Compilation about my MCM London Comic Con / EuroCosplay experience aka my favorite photos :D

So this is my improved Stoick the Vast costume from the 2nd How to train your dragon movie by Dreamworks.

I’m so proud of it it’s much better than before, changing the beard and adding more details (like prosthetic ears :3) was a great decision, and I’m sooo grateful for the whole weekend.

I met so many lovely people and EuroCosplay was a blast :3 I ended up on 9th place and got a Judge’s Award from LadyLemonCosplay <3

Friendly reminder: I’m still a “girl” under all that hair :D

Photo credits in order:

Full body picture: MattEleven Photography

Stage shots: Roberta Cusano Captures

Close-up: Eddie from Food And Cosplay

Derp photo aka viking metal: Artflower Fotografie

Thank you very much guuuys! <3

As soon as I get my hands on my official stage performance video I’ll share it :)

As always my Facebook page is: Dudus Arrrt


For all my trans, nonbinary, and crossplaying friends, @because—boomerangs showed me this magical product. It’s NYX butter lip balm in nude.
“Before” is my natural feminine lips. “After” is with the lip balm. Gone are my days of putting concealer on my lips and looking chapped and dry for days when I don’t want to be a female. Moisturizer and masculinize all at once.

I got this one at Nordstrom Rack for $4, but I bet you can find it anywhere NYX makeup is sold and online.


Laies and gentlemen I’m happy to show you my aunt’s first cosplay Wreck-it Ralph!
Aunt Stefania (also called Stefy or Steven) was really worried about cosplaying, both because of her height and because she wasn’t exactly doing a “feminine” and “gracious” character. Stotally “wrecked” it with her son Francesco who did for the second time Felix with her (he’s a senior cosplayer even being 5 years old, he really loves it and the mother likes to hep him with the characters he love). 
All the family helped her. I did her makeup and her wig, she worked on her shirt and her sister did the salopette. Hope you all will like her because she still worry a lot about what she did. 
Pics by Daniela Serpi Fotografia / didychan