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I never liked the idea of Will’s dad being a jerk, (like he is in ALL fics) I always thought he was just a guy that didn’t know how to express his love for his son in more open ways, after all Will never talked in a bad way about him, and even some of the things he loves are things his dad taught him.

I ended up joking over twitter that his dad was Ron bc they share many hobbies and the way they live, and well a joke led up to this…(Hannigram are still on the run tho  but Ron doesn’t watch tv and lives in the middle of nowhere so he doesn’t know/care his son-in-law is a serial killer) 

Hannibal will never let Will live down that his dad accepted him officially, Will regrets it so much

Bonus (how do you know what human meat tastes like wtf?!?!)




ok but crack!headcannon sjmaas concept...rowaelin!sonxfeysand!daughter, part 1

PART 1.5  PART 2

-so this takes place like 50 years after acowar, and like 100 years after tog6, when everyone’s happy and safe

-so rowaelin!son is the youngest, with two older sisters, and is the only one that looks just like Rowan, minus the eyes which are aelin’s

-he’s a young warrior, praised by aedion, all of the cadre, has tattoos and all, but to Aelin he’s always her baby boy

-while feysand!daughter is an only child for now, she has feryre’s hair, face, and all her powers, but everything else is rhysand, attitude, cockiness, eyes and wings

-rhys is insanely protective of his little girl, so you can imagine when she’s 17 and she, goes to nightcourt alone, without permission, she’s promptly sent to the cabin for a week as a punishment

-so rowaelin!son, 18, goes to help his sisters transport Auntie Manon’s witch mirror, from the waste lands to Adarlan, and of course the three argue about how to get it there, one thing leads to another, and he falls in

-two days into her stay, feysand!daughter hears a crash outside, and she’s shocked to see it’s a very handsome, very unconscious fae boy

-she immediately, thinks he’s from summer court, with the white hair and all, but his attire is way off, and she’s never seen the type of writing that make up his tattoos before

-despite her instincts, she can’t bring herself to leave him outside alone, so she  brings him back to the cabin

-he doesn’t move for a whole day, she has him tucked away in a guest room with a dozen blankets

- she plans to ignore him, but she’s dying to get a better look at his tattoos maybe for a painting, and her curiosity gets the better of her so she pulls up his sleeve

-aaaaand, sure as wyrd wakes him up

So. I am complete and utter trash. This was inspired by this post by @ask-gerfra

(I hope you enjoy– Ladybug!Ludwig and ChatNoir!Francis)

“How does one romance another?” Francis bemoaned, slouching at his table in dismay.

Antonio laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “It is a surprise that you are asking me this, Francis. You are the most wanted boy in Paris.”

“I don’t want to woo a fan!” Francis exclaimed. “This is serious! I want to flirt and be flirted with!”

“Ooh, what’s this I hear about flirting?” Gilbert slid into his seat with a mischievous expression. “Don’t tell me the most chaste boy in school wants some?”

Francis shot him a look and Antonio once again, bless his soul, did not read the atmosphere. “Francis wants to woo someone!”

“Who? Who? Oh wait, wait, let me guess…” Gilbert hummed to himself and pressed on his temples dramatically for a few seconds. Francis raised his eyebrow, utterly unamused. “Is it… nope, lost it.”

Antonio, who was enraptured with Gilbert’s display, deflated slightly at the lack of result. “Well, Francis, who is it?”

Francis bit back a beam and settled for a small smile as he thought about his love. He was stoic and strong and ever so loyal. He had certain smiles and a certain roll of the eyes saved just for Francis (or so he liked to think). And while he often dismissed Francis’s copious flirting, Francis could tell that his love’s stone wall was slowly crumbling.

“Whoever it is, they’re one lucky bastard,” Gilbert said brashly, starting to laugh.

“Don’t swear so loudly.” Ludwig slipped into his seat quietly, taking his folders out for history. “It’s-” he suddenly cut off and slammed his mouth shut, opting for silence.

Francis mentally shrugged; this was just another of his sort-of friend’s quirks. He had come to accept it. They weren’t super close, anyhow. He only knew Ludwig from that first day (however dramatic it was) and through Gilbert and Antonio.

