1 note = 1 minute on the cross trainer!

Work me out, tumblr! 

Also reply to this post or send me an ask with a move or exercise or something and i’ll do it all in tomorrows workout! 

EDIT: Since this has got so many notes and I am only a human not some hardcore celestial being with amazing endurance, I’m going to spread the time over more than just the cross trainer. Treadmill & Bike, Welcome to the party! 

EDIT: this may have to be broken into two workouts! I’ll try as many minutes as I can but 140+ plus minutes of cardio after a full day work may be difficult! I’ll keep you posted ❤️
Tomorrow is my gym start date...

I am super excited right now, yet also super nervous. 

I was always that kid that was bullied in school for being “too fat” when I wasn’t, but due to the bullying this led me to eat, and then I put on weight. I was always the last to get picked for the team, which again sucked and didn’t help my confidence. The teachers never helped, I just wanted to play tennis and dance but they didn’t allow me to do my thing when I was one of the rejects in the class that despised “fitness” yet I wanted to be fit. 

So I am scared to step into a gym on my own tomorrow. I am also scared that I have to drive myself there in my car alone.. but that’s another story to tell. I’m a little worried people are going to look at me and judge me… I am also paranoid that they will judge me because I have a cheap lonsdale gym bag from Sports Direct or the fact that I will be listening to metal music through my bright pink headphones. I really hope they don’t judge and that I can just get in smash my first ever work out go home and feel great about it and then be in the next day! 

I can do this… 

I am aiming to go in and start my training for the 5k I have signed up to so starting C25K, then hopefully get on some bikes and maybe the cross trainer/rowing machine! 

If anyone knows of any good circuits to do or can offer any help and advice on gym that would be great.. I have never ever stepped foot into a gym in my life!!! Please help hahaha!!! Thank you! 

I wanna do a thing (◕ヮ◕)/︎

Mayors as Pokémon trainers!
Animal Crossing and Pokémon Moon are pretty much the only games I’m playing right now and I’ve really really been wanting to draw mayors as Pokémon trainers
as I only have one mayor that only equals one drawing -> boring

sooooo! please add your mayor reference and two favourite Pokémon/Villagers (who will be turned into Pokémon) to this post 🤓

I think I’ll pick at least 3 people whose mayor+Pokémon combo I find most appealing/interesting to draw ._.
sorry it’s nothing against all your other mayors and faves but ya know.. inspiration and such


First day back at the gym in 4 days! I had a big partying weekend in Newcastle with a group of friends! I sweated lots of vodka and take always out my system yesterday 😂
Was hard work, but just pushed myself.
Managed to run 16 minutes without stopping, which isn’t bad as my best is 18 minutes which was last week! Today I will push for 18 minutes.
Struggled on the cross trainer, my legs out sore really fast.
Didn’t do as well as I would have liked but I still managed to burn 586 calories and I did go to the gym 😀

I swear to god, this prompt generator

  • Ace knits an ugly sweater and forces Riskua to wear it.
  • Riskua and Ace at a wild party. Riskua doesn’t want to be there.
  • Riskua as a superhero and Ace as the sidekick.
  • Riskua, a knight in shining armor, must rescue the distressed Ace.
  • Ace and Riskua watching a very sad movie. Ace is crying.
  • Ace and Riskua are Pokemon trainers that cross paths and end up traveling together.
  • Riskua and Ace decide to go camping. Ace reads the map upside down and they both become terribly lost.
  • Ace is about to do something stupid. Riskua does not think this is a good idea.
  • Riskua and Ace are part of a team, but their constant arguing causes problems. They have to pull it together for the sake of the team.
  • Ace frustrated by losing a board game or card game to Riskua.
  • Ace and Riskua fight over the last portion of delicious food.
  • Ace sees Riskua at a local café and falls in love. They are too shy to approach them.
  • Riskua was bullied by Ace when they were both children. Ace doesn’t remember doing it.
Daisy | Lary AU


The park was one of Lily’s favorite places to take her son. It was easy to find a bench in the sun and watch him play happily in front of her with all the other kids. Today, she was hoping that she wouldn’t see anyone that she knew since she was wearing leggings, a t-shirt she normally wore to bed and had her hair in a messy plait. She was hoping she looked more purposefully-a-mess than just straight up tired. Harry, her two year old son, was running around the playground before her, smiling and laughing as he chased after the other kids. He’d always been rather friendly and social, and she liked to think that he got that from her, but his dad was the same way. Even though things hadn’t worked out between her and James, they were still on good terms. 

She pulled out a snack that she’d brought for herself and toed off her trainers, crossing her legs on the bench and looked around taking in a deep breath of fresh air. Days like this were perfect. At least until she heard someone trying to get her attention. 


Just over 2 weeks till my vacation with my boyfriend so hitting the gym hard to next few weeks 💪🏼
Smashed my cardio today!
32 minutes on the treadmill 🏃🏽‍♀️
30 minutes of the cross trainer 🚶🏽‍♀️
11 minutes on the rowing machine 🚣
Also did some leg workouts using a machine!
Was very hard today, was exhausted after the treadmill probably because I didn’t eat before the gym and also had a rubbish sleep lastnight!