Photo: woegster

Unfortunately my pants thought it was fun to rip after like 4 pictures because apparently the fabric wasn’t quite so suited for pants as they said it would be. That’s why I’m wearing my normal, non-leather-y jeans as substitutes in this pic :’D

I will upload pics with the right pants hopefully soon though and I plan on doing another photoshoot, so please bear with me for now :)



Can’t help but smile when I’m around you sunshine boy ☀️
Based on art by @go-spaghettininja
Will- alchemic_rose IG
Nico- me/nofoxgivencsoplay IG
Photo- hartfulk IG


“Hey, I’m your new neighbour, Joseph! I promise not to talk about your dead spouse this time.” 

I went from 0 to 100 very fast w/ this game and now i’m trash and ready to cosplay Joseph at a con sometime. I would normally post this on my cosplay account ( @aiedail-cosplay ) but I know couple of you guys love DDADDS so I figured I’d post it here!!