“C'mon Francis, you gotta tell!” Gilbert prodded, leaning forwards on his table to get his face closer to Francis’s. “Don’t leave us hanging!”

“You all would laugh at me,” Francis said stubbornly, avoiding Gilbert’s gaze. His eyes settled on his ribbon bracelet and he fiddled with his absentmindedly.

“We would not laugh! Right, Gilbert, Ludwig?” Antonio protested, railing for their support.

“‘Course not!” Gilbert’s mirthful eyes said the opposite of his words and Francis kept his mouth shut, even pretending to zip it shut. “I am under oath!”

“Forgive me if I do not believe you, Gilbert,” Francis added.

“Aw, Francis! I’m trustworthy!” Gilbert said, affronted. “Right, Luddy? Totally trustworthy!”

“It’s Ludwig, and… and sure, Gilbert…” Ludwig murmured softly, reaching into his bag to grab a pencil and pen. Once he had the writing tools he flipped them through his fingers methodically, as if trying to distract himself or give himself something to do.

“Please, Francis?” Antonio stretched the words out and gave him a pleading look. And while Antonio may be oblivious to his naturally adorable nature, neither Francis nor Gilbert were.

Gilbert shot Francis a look that very clearly said, 'are you really going to turn him down?’. Francis sighed and conceded.

“Fine… I think I… have a very serious crush on… Ladybug.” Francis’s voice trailed off into a whisper by the end of his sentence and his friends stared at him in the growing silence. Ludwig’s face turned a little pink, Francis wondered if he was coming down with something.

“Dude…” Gilbert took a deep breath. “Everyone has a crush on Ladybug.” Ludwig’s face grew a little darker and Francis considered asking if he was okay.

“But I don’t think this is just… a 'crush’,” he said, making air quotes.

“You love him?” Antonio questioned. “Like, full-on, initials-in-hearts love?”

Gilbert groaned. “Toni, that’s the sign of a crush, not love.”

“Oh, really?” Antonio looked genuinely confused for a few moments. “I thought that was true love, like how Bella says in all of her movies she watches.”

“Toni, you can’t base you knowledge on love off of your little sister’s disney movies…”

And just like that, the topic moved off of Francis’s love life– or lack thereof. He joined the conversation at appropriate times and forgot about asking Ludwig if he was feeling alright, since Francis was certain that he wasn’t supposed to look that red naturally.

“Chat Noir, keep up! You said you wanted to patrol together tonight, are you backing out?” Ladybug called out behind himself, slightly irritated with his partner. Ladybug had homework and a test to study for, and if the patrol took too long then he would be up into the wee hours of the morning.

“I would never back out of a once in a lifetime experience!” Chat Noir stated fervently but with an air of theatrics.

“Chat, we are partners. And, as the word dictates, we work together all of the time. This is not once in a lifetime.” Ladybug chastised without missing a beat.

Chat Noir smiled to himself and ran across a rooftop to catch up with his partner. While Ladybug sounded more scolding than anything, Chat could sense the teasing lilt in his voice.

Also, Chat Noir was not behind Ladybug because he was slow (though he had no comment on whether or not he would win a race). The reason he had opted to drag slightly was because Ladybug looked so unbelievably good when he was, well, patrolling. Jumping, running, being all-around amazing– all part of the job for Ladybug.

Chat Noir was so in love.

“Ladybug, I must tell you something!” Chat Noir said suddenly, stopping on a particularly flat roof and leaning on his baton. He had made sure to catch up to Ladybug so he would not have to double back too much.

Ladybug stopped and turned his head, not willing to walk over quite yet. “Yes?”

“It’s very important to me!” Chat Noir added, a smirk landing on his face. He absentmindedly flicked some of his hair out of his face. When he transformed his hair became even longer than it was normally and occasionally, his luscious locks got in the way of fighting.

“Okay…” Ladybug obviously still doubted him yet he walked over to where Chat Noir was standing. “Chat, if this is another joke–”

“Erm…” Chat Noir stopped. He tried to think of another excuse, frantically, as he did not want to make Ladybug angry.

