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1. Materials you need is some toilet paper and KT tape (recommended tape for binding, its a bit expensive but its the best for your body) Also when i use KT tape i cut the strips in half because it is easier to handle and you prolong the use of the KT tape instead of buying a new roll every so often.
2. When putting the first tape on, fold the toilet paper into a tiny square and place over your nipple area because if you don’t the KT tape will rip off that part of the skin (this happened to me one time because i didnt place the paper correctly and it ripped off some of my areola and it hurt SOOOO MUCH QAQ" please protect your nipples guys!!)
3. Start layering up that KT tape and make it stretch all the way back as far as you can!! Also use your other hand to push your boob back and up into your armpit as you are placing the tape.
4. Once you are satisfied with how flat your chest is, put some KT tape vertical at the beginning and end of the horizontal tape so they wont lift and peel off.
5.-6. More pictures of how the tape should be!
7. MOISTURIZE YOUR CHEST!! Your skin is being pulled and sometimes it hurts, so with putting lotion in the chest area it helps your skin relax and not be so tense
8. Have fun and be safe with your body! If your body is in pain please take the KT tape off, your body knows more than you ;3;)9 ✨✨
If you did the process correctly you should be able to peel the tape right off of you, itll hurt only a little. If you need assistance in removing the tape then get in the shower and let the water help you take the tape off!
Another Note: i can usually stay in this for about 4-6hours. It varies for every person though so yeah ;3;

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ayy any tips for shaping a more masculine/gender neutral body when crossplaying? I crossplay for most of my characters but I have problems with still looking like a female bleh esp in legs and booty, but also just trying to get my torso into a more square-ish shape ahh i hope you dont mind answering this! ((p.s. i really admire you as a cosplayer wowza youre so good yeh))

Thank you! I’ve actually been meaning to make this for a while, so I suppose now’s a good time.

Crossplay is all about the silhouette. Here’s my process for getting a male silhouette.


Here’s a roughly what my natural silhouette looks like. Notice that my hips are quite narrow, so these techniques may not be as successful if you have wider hips.


When picking what pants to wear for crossplay, I usually go two to three sizes bigger. (Keep in mind that these are usually women’s skinny jeans, since I can find my size easier. A better way would be to just buy the right size in men’s jeans, but I can never find a pair that fit.) This hides the curves of my thighs and makes my calves look more even with my thighs - basically giving me a more straight leg. I always wear the pants at the widest part of my hips.

I always make sure there’s plenty of room in the crotch for obvious reasons. I don’t usually pack, but that’s always an option if I ever wear pants that are really tight in the crotch.


Smaller feet are a feminine trait, so I also try to buy bigger, clunkier shoes. Combat boots work really well for this. If the shoes are regular sneakers, I will sometimes also buy a size or two too big for the shoes.


I often wear padding on my shoulders after I put on my binder (or a muscle shirt similar to this [x] which is expensive but you can always make something similar at home). Broad shoulders are a more masculine trait. I sometimes do chest padding to give the illusion of pecs. This works for me because I have a small chest to begin with, so the padding helps make me look filled out.

For the actual shirt, I try to wear a straight shirt that won’t cling to my waist/chest. If I want something form fitting, slim fit shirt are still pretty good at hiding any curves [x].

So yeah that’s pretty much all that I do to make my silhouette look masculine. Also keep in mind that makeup is almost as important as the silhouette.

Also posing is really important! I always try to pose like the pic below, with my hips turned away from the camera, so that my shoulders look ridiculously broad and my hips narrow. Camera angles are like magic, just practice in the mirror.


