SO YEAH IT’S CHRISTMAS (no shit, Madź) and I’m doing my own follow forever to celebrate the fact that the dash I’ve spent the past year looking at - is obviously only so beautiful thanks to all of you. I’m wishing you all the best, I hope you’ll find everything you dreamed of under your christmas tree ♡

if you’re italicized, that means you have a special place in my heart and your existance is one of the reasons I’m still on Tumblr

A-D (by urls):

aliya ❄ nayn ❄ mitchie ❄ sara ❄ cecilie ❄ ania ❄ tala ❄ natalia ❄ luh ❄ maya ❄ gabi ❄ suzanne ❄ hana ❄ des ❄ paula


ieva ❄ kristine ❄ margi ❄ andréa ❄ barbara ❄ lizzy ❄ joyce


beatrice ❄ eve ❄ emily ❄ nathan ❄ denise ❄ nia ❄ sophie


ayla ❄ nara ❄ magda ❄ morgan ❄ aga ❄ katie ❄ laish ❄ laurel ❄ shannon


lais ❄ inês ❄ cecilia ❄ veronika ❄ tom ❄ sayeeda ❄ rithany ❄ larisa ❄ ryan

and here’s my BLOGROLL because, basically, every blog I follow deserves to be in my follow forever. cheers!

So, first of all: thank you all for being a part of my Tumblr and for letting me being a part of yours! Tumblr was a great opportunity for me to get to know about new bands and meet lots of precious people. I want to thank some of them separately (and sorry for my poor language skills):

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