crossovers are my secret favorite

Hear Me Out...

Victuuri Kingsman AU!


  • Viktor as a Russian Kingsman agent wearing handsome af suits literally all the time (except for when he’s wearing robes)
  • Yuuri with his heart of gold who was appointed by Viktor doubting his own abilities yet wanting to make Viktor proud at all costs
  • The skaters as recruits, their coaches as agents who appointed them
  • Yurio almost screwing up stealth missions because of his impulsiveness
  • Viktor, seeing so much potential in the young man, personally fetching Yuuri from his home to come train with him in a fancy Kingsman estate somewhere near St. Petersburg
  • Makkachin getting spoiled by Viktor 24/7
  • honey pot missions in which the candidates have to show their TRUE EROS to win over the target and Viktor getting jealous at everyone who attempts to flirt with Yuuri at the club
  • Viktor constantly invading Yuuri’s personal space, teasing him with innuendos like “popping one’s cherry“ and making sure Yuuri gets a bespoke suit with no less than excellent fit tailored for him
  • Phichit nearly blowing their cover because he simply cannot refrain from posting compromising pictures of everyone on social media and therefore risking his phone to be forcibly confiscated
  • The recruits have to choose a puppy and, of course, Yuuri picks the poodle because it looks just like Viktor’s dog (he secretly names him Vicchan…)
  • Viktor letting his guard down and bringing Yuuri to his home during the 24h time-off, teaching him how to become a true gentleman and also about the benefits of luxurious af chapstick™ among other things
  • after getting hurt badly at a mission, Viktor needs to recover in the medical wing where an anxious Yuuri comes to visit him everyday to check up on him
  • Subtle gadgets, bespoke suits and witty, eloquent, handsome men in said suits
  • also general BADASSery 
  • PUPPiEs