crossovers: how do they work

After the conclusion of despair arc, I think we can all agree that Junko should just not. Like, ever.

Who’s hyped for that Hope Side?


Fun with magnets.

Has anybody considered Muffet from Undertale and Webber from Don’t Starve interactions yet? Just me?


Priest? Angel? Wrong! We’re Devils

I came up with an AU again =w=;;
Here both You and Hanayo are twins lol how come a human and angel become a sibling?! and plus they have devil powers too! whoa XDD They live in abandoned Church, nobody knows who they’re exactly.

How do relationships happen? Like do you just hang out and it happens? People around me literally date other people left and right. Like, how do you meet people who you are interesting to? I just don’t understand. No one’s taught me these things. Maybe that’s why I’m single.


When I mention things I don’t enjoy about my body, I’m not calling myself obese. I have functioning eyes. Even with a touch of body dysmorphia, I know that’s not accurate. 

I was one weight for 5 years…then either my wedding band weighs 8-10 lbs or I gained as much so I’m just suddenly not comfortable with my shape, you know????

That’s all I’m saying. 

The strangest things hit me the hardest

For instance, I was walking around the yard with the dog and saw the asparagus ferns from the first planting six years ago flopped over in the grass and realized that I have to start a whole new bed after finally getting one established in the main garden this year. I suddenly felt so defeated, like the asparagus is a symbol of my inability to hang onto my marriage. Always starting over again. Forever. 

I’m telling myself that the new asparagus bed will thrive like none of the others ever have before. 


This is a BlazBlue-style fan intro for Fire Emblem: Awakening made by an Asian.

You’re welcome.