“Well… it’s okay to take breaks every once in a while,” Ladybug conceded, a genuine, tiny smile on his face. Chat Noir lit up and beamed a cheshire grin.

“What’s a cat’s way of keeping law and order?” Chat asked, eyes full of mirth and tail flicking playfully.

“I don’t know, Chat, do tell,” Ladybug said easily. Ladybug was so often stressed and uptight that Chat Noir was delighted that Ladybug felt comfortable enough to be at ease with him.

“Claw enforcement!” Chat Noir snickered and leaned on his baton.

Ladybug groaned in good nature, rolling his eyes.

“Aw, you have to admit that was a good one,” Chat teased. Ladybug started walking away and Chat chased after him. “Okay, I got a better one. What kind of cat will keep your grass short?”

“I’m sure it’s very important to saving Paris.” Ladybug said in an almost snarky tone of voice.

“A lawn meower- hey, my jokes are imperative to saving Paris.” Chat Noir protested in faux offence.

Ladybug made one of his famous noncommittal noises, “Mmhmm…”

Chat thought for a moment. “Here’s a favorite: what’s a cat’s favorite color?”

Ladybug stopped near a chimney. “Let me guess… purr-ple?”

“Yes! Ladybug, you’re getting good at cat jokes.” Chat Noir praised, his genuine excitement for this development showing through his words.

Ladybug let out a small laugh; Chat beamed. “I’m not sure that is a good thing, Chat. Besides,” he added, readying his yo-yo to throw. “You’re quite the… clawful.”

Chat Noir’s jaw dropped and he stared, dumbfounded, as Ladybug twisted and jumped away after dropping that pun. Chat stood there for another solid ten seconds, reviewing that moment dozens of times over in his head.

He sighed. Chat Noir knew, especially now, that he was in way too deep.

“What?! No! This is the Mindscape!”
“Kid I don’t even know what the Mindscape is…”

Phanniemay Calender

Alternate Universe
Girl Power
Under Appreciated


P&P vs HP

Rather than doing any writing this weekend my brain has been humming over a dream I had about a Pride & Prejudice and Harry Potter crossover crackfic [that I will never write]. With Hermione as Elizabeth, Sirius as Darcy and Riddle as ‘I’m here to fuck everything up’ Wickham.

Tom (Wickham): Did you know Miss Granger, that Mr. Black didn’t turn up and join my… *intense coughing* political group like he promised, I ended up losing a lot of money and a great deal of pride over the matter.

Hermione (Elizabeth): Oh how awful [puts a hand on Mr. Riddle’s arm] I’m not surprised, though, he’s been a total wanker since he got here.

Lavender (Lydia): [looking at an unknown man that has unwittingly crossed her path] Well where’s his black robe? I don’t care three straws for a man without one.

Parvati (Kitty): *incoherent squealing*

Lavender (Lydia): I mean he hasn’t even got a shiny silver mask, it’s like he’s not trying.

James (Bingley): [seeing Lily (Jane) for the first time at the Hogsmeade assembly ball] I’m going to marry her, now, like right now, do you think the churches are still open?

Sirius (Darcy): *Disdainful pureblood scowl TM*

James (Bingley): I’m going to buy her a pony, girls like ponies, or a boat… or a house. Maybe all of it, maybe a house for the horses that I will buy and one for the boat. 

Sirius (Darcy): *facepalm*

Hermione (Elizabeth): [In conversation with Luna (Charlotte)] Mr. Black does look over here often I wonder what he can mean by it?

Sirius (Darcy): *intense eye fucking*

Cormac (Mr. Colins): I really think your refusal comes too quickly Hermione.

Hermione (Elizabeth): I assure you Mr. Mclaggen I am earnest in my response.

Cormac (Mr. Colins): More fool you, do you have any idea what I’ve got going on underneath this outfit?

Hermione (Elizabeth): 

Cormac (Mr. Colins): Dick for days, Miss. Granger. Dick. For. Days.

Molly (Mrs. Bennet): Are you insane for rejecting Mr. Mclaggen Hermione? No easter eggs for you.

Sirius (Darcy): So in summary, despite me finding your whole family entirely repellant to my surprise your bookish personality and need to speak every thought that passes through your mind totally without filter is strangely endearing. Will you do me the honour of becoming the next Mrs. Black?

