When batarangs flew from Chat’s direction, it’s kinda hard for Ladybug to discern.

All I need now is to draw Damian getting his butt kicked by Adrien with fencing bc poor child probably is too violent for this sophisticated swordplay.

Anyone here going to Anime California? I’ll be at the artist alley.

Speed draw - Collab FireFlySummer
Check out FireFlySummer's part: http://fireflysummers.tumblr.com/post/149433812476/my-half-of-the-collaboration-with-the-brilliant Check out YAM's part: http...

Collab done with the amazing @fireflysummers!!

Check out her part here!/ Speed draw!Deviantart