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1. Materials you need is some toilet paper and KT tape (recommended tape for binding, its a bit expensive but its the best for your body) Also when i use KT tape i cut the strips in half because it is easier to handle and you prolong the use of the KT tape instead of buying a new roll every so often.
2. When putting the first tape on, fold the toilet paper into a tiny square and place over your nipple area because if you don’t the KT tape will rip off that part of the skin (this happened to me one time because i didnt place the paper correctly and it ripped off some of my areola and it hurt SOOOO MUCH QAQ" please protect your nipples guys!!)
3. Start layering up that KT tape and make it stretch all the way back as far as you can!! Also use your other hand to push your boob back and up into your armpit as you are placing the tape.
4. Once you are satisfied with how flat your chest is, put some KT tape vertical at the beginning and end of the horizontal tape so they wont lift and peel off.
5.-6. More pictures of how the tape should be!
7. MOISTURIZE YOUR CHEST!! Your skin is being pulled and sometimes it hurts, so with putting lotion in the chest area it helps your skin relax and not be so tense
8. Have fun and be safe with your body! If your body is in pain please take the KT tape off, your body knows more than you ;3;)9 ✨✨
If you did the process correctly you should be able to peel the tape right off of you, itll hurt only a little. If you need assistance in removing the tape then get in the shower and let the water help you take the tape off!
Another Note: i can usually stay in this for about 4-6hours. It varies for every person though so yeah ;3;

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ayy any tips for shaping a more masculine/gender neutral body when crossplaying? I crossplay for most of my characters but I have problems with still looking like a female bleh esp in legs and booty, but also just trying to get my torso into a more square-ish shape ahh i hope you dont mind answering this! ((p.s. i really admire you as a cosplayer wowza youre so good yeh))

Thank you! I’ve actually been meaning to make this for a while, so I suppose now’s a good time.

Crossplay is all about the silhouette. Here’s my process for getting a male silhouette.


Here’s a roughly what my natural silhouette looks like. Notice that my hips are quite narrow, so these techniques may not be as successful if you have wider hips.


When picking what pants to wear for crossplay, I usually go two to three sizes bigger. (Keep in mind that these are usually women’s skinny jeans, since I can find my size easier. A better way would be to just buy the right size in men’s jeans, but I can never find a pair that fit.) This hides the curves of my thighs and makes my calves look more even with my thighs - basically giving me a more straight leg. I always wear the pants at the widest part of my hips.

I always make sure there’s plenty of room in the crotch for obvious reasons. I don’t usually pack, but that’s always an option if I ever wear pants that are really tight in the crotch.


Smaller feet are a feminine trait, so I also try to buy bigger, clunkier shoes. Combat boots work really well for this. If the shoes are regular sneakers, I will sometimes also buy a size or two too big for the shoes.


I often wear padding on my shoulders after I put on my binder (or a muscle shirt similar to this [x] which is expensive but you can always make something similar at home). Broad shoulders are a more masculine trait. I sometimes do chest padding to give the illusion of pecs. This works for me because I have a small chest to begin with, so the padding helps make me look filled out.

For the actual shirt, I try to wear a straight shirt that won’t cling to my waist/chest. If I want something form fitting, slim fit shirt are still pretty good at hiding any curves [x].

So yeah that’s pretty much all that I do to make my silhouette look masculine. Also keep in mind that makeup is almost as important as the silhouette.

Also posing is really important! I always try to pose like the pic below, with my hips turned away from the camera, so that my shoulders look ridiculously broad and my hips narrow. Camera angles are like magic, just practice in the mirror.


My Crossplay Makeup Tutorial

FtM’s Guide to Looking Like A Hot Dude

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I can't cosplay males to save my life, pls teach me your ways

omg ok let’s GO

so for those not in the know, i cosplay male and female characters, altho let’s be real, mostly male. for reference, here’s a pic of me as two fairly similar characters, one male, one female:

there’s three main things i personally think about when im doing male cosplay:

  1. body language
  2. makeup
  3. clothes & binder

first of all lemme just be clear: you do not HAVE to do any particular step here to do good male cosplay. these are just things i found to be useful. everyone is different, so take my advice with a grain of salt! :)

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“Quick” Crossplay Tips and Tricks (by SoloGrayson)

Alright you asked for it. Here’s a video that shows the process of my applying Nate’s makeup from The Walking Dead game’s DLC 400 Days.

