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I love #yukina and #hiei ❤ their relationship beings me so much joy! I wish the series for into it mote, but I understand why. So much going on! Still!!! They are just so cute, and I just want Yukina to find out who Hiei is! AND I WOULD’VE FREAKED OUT!!! #yoshihirotogashi is amazing ♡♡♡

And @steffvonschweetz is the perfect Hiei. You guys have no idea how excited I was to be her twin! She is an amazing #cosplayer and an amazing person. All of her stuff just blows me away! So much talent in such a small, adorable body ❤

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Compilation about my MCM London Comic Con / EuroCosplay experience aka my favorite photos :D

So this is my improved Stoick the Vast costume from the 2nd How to train your dragon movie by Dreamworks.

I’m so proud of it it’s much better than before, changing the beard and adding more details (like prosthetic ears :3) was a great decision, and I’m sooo grateful for the whole weekend.

I met so many lovely people and EuroCosplay was a blast :3 I ended up on 9th place and got a Judge’s Award from LadyLemonCosplay <3

Friendly reminder: I’m still a “girl” under all that hair :D

Photo credits in order:

Full body picture: MattEleven Photography

Stage shots: Roberta Cusano Captures

Close-up: Eddie from Food And Cosplay

Derp photo aka viking metal: Artflower Fotografie

Thank you very much guuuys! <3

As soon as I get my hands on my official stage performance video I’ll share it :)

As always my Facebook page is: Dudus Arrrt


For all my trans, nonbinary, and crossplaying friends, @because—boomerangs showed me this magical product. It’s NYX butter lip balm in nude.
“Before” is my natural feminine lips. “After” is with the lip balm. Gone are my days of putting concealer on my lips and looking chapped and dry for days when I don’t want to be a female. Moisturizer and masculinize all at once.

I got this one at Nordstrom Rack for $4, but I bet you can find it anywhere NYX makeup is sold and online.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axEvKhFehqI)

LEDs can be extremely fun to work with but purchasing the wrong LED can cause a lot of unnecessary frustrations and wasted cash. The terminology for LEDs and online resources can often be overwhelming and confusing so this guide’s sole purpose is to help break down the fundamental basics to help you better understand what to look for.


1. Materials you need is some toilet paper and KT tape (recommended tape for binding, its a bit expensive but its the best for your body) Also when i use KT tape i cut the strips in half because it is easier to handle and you prolong the use of the KT tape instead of buying a new roll every so often.
2. When putting the first tape on, fold the toilet paper into a tiny square and place over your nipple area because if you don’t the KT tape will rip off that part of the skin (this happened to me one time because i didnt place the paper correctly and it ripped off some of my areola and it hurt SOOOO MUCH QAQ" please protect your nipples guys!!)
3. Start layering up that KT tape and make it stretch all the way back as far as you can!! Also use your other hand to push your boob back and up into your armpit as you are placing the tape.
4. Once you are satisfied with how flat your chest is, put some KT tape vertical at the beginning and end of the horizontal tape so they wont lift and peel off.
5.-6. More pictures of how the tape should be!
7. MOISTURIZE YOUR CHEST!! Your skin is being pulled and sometimes it hurts, so with putting lotion in the chest area it helps your skin relax and not be so tense
8. Have fun and be safe with your body! If your body is in pain please take the KT tape off, your body knows more than you ;3;)9 ✨✨
If you did the process correctly you should be able to peel the tape right off of you, itll hurt only a little. If you need assistance in removing the tape then get in the shower and let the water help you take the tape off!
Another Note: i can usually stay in this for about 4-6hours. It varies for every person though so yeah ;3;

Nude Lips for Cosplay/Crossplay

I’ve gotten a few questions about crossplay makeup (since about 60% of my costumes are male characters), so I thought I’d share one of my go-to products: Flesh-tone lipstick!

My lips are naturally full and red. On a normal day, or in costumes where I don’t conceal it, my mouth looks like it’s trying for something out of a 1940s pinup:

…which would be great if I were living in the 1940s, but when you’re trying to play a 14-year-old boy from a cel-shaded source, it’s a little less convenient. ^_^

When I first started cosplaying I used to cover my lips with foundation and powder, which worked really well for photos, but dried out my lips and ultimately caused them to crack and peel when I had to repeat the treatment for multiple days at a con. Then fellow crossplayer @karmada​ introduced me to flesh-tone lipstick – a product designed to cover your lips and keep them from drying out. What a concept!

Choosing A Product

As with any makeup, slight variations in shade or color temperature can make a huge difference in how well a product blends with your skin, so I suggest trying several shades to see what works best with your individual coloring. Stores like Sephora, MAC, bareMinerals, Victoria’s Secret, et al. will generally let you test any color before buying.

For F to M crossplay, choose a matte lipcolor. Many nude colors come in a gloss formula, but shiny lips generally aren’t as desirable for masculine characters, as they make the lips appear more plump and full (a trait associated with a more feminine appearance).

My nude lipstick of choice is Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense, which comes in several matte flesh tones and holds up well for hours of wear. I prefer to have a lipstick tube rather than a pot, for the simple reason that I like to carry it with me for quick touch-ups.

For other color/brand recommendations, check out this post over at Vampy Varnish, which identifies and reviews about a dozen neutral shades.

If your natural coloring is on the darker side, try this list over at Gurl of natural shades that work well with darker skin tones.


(Please forgive my mediocre selfies for this tutorial. My bathroom has terrible lighting, but I didn’t have anyone available to help me with photos, and I wanted to get this posted before I left the country.)

Depending on the opacity and coverage you want, you can apply more or less product. Since most lips have some natural color, you don’t want to blank your mouth out completely with a heavy coat unless you’re going for a specific non-natural look.

Just as with lip liner and lipstick, you can modify the shape of your mouth using neutral lipcolor. Because my lips are full, I generally start with heavier coverage around the contour to make my lips appear narrower. (If you’re using a sheer lipcolor and need more coverage than it provides, you can blend a bit of concealer around the edge.)

Over the center area of the lip, I use a lighter application, and lightly blend it with my finger so a hint of the natural color still shows through. 

I then top the lipstick off with a light dusting of face powder to help set it and further mattify the lips.

Voila! Neutral lips. This type of application could be used for a male character or one from an anime/comic art source that doesn’t have much lip definition.

You can also start with this coloration as a base and then add character-specific lip designs on top (for example, characters with painted doll lips or other stylized mouth shapes).