –  whether it be hand - holding or setting a hand in the dip of a partner’s back or on their elbow. he’s also a notorious smooch thief , and has been known to steal quick kisses on cheeks and temples  –  both on - and off - duty. ( he’s careful not to be caught, of course. )

ii. he loves puzzles! whether it’s a crossword or a word search, or something handheld like a rubik’s cube, his downtime is always occupied with a brain game. he also has more than a few apps downloaded onto his omni - tool that he can be caught mulling over. ( bonus  :  when he concentrates, he has a tendency to just barely poke the tip of his tongue between his teeth. )

iii. kaidan talks to himself in spanish quite frequently. an auditory learner, it eases his focus if he hears words and instructions as well as reads them, and his lips are almost constantly moving around whatever material he happens to be absorbed in at the moment. why does he speak in spanish? a habit, carried with him from his bilingual childhood. ( he also slips into the language during quiet moments with a friend or partner. )

iv.  kaidan snores in his sleep. nothing that would disturb a partner during their own slumber, but should they happen to be awake, they would notice that his inhalations are just that much audible in the stillness.

v. he has a juvenile fondness for stuffed animals, particularly of dogs! he has quite the collection at his childhood home, and he tends to hover for a few extended moments ‘round the stuffed animal display of any souvenir shop.

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The Story Behind One of the Most Important Crosswords in New York Times History
Crossword puzzles are fleeting things. Sure, some get anthologized in books, but most are solved or abandoned in frustration, then piled up with the re ...

(Contains crossword puzzle spoilers. Go solve the puzzle yourself first if you care about this sort of thing.)

The story behind an interesting recent crossword puzzle in the New York Times:

Tausig’s crossword is a so-called Schrödinger puzzle, named for the physicist’s hypothetical cat that is at once both alive and dead. In a Schrödinger puzzle, select squares have more than one correct letter answer: They exist in two states at once. “Black Halloween animal,” for example, could be both BAT or CAT, yielding two different but perfectly correct puzzles. Only 10 such puzzles have now been published in Times history.

It’s the theme of Tausig’s puzzle, though, that makes it special. Four entries in Thursday’s crossword can include either an “F” or an “M.” Both are correct; neither is wrong. For example, “Part of a house” can be either ROOF or ROOM. The long “revealer” answer, tying those select entries together and spanning 11 squares smack-dab in the middle of the puzzle, is GENDER FLUID.

More about Schrödinger puzzles, the history of culture and politics in crossword puzzles, and the full, solved puzzle in the full article from Slate.

Dean notices that Cas is sitting at the table one morning, hair a spiky mess and eyes squinting down at the newspaper that Sam bought on his early-morning run. He goes over to find that Cas’ frown is directed down at the puzzle page, where a large chequered square dominates the spread.

“One down?” he says, teasing. Cas looks up at him, eyes still narrowed against the morning, and raises an eyebrow questioningly. Dean reaches over to tap the crossword. “If one down’s got you stumped, I’m sure I could help out.” He flashes a grin, hoping to raise a cheap smile from Cas before going on with his day. Cas, however, seems to have other plans. He gestures vaguely to the chair beside his own, and picks up a pen.

“One down,” he grumbles, voice still rough with sleep. “Five letters. The clue is, ‘difficult’.”

Dean stares at Cas for a second. He had plans to go and work on Baby with his coffee and his music, and then take a shower before cooking lunch, and if he stops now there probably won’t be time…

Cas chews on the tip of the pen, and tilts his head to one side thoughtfully. It does something strange to Dean’s heartbeat, and he sits down.

They work through the crossword together, slowly, having to fill in the easy answers first and go back for the harder ones once they have more letters to work from. Dean forgets he wanted to be anywhere but here after the first three clues. Cas’ pyjama t-shirt is thin, and hangs off one shoulder.

It becomes a regular activity, every morning, Dean and Cas sitting at the table and doing the crossword over coffee. Most days they finish it, some days they don’t. Cas only keeps the ones they don’t manage to complete, saying that maybe the answer will come to them.

It’s so very Cas, Dean thinks, to assume that one day they’ll have all the answers.

And if, over time, Dean’s chair wanders closer to Cas’, what of it? If sometimes they pore over the crossword with Dean’s hand wrapped around the back of Cas’ seat, so what? And if - if one day they’re searching together for a word they can’t seem to find, and they look into each other’s eyes as though searching for it there… if their gazes should brush and hold, if their breaths should catch, if they should lean in and kiss and taste coffee and sweetness… what would it matter?

After all, the answer to ‘one down’ is hard, but the answer to ‘two down’ is all too easy.