In total it took around 30 minutes real life time, and I condensed it down into about four minutes.

If you’ve any questions about any specific steps feel free to drop me a message, but uh this was my first real crossplay makeup attempt so I’m pretty darned new at this myself.

I couldn’t edit anymore because I can only listen to my own voice for so long before I want to destroy something.


Hey look, another cosplay tutorial by me! This is a video talking about how to make that woven armor tunic… thing Raguna wears. I know that not many people cosplay Raguna, but I thought this would help a lot of people who don’t know how to achieve that woven effect for other characters.

(P.S. to the Rune Factory fandom- I’ve been here since I’m 9. I know who you are. I just don’t participate because… *flashbacks to middle school* that’s a story…)


“Quick” Crossplay Tips and Tricks (by SoloGrayson)

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I'm a trans guy and want to appear as male as possible in my cosplays. No surgeries and no hormone treatment, so I'll need a good solution for upper and lower body. What can I do to pass better? Yesterday, I wore a cyber vest underneath my jacket to broaden my waist and add to the flattened chest that I also bound first, my hips are kinda narrow anyway. I wore cyber boots that made me taller and used padding AND socks for my shoulders to broaden them. Still didn't pass. What else can I do?

Edit: This post was edited to clarify what could have been interpreted as misgendering. [further edits were made.] 

First: I suggest checking out the female to male crossplay section of the tutorial list, it lists some tutorials and tips that you might find useful. I would also suggest looking for forums for trans help and advice [especially forums specifically for trans men] or even drag king help and advice. 

Here are the tips I can offer you based on my knowledge of and experience with crossplay. For anyone reading this who is looking for information on this topic that doesn’t want a viewpoint through the lens of crossplay (my experience with presenting as masculine), I suggest checking out a trans blog, forum or community to ask for help and advice. They can give you advice through their personal experiences and tips beyond what is common in crossplay. 

They may or may not work for you based on the look you are trying to achieve or your own body’s shape and appearance. It may take some trial and error to find what works best for you! 

  1. Face: you may want to wear makeup. It sounds counter productive but makeup can be used to make your features look more masculine. Try for thicker eyebrows, a more defined jaw line, less soft curves and more angular features, darker around the eyes, more neutral lip colour and a the illusion of an adam’s apple [if you don’t have one, or make it more pronounced if you do]. 

  2. Faking facial hair [if you don’t have a beard] can add to the overall look. Stubble can be faked with a stippling sponge and some dark makeup. Crepe hair can be applied and styled/cut for a full beard or chopped up crepe hair can be applied to look like stubble. [if you don’t have facial hair already]

  3. Flattening the boobies [if you have them] can make a big difference. For some this can be as simple as a sports bra but for many people they find a compression vest or chest binder to do the trick and it is much safer than other forms of binding. Keep in mind binding safety: too tight or too long can be harmful. Listen to your body and take breaks as needed. 

  4. Padding can be used to reduce the hips and enhance the shoulders. Pay attention to your silhouette. You want to be more like an upside down triangle. Muscle suits can also be worn to add muscle and bulk.

  5. Wear clothes made for [CIS] male bodies [specifically: clothes that may be found in the “men’s” section of a department store], or wear a costume that is drafted for a [CIS] male body [as opposed to a pattern that may be created for a CIS female body]. (If you are sewing this yourself, take your measurements with your binder and padding on. [if you plan to wear them]) [CIS] Men’s clothes are usually structured differently [than clothes that are made for and marketed towards CIS women] and that can make a difference in how it fits and how it looks. 

