Some Gladion selfies from this past weekend.
Wig is a stand-in since I didn’t finish the proper one in time.

Team Skull is Jez Roth
Lillie is Chechecat cosplay

-I went out with (Ota)Bek and I found a new friend!-

Otabek: ‘cmon, let’s take a walk around the city, Tiger!

Yuri: Don’t call me like that, Bek!

Otabek: But- you give me that nickname and I can’t do the same?!

Yuri: Oh look, a cutie kitty! Take a picture of us!

Otabek: That cutie is not the cat…


Final Testing for my Newt Scamander cosplay

With new and improved bowtie, scarf, pants and the infamous “won’t stay close” suitcase. Really… it won’t. that thing scared me once at night when the clasp just popped open. I keep this whole cosplay under my bed. It’s a nice detail I think <3 

Was getting sick of shitty pictures and made the face in the last one (I always make at least one derpy pic to see what would happen if I do it at cons/shoots)…and apparently I look freakishly similar to Eddie when doing so. 

Let’s confuse the shit out of people once more!

FACTS Spring, bring it on. I’m ready to make some girls faint. Or boys, won’t judge.


Freya Cosplay from Chobits
Debut: Otakon 2016 @ Hilton Inner Harbor
Photographer: Zero Serenity

Well, here’s my cosplay of Freya from Chobits. This was moreso my girlfriend’s idea since she wanted to do Chii’s white lolita dress, so she conscripted me to do this version of Freya alongside her. To be honest, I really enjoyed this cosplay A LOT! We had a blast walking around together as the two. That and the staggering amount of heads we turned in the process…just wow!

Again, I just want to point out that I don’t wear makeup at all with my crossplaying…mainly because I’m quite literally too blind to put it on in the first place. hehe That said, I’m equally surprised that so many people thought I was a woman. Oddly enough, it really boosted my confidence a great deal. So…yay!


Karkat Vantas ( Bloodswap ) | Homestuck

So I’ve seen that I didn’t post any pic’ of my entire cosplay, so here it is. I’m so proud of it and I hope I will be able to do him again ! ♥