It’s quite possible that I’ll be the only one laughing my ass off over these, but I don’t really care. I’ve been giggling almost the whole time I’ve made them, so I consider it time well spent. ^^

If anyone feels the need now to check out the original theme song, it can be found here. Anybody want to write that crossover for me now…? ;D

last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was hit with the most awesome epic crossover idea:

What if: Veronica Mars, Agent of SHIELD.

What if the reason she comes back to Neptune is not law school/Piz/whatever in the movie, but that SHIELD is exposed as HYDRA? And Veronica is furious and betrayed! For once she thought she was serving something that, while not an unalloyed good, was more good than bad, but no, once again, she discovers that the powerful are always looking for ways to grind the powerless down under their heels.

So she goes back to Neptune and puts all those SHIELD-trained fighting skills and Neptune-honed investigative skills towards being a PI, but also on the side with sifting through the leaked SHIELD files and tracking down HYDRA.

And what if the rumor of a tiny blonde ball of righteous fury reaches the Winter Soldier, who is absolutely confused and bewildered when he meets Veronica because 1. not his tiny blond ball of fury (whom he now remembers is a large blond ball of righteous fury), and 2. what the fuck, how is this sleepy beach town a HYDRA cell?

And then three, just for shits and giggles, what if 3. Keith Mars comes home and discovers that American icon Bucky Barnes is 1a. the Winter Soldier, and 2a. sitting in his kitchen plotting glorious revenge with his daughter?

What then, I ask you? WHAT THEN?


I’m going to post the few GF and OTGW stuff I’ve had sitting around on my laptop for the past year and a half now, in small bunches. I was gonna wait for these ones cuz there’s one more I wanted to finish, but the lineart will be posted with other ones later. (These are all post-NWHS but pre-ATOTS). CfH if I ever add to it, will have adjustments to work with the GF show. Also look out for old animatics of CfH to come soon ;)
Kill Bill AU The Fanmix
Speak softly and carry a big sword. Contains Danger Mouse, The Black Keys, and Fever Ray.

Sixteen songs for when your fiancee gets possessed by the inter-dimensional demon you used to work for, tries to kill you at your wedding, and you wake up from a coma four years later hell bent on exacting some bloody revenge. Rick Sanchez is going to Kill Bill and this is the soundtrack he’s gonna do it to.

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[Eris Morn] I do not understand. Why must I change my identity?

[Cayde-6] Will you - look, it’s not that complicated. There are twenty-one heroes, you just pick one. It’s a game, Eris. A game.

[Lord Shaxx] Combat is never a game, Cayde.

[Cayde-6] Roll with me, Shaxx. Here’s an example: let’s say I pick McCree, who’s the best and coolest character and is almost as roguish and charming as yours truly, it means I get to shoot people with my hand cannon like this - or stun them like this, and then shoot them - or do this little jig, which is kinda like a shadestep. See? Every hero has different abilities.

[Eris Morn] That is…poetic. But I believe I understand: each of these actions has meaning; has a purpose. I find this compelling. I imagine that there is some…tactical utility to each of these abilities? Similar to the way in which the Traveler bestows its gifts to the Guardians?

[Cayde-6]  Exactly.

[Eris Morn] Interesting. What can the other heroes achieve?

[Cayde-6] Well, it depends. This guy, he’s got a bow and arrow. This one flies and shoots rockets - Petra likes her. And this girl builds walls - 

[Lord Shaxx] Wait. 


[Lord Shaxx] Did you say…build walls?

[Cayde-6] Yeah. She’s a defensive character; focuses on protecting the team.



[Cayde-6] Shaxx? You okay?

[Lord Shaxx] I simply - I simply believe that I have, at last, found a peer. 

[Cayde-6] Uh, right. Eris, anything catch your fancy?

[Eris Morn] I am drawn to this one. She is small, but I sense that she is possessed of great resolve. And I like her headgear. It resembles…

[Eris Morn] Hm.



[Cayde-6] Bunny ears.


[Eris Morn] On second thought, I choose this one. The sniper. Yes - I meant to pick her all along. 

[Cayde-6] This whole time it was bunnies?

[Eris Morn] I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Rumlow said ‘Bucky’ and…all of a sudden I was a 16 year old kid again in Brooklyn.
—  steve admitting that seeing bucky makes him fall apart & forget where he is & what he’s supposed to be doing. bucky is and always has been his pressure point & I swear it sounds like a line straight out of stucky fic