My Crossplay Makeup Tutorial

FtM’s Guide to Looking Like A Hot Dude

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I can't cosplay males to save my life, pls teach me your ways

omg ok let’s GO

so for those not in the know, i cosplay male and female characters, altho let’s be real, mostly male. for reference, here’s a pic of me as two fairly similar characters, one male, one female:

there’s three main things i personally think about when im doing male cosplay:

  1. body language
  2. makeup
  3. clothes & binder

first of all lemme just be clear: you do not HAVE to do any particular step here to do good male cosplay. these are just things i found to be useful. everyone is different, so take my advice with a grain of salt! :)

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Hey! I'm new to your blog and on mobile (Gods help us all), and I'm having trouble just generally making my face look more boyish for either crossplay or everyday life. I don't think my face is that feminine, but it's rather round and it always seems to look too girly :/ Do you already have a tutorial on this or could you help me? Thanks :)

prince-kuromirai Hello there! (Oh goodness I apologize for my mobile theme lol!) I have that same problem actually! There are a ton of very good crossplay tutorials out there, but I can say the basics for making your face look narrower/more masculine are contorting your cheekbones going down towards your chin, and shade your temples. Also adding shadow along the sides of your nose will help it look longer and your face less rounded. Shading under your jawline will make it look more masculine as well. You can fill in your eyebrows to make them less angled (but a lot of the bishie anime boys have angled eyebrows, so this really depends on what look you’re going for). If you want eyeliner, just apply it to the outer top edge of your eye, which will make them look more angled and less rounded/girly. Finally I like to cover my lips with foundation/nude lipstick to make them look less full and the color a little more muted.

sock-monkey-renegade «Has a couple very good crossplay tutorials

And here is a chart of Female vs Male contouring :)


Hey look, another cosplay tutorial by me! This is a video talking about how to make that woven armor tunic… thing Raguna wears. I know that not many people cosplay Raguna, but I thought this would help a lot of people who don’t know how to achieve that woven effect for other characters.

(P.S. to the Rune Factory fandom- I’ve been here since I’m 9. I know who you are. I just don’t participate because… *flashbacks to middle school* that’s a story…)

Chest binding: Cami binder method (slight adjustment made)

Okay so I saw this post the other day about binding for transboys and while I myself am not trans I wanted to check it out. Mainly for crossplay but also because the original poster mentioned they were unsure how the technique would work on people with larger breasts. Now mine are not extremely well endowed (size C-D typically), but more than they were. 

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Hey shoplifters

Before you hide behind trans people needing 5,000 dollars (who the hell even owns 5k worth of makeup unless they’re a professional anyways??) worth of fucking sephora makeup in order to pass…

Beauty guros do 99 cent and drug store makeup tutorials regularly. There’s literally hundreds of not THOUSANDS of tutorials doing looks either drug store makeup.

Cosplayer a regularly do tutorials for crossplaying with makeup that can be found in the drug store.

Literally there are thousands of videos doing pretty much any makeup look that you want using drug store makeup. Even looks that are done with high end sephora makeup can be replicated with drug store makeup.

You don’t need to fucking shop lift in order to have makeup. Go to the damn drug store and buy some fucking five dollar makeup and stop being a little shit face.

Also, stop hiding behind trans people in order to justify your shitty as actions. Pay for your god damn makeup like everyone else you lazy, entitled, selfish pieces of shit.


A much-requested crossplay makeup tutorial is finally here! This tutorial is intended for female-to-male crossplay, specifically geared towards more “bishounen”/pretty boy characters. (Meaning, not Solid Snake.)

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Alright you asked for it. Here’s a video that shows the process of my applying Nate’s makeup from The Walking Dead game’s DLC 400 Days.

In total it took around 30 minutes real life time, and I condensed it down into about four minutes.

If you’ve any questions about any specific steps feel free to drop me a message, but uh this was my first real crossplay makeup attempt so I’m pretty darned new at this myself.

I couldn’t edit anymore because I can only listen to my own voice for so long before I want to destroy something.


How to Cover a Beard Shadow

Tutorial by: Joseph Harwood
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“Quick” Crossplay Tips and Tricks (by SoloGrayson)


HOW TO: Cover 5 O clock shadow

Tutorial by:  Chelsea Jade Conroy
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“Quick” Crossplay Tips and Tricks (by SoloGrayson)