Hermione (Elizabeth): *Incoherent rageful screaming*

Sirius (Darcy): Really? You’re not jumping at this?

Hermione (Elizabeth): *Something about house elves*

[Sirius, enraged walks to the door before pausing for a moment looking back over his shoulder]

Sirius (Darcy): I got the fancy thing right though yeah? Like that would be a bit of a blow.

Hermione (Elizabeth): *slightly flushed* oh yeah, I mean, your a total arse but beautiful in an otherworldly way that will make me start hating myself in about three weeks.

Regulus (Georgiana): Why am I in a dress?

> @laisvega (I hope I haven’t ruined P&P for you)
> @kreeblimsabs (I hope this makes you smile)

Okay, but Martin absolutely learned about Dante’s death during the crossover and there was hugging and “Oh, my dear boy, I’m so terribly sorry” and Martin sat and listened while Cisco told him all about Dante because they’d never met and maybe they end up talking about Ronnie too, and basically Cisco finally gets emotional support from someone with no agenda and who wants nothing more than to be there for him.

Prompt idea I’ll never write #5

A SuperCat fic loosely based on the movie The parent trap.

Nick would be Kara Danvers  

Elizabeth would be Cat Grant

Chessy would be Alex Danvers

Martin would be Lucy Lane 

Cruella Meredith would be Siobhan Smythe 

And the twins would be boys : Carter Grant & Clark Danvers 

The (bad) edit is all mine

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Never have I ever: write a crossover of Voltron with another serie? Or like, an AU of Voltron (where there is not voltron as a weapon of 5 flying lions) :)))

fic author Never Have I Ever


I thrive on crossovers, though I’ll admit that most of my AUs are partial AUs (e.g. JALD, where Lance is an incubus but everything else is the same). So far, I’ve got one straight crossover and a few fics that are just the Voltron crew geeking out over a fandom of choice. I do have some more crossovers planned (am working on one right now, in fact), but for now…

Crossovers of some sort:

Ninjas and Aliens: a Voltron/Naruto crossover. I have a plot planned, but it’s 90% bullshit and a lot of it falls into my “Oh no, not this asshole again, can’t wait to see what they do next” sweet spot. This is because Team Taka are major players, and they’re all some degree of asshole.

I Say Vol, You Say… Sanders Sides?: Keith has never seen a Sanders Sides video. Lance is horrified, and then promptly assigns everyone a Side.

Do You Wanna Build a Voltron?: Lance gets ice powers because Blue thinks humans are too squishy.

When Aliens Sing For You: Everyone geeks out over Hamilton.

Full-on AUs:

The Hat: Modern AU Klance. It’s very silly.

Partial AUs (because this is my sweet spot):

Son of the (Very Alien) Sea: Lance is from the Mermaid Planet instead of Earth.

Just a Little Death: 217k incubus!Lance fic that I wrote because I needed worldbuilding instead of smut, dammit. They’re still fighting aliens in space with Voltron, but Lance needs blood to survive and sex to thrive.

Turn Back the Clock: Angsty time-travel AU featuring Lance (I know, I know, I focus on him a lot; he’s just really malleable and easy to write).

That’s, Like, Sixteen Walls: Lance can break the fourth wall. It’s… not good for his reputation or mental state.

All my other fics are close enough to canon to not be AUs, even partially.

10 facts about me

I got tagged by @foresthuntermajrach. Thanks, dear. ^^

  • I’m currently planning a large crossover AU that I’ll probably never write about.
  • My Candy Love is my current muse.
  • I can draw a little.
  • When I was a kid, I ate nail polish and got such a bad allergic reaction I had to go to hospital.
  • I play overwatch religiously.
  • Cooking is a specialty of mine.
  • Panic attacks and immediate regret are common occurrences for me.
  • I’m lazy.
  • I have an orange belt in karate.
  • I’m a pathological exaggerator.

Hm, I guess I’ll tag @dragongirl98765, @barbecuedphoenix and @eldaryastuffs. (Ignore if you don’t want to!)

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Whats your favorite food and whats the least dream u had or remember having

Favorite food will be …. pasta in general, macaroni, lasanga, you can go on.