  6. Walking, standing, posing, positioning and mannerisms also help with the illusion [if crossplaying, or help someone appear more masculine overall]. Look at how [cis] guys behave and copy it. A [cis] guy would have trouble standing with their hands on their hips, they tend to walk with longer strides, they tend to stand with their feet shoulder width apart, generally taking up more space especially when sitting. Try to walk with your shoulders [directing movement] not with your hips [minimize hip swaying], try to stand so that your butt is not sticking out [some people suggest clenching your butt]. It helps to practice in front of a mirror so you can correct yourself and avoid thinking something is right when it just looks awkward!

  7. Rather than wear platform boots which are somewhat feminine, look for shoe lift insoles or shoes that have discrete platforms. (Look up pictures of Robert Downey Jr’s shoes!) That will give you some height without it being overly obvious

I find a lot of cyber clothing is more feminine or androgynous than masculine, so depending on what you are wearing it may be working against you. If you like the style, look or stuff that will make you look bigger (flares out, has more bulk around the shoulders or arms) rather than slimmer. 

Hope this helps!
Duckie / Admin 

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Chest binding: Cami binder method (slight adjustment made)

Okay so I saw this post the other day about binding for transboys and while I myself am not trans I wanted to check it out. Mainly for crossplay but also because the original poster mentioned they were unsure how the technique would work on people with larger breasts. Now mine are not extremely well endowed (size C-D typically), but more than they were. 

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I have made a Jack Frost Makeup Tutorial video for anyone who is interested in my makeup techniques. Hopefully this helps some of you out! I have also provided the link to where I got my contacts and wig in the video description. Video: This is the first video in a new series of cosplay makeup tutorials I will be starting.  Some other character tutorials to look forward to are: -Human Jack from Rise of the Guardians -Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess -Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the  Rings -Peter Pan from the Disney version -Aela the Huntress from Skyrim And whatever else I can do. Suggestions are more than welcome! facebook:

How to Cover a Beard Shadow

Tutorial by: Joseph Harwood
Tutorial Link


A much-requested crossplay makeup tutorial is finally here! This tutorial is intended for female-to-male crossplay, specifically geared towards more “bishounen”/pretty boy characters. (Meaning, not Solid Snake.)

If you’d like to vote on the next patron-chosen episode of Cosplay 101, head on over to Patreon to support the channel! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ


HOW TO: Cover 5 O clock shadow

Tutorial by:  Chelsea Jade Conroy
Tutorial Link:

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I am a female and the cosplay that I am working on right now doesn't really need it but I know that in the future I might want to cosplay a male character and I have rather big boobs that are really noticeable do you have any tips

Disclaimer! The advice I’m gonna give you is not from my personal experience. It’s always better to ask someone who knows more about it. I hope that if I’ll be wrong at some points blog’s followers will correct me.

Okay, thing you’re gonna need is called binding (to bind). It’s the technique that people with breasts use when they need to (or have to) hide them [breasts]. I didn’t have a personal binding experience, but I can link you to these pretty good (imo) tutorials:

That’s it. Good luck with your cosplay and be careful. :)

P.S. Dear followers (not only cosplayers!), if you had a binding experience feel free to comment under this post, reblog with facts fixes or send me an ask or fanmail. I’ll be happy to fix the mistakes or add useful stuff and links.

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hello! youre v talented with makeup and contouring and i was wondering if you could give some tips on doing masculine faces for those with feminine features??

yes absolutely! Sit ya buns down and get ready for a crossplay tutorial! 

so first off, this is the image i used to base my contouring off of. I added a big more, for example i strongly defined my jaw and strengthened my cleft chin. 

I went though first with a overall light tone, then dabbed on a medium shade in the areas indicated in the picture. In a very stark and harsh way i then added a dark shading tone, again in areas shown. (if image doesn’t load, its the sides of the nose, upper chin, top lip, cheekbones and under eyebrows). 

to dull my lips i put foundation on them bc pale lips are more masculine. I also darkened under and around my eyes to sink them in, and darkened the inner eye to make them look closer.

for final touches, i darkened and thickened my brows on the underside, and added sideburns. I hope this helps!