Happy Valentine’s Day~! ♥

From our hearts to yours. Everyone got together to recreate this artwork that I did last year on Valentine’s day, plus more characters! Piper was able to sneak in as well. Much thanks to everyone for remaking this with me! 

Piper: vaultfoxcosplay
MacCready: delusioncosplay
Nick: visiblespectre
Hancock: thereith
Curie: ongaku88
Photography: kellymc4

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This costest is to all the SESSKAG fics I’ve ever read out there. ( and also to) @youkaiyume (sorry this is just a closet costest!) whose fanfictions, art, and Raindrops doujin have been some of the most beautiful and wonderfully made fanwork I’ve ever been fortunate enough to stumble across. So I’m sure people say it all the time but thank you for sharing your beautiful work!
Also, side note, if you’re looking for an awesome SESSKAG read, I’m currently re reading the once and future taiyoukai and it just as amazing the second time through!