Last dream I can remember was yesterday because I had so much inspiration about a fic with a GoT and vikings crossover. I never dream about stuff I write so this was a first. Included Dany her dragons fighting the ice dragon and then Ivar on a dragon … maybe I just need to go to a mental hospital … right?

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Now, thanks to this post (x), all I keep thinking about is Oliver trying to keep a bunch of hapless civilians alive during a zombie apocalypse, including Mindy Lahiri. 

I imagine it would be a lot of this:

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Surprising Allies

So the synopsis for TO 2x21 makes it sound like Klaus will have woken up from being daggered and be out for revenge.  Caroline is gone for TVD 6x20, dealing with her grief and guilt over flipping the switch.  What if these writers were to actually use this fact for a crossover?  The writers will never give that to us, so I decided to write a quick version of a “could-have-been.”

No one ever pays attention to the pretty blonde in the background.  

               Caroline uses that to her advantage, but it doesn’t stop her from feeling rather insulted.  Not necessarily because she thinks Elijah and Rebekah and their bad of merry misfits should view her as a threat – she doesn’t – but more because they both know her, and shouldn’t they be at least a little  bit curious as to why she’s miles from home across several state lines?

               But they don’t notice her, and instead she finds out that Klaus is hidden away in the Bayou, well and firmly put down by a little witch and protected by a handful of werewolves.

               It’s a calculated risk she takes, going out there to find him.  But if the werewolves manage to get in a bite… well, they’ll either kill her, or she’ll kill them and get to the cure.  Besides, it’s not like she’s never taken on a werewolf before, and it turns out to be remarkably easy.

               A few snapped necks and a bit of guilt… but what’s a little more guilt when she’s already swamped with it?  Besides, those wolves would have killed her without a second thought, so turnaround is fair play or whatever.

               And now she’s caught in a moral quandary.  She fled Mystic Falls and Stefan and the reminder that both held of what she did without her humanity, and came to New Orleans for a very specific reason.  People who do terrible things are just terrible people… well, she’s done terrible things.  Now she’s not sure how to come back from that.  But he would be.  Klaus.  Klaus who was put down by his own siblings for reasons Caroline isn’t entirely sure of, and she doesn’t know if it’s because he really needed to be put down, or if it’s just more Mikaelson family drama.  Maybe he stole one of Elijah’s suits and spilled on it or something.

               They’re the Mikaelsons – it’s possible.

               Her hand hovers over the dagger, and does she really want to do this?  Will he go on the warpath and just put the blood of more innocents on her fingers?

               Sometimes, the guilt is so overwhelming she wants to fall to her knees, and she’s been playing with that switch again, even though she knows now that nothing good can come from it.  But anything would be more bearable than the guilt, and Caroline hadn’t understood the extremes of vampire emotions, not until now.  Not until she thinks of every victim she claimed, their faces painted on her eyelids when she closes her eyes.

               Her hand tightens around the dagger and she pulls it out with a quick yank.  It’s done. She’s made her decision.

               God, she hopes she didn’t make yet another monumental escape.  They’re piling up against her now.

               Giving her mother blood, Stefan, turning off her humanity, Stefan, bringing out the Ripper, Stefan… God, how pathetic is it that a boy is her biggest mistake when she’s derailed her life?  But he is and just thinking of him makes her want to throw up.

               They had slept together.  

               She tries not to think about it, and wishes that Klaus would hurry up and wake up.  And isn’t it sad, that on her new list of mistakes, he doesn’t even crack top ten? When did that happen?

               There’s a groan and he’s sitting up, and Caroline flashes to his side with a blood bag.

               “Easy,” she says, supporting his body as he tears into the bag.  “Take a moment, catch your bearings.”

               “Caroline?” he asks, looking at her with dazed eyes for a moment.  But this is Klaus, and after a thousand years dazed doesn’t last long.  His eyes sharpen and darken and his fangs drop, anger written across his face.  “Elijah. I’ll tear that traitorous brother of mine to pieces.”

               “I didn’t pull the dagger out so you could pursue a vendetta,” she says, her voice sharp, and he pauses at the exit to the sad little shack where he had been stashed.

