crosstown collision


Crosstown Collision is playing with these guys this Tuesday @ The Hatch in Evansville, IN !

not gonna lie, im stoked.


19 year old Amanda Bach was murdered in Portage, IN this past Friday. Her car was found with all her belongings Friday night but police were unable to find her body.However, her family arranged a search party…and found her themselves in a field on Saturday evening. The autopsy report came back today, and her COD was a gun shot to the neck. Her ex boyfriend has been arrested and charged with murder.

This tragic story has been haunting all of us through the weekend, as it is very close to home for me and my friends.

Promoters Ed Roseberry and Elton Bock are putting on this show to help raise money for her funeral arrangements and other things to help shine some light on such a dark situation for her family.

Crosstown Collision and I will be there and I hope a large portion of northwest, Indiana will be joining us.


A few words of advice for you
Always live your life with good intentions
Laugh as much as you breathe
And always love as long as you live- City Lights!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love these guys! and this video gets me so stoked for Crosstown Collision’s upcoming shows with them!

City Lights, These Hearts, & Crosstown Collision

12/9 @ Doc’s Music Hall- Muncie, IN

12/10 @ THMV The Venue- Terre Haute, IN

12/14 @ Another Hole IN The Wall - Steger, IL

pics: Crosstown Collision, Amanda Indiana, and David McWane!


Saturday: Crosstown Collision played Indianapolis, IN w/ Big D and The Kids Table and The Have Nots! Such an awesome show. Ryan O'Connor came up to our merch table and said to me “are you the girl that drew all these designs? ( as he pulled an amanda indiana promo card out of his pocket)!” and we talked for awhile and he told me which design was his favorite and that he would hit me up! Sooo exciting. All the bands killed it that night and the show was fcking awesome! After Big D’s set Dave found me and said “dude you were soo awesome in the crowd” and we finally got our drum that was hand painted by Big D signed by all of them. The show ended with Dave McWane rocking our Crosstown shirt and some awesome conversation. The Have Nots came back to an apartment in Indy with us, and we spent the night listening to acoustics and drinking booze!

Sunday: We were all hung over as hell. The Have Nots and Big D invited us to go to their show in Chicago. They guest listed us, and running on only a few hours of sleep and a vodka diet- we went! It was my first time at The Beat Kitchen and I loved it. As the Have Nots would say “indianapolis is in the housssse!”. The show was awesome! Green Room Rockers opened, and killed it. The difference between Chicago and Indy is…we are skankers. And we got that Chicago crowd moving during the Have Nots set. Tons of fun. and Then there was Big D. wow. I was front and center being smashed the entire time but wouldn’t trade it for the world. Dave and the rest of the guys were stoked to see us, he brought the mic over to us a few times to help him scream the lyrics. They ended the set with an encore of LAX…and “raise your nose to the people in line, give the door man a fucking high-five!” is now my favorite line…as..David Mcwane and I high fived for that part and he squeezed the hell out of my hand. yes, I’m stoked like a school girl..but its ok baha. When they were tearing down their set Dave walked up to the stage and handed me his set list :)

Before heading home,I found Mark Cooper from Green Room Rockers at the bar and wanted to let him know that I loved their set. Mark said “hey thanks. you’re that chick from Crosstown right? I added you on facebook today” and went on to say he was impressed to see Crosstown’s list of shows and to see another Indiana ska band fighting and working hard to make it. That conversation was unexpected, but sooo awesome! It ended with “lets play some shows together and save the Indiana scene” and to that I say- HELL YES!

I doubt anyone actually reads all this. but these are some top notch memories I do not want to forget <3.

REPOST- Hey SKA bands!!


Crosstown Collision and I are working with and putting together a SKA Compilation CD,are you interested in being a part of it?

We are still working on the exact details, but here’s what we are thinking:

  • Send us one of your songs, in an email with permission for us to use your song on the album.
  • I’m going to do CD Booklet artwork and art on the actual CD.
  • If your band wants to order some CDs to sell as merch: Tell us how many you want, we will give you the price (this will be whatever it costs us to get them printed. you get them at cost, we are not profiting off this.It’s approximately $100 for 50cds- sell them at 10$ a piece and you are looking at about a $400 profit,not bad!) Once payment is figured out (via paypal or whatever) we will send the physical CDs along with an email with the artwork. (this way you can choose to print the booklets or not to lower the cost)
  • The coolest part: If your band can’t afford or just doesn’t want to purchase CDs to sell- this doesn’t cost you anything. AND we will still be selling the albums at our shows, which will be free publicity to your song and band.

So, that’s the basics of what we are thinking. Leave a note or message if you are interested. We wanna start getting the bands together so we can put more precise information out there for this project. :)



Just got an AWESOME phone call!

Dan Cull, the president of Gorilla Productions called Zack, and we are 1 of the 4 bands they are considering signing! We are currently planning to go meet with him and discuss more details. This still isnt 100% for sure, but it’s getting a hell of a lot closer!

He also asked for us to make a guest appearance and play this Saturday at Reggie’s Rock Club in CHICAGO! Our first out of state show!

The conversation ended with Dan basically saying “the record deal is on the table for Crosstown Collision”

I’ve been waiting to hear those words for months!

I’m trying not to get too excited, as the contract will have to be read over and over again by us and a lawyer. but here’s to hoping! fingers crossed!

Sweet Valley
Crosstown Collision
Sweet Valley

My absolute favorite Crosstown Collision song, featured on their new album From The Inside Out!

Now that things are changing, your rearranging
time is flying, our friendship is dying, I cant take it anymore
what’s your choice?
speak up now, let me here your voice!
I guess that valley, it aint so sweet!

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