               “The dagger,” he says, spinning back to her.  “Where is it?”

               “Sit down and I’ll tell you,” she replies coolly. “I’m need of your assistance.”

               “Oh?  Werewolf bite again?”

               “I turned off my humanity, actually.  And now that it’s back on, I’m not quite sure how to live with myself.”

               It’s clear he’s at war with himself.  That the part of him that’s kept him alive for a thousand years demands he take out the threat his siblings have become.  But there’s another part of him, the one only Caroline ever got to see, that cares about her more than it does vengeance, and that part is what pulls him back and has him sitting down.

               “I’m not the type to teach morality, Caroline. I’ve done horribly monstrous things, and I’ve felt no guilt over any of them” – he pauses and looks at her, she sees his throat bob in a gulp and his eyes flash to her stomach, where he had once skewered her, then to her neck, where he’d bitten her, and had Tyler bite her. She wonders if he’s thinking of that too, or if it’s just fanciful thinking on her part -
“Rarely have I felt guilt over them.”

               “How?” she asks, reaching out and grabbing his hand. Then she recoils as though burned, because the contact had shocked her – heat and electricity – and she doesn’t know if it was real, or if there’s still something there between them.  She doesn’t want to think about that.  She can’t handle guilt and… things she might have almost felt for him.  His fingers flex, and he looks as though he wants to reach out and touch her in return, but he manages to refrain.  “How do you live with it?”

               He looks at her, his gaze contemplative.

               “Time,” he says at last, and Caroline nearly snarls, because what the hell kind of answer is that?  “Snarl all you want, but that won’t change the truth, Caroline. In time, death will no longer both you. With more time, causing death will cease to bother you as well.  Eventually, all that will be left is the monster.  And that’s how you will live for centuries… until one day, if you’re lucky, a baby vampire with sunshine in her hair will remind you that there’s more to life than that.”

               Caroline gulps when he reaches out to touch her hair, his fingertips grazing against her ear.  That’s too much like a confession for her.  And too much emotion…

               She’s just barely holding on.

               “Not so much sunshine anymore,” she whispers, a tear falling down her cheek and he wipes it away.

               “You will always be sunshine, Caroline. Perhaps a little burnished, but it’s still there.  I still see it.  I think even when you’ve lived those centuries, it will never quite go away.  That you will never quite be lost to the monster entirely.”

               “I wish you were right,” she says shaking her head. He smiles and presses a kiss to her forehead.

               “I am.  And someday you’ll see that.  That you can feel your guilt?  It shows that you still have that light.  And that’s why you must go now.  Because this place is filled with horrible things that you don’t want, not right now.”

               “Dahlia,” Caroline says and Klaus’ gaze sharpens on her.

               “How do you know that name?”

               “I can listen as well as anyone.  Who is she?”

               Klaus looks at her with a considering gaze.

               “A very powerful witch,” he replies at last.  “And one that I may need the help of to put my sister Freya down.”

               The new sister that had been with Elijah and Rebekah… and Caroline isn’t going to touch that.  She bites her lip, because what she says next could possibly be viewed as a betrayal of sorts, considering all the things Klaus did to her friends.

               But he also helped her, at least a little bit.  Because even though she feels hopeless still, it helps to know that she has one person left in her corner at least.  

               “I know this coven.  Getting them to help you… it won’t be easy.  But if you can, then you won’t need Dahlia.  You can get rid of both of them,” she scrawls out the contact for the Gemini coven and then hesitantly hands it over.  “You didn’t get that from me.”

               Klaus looks at the information, then back at her.

               “Why?” he asks simply.

               “Because” – she shrugs –“I needed to hear that. That someone still saw some good in me. Because I can’t.  So this is my thanks.”

               She gets to her feet and makes to flash away, when Klaus’ voice halts her.

               “The dagger, Caroline?” he asks, and she turns back to him with a sad smile.

               “You said you still see the light in me… well, despite everything I know there’s some good in you.  So consider this my second parting gift.  No one will ever know where that dagger is but me, because you Mikaelsons, you need to learn that family means not putting each other down. Consider this the first lesson.”                

               And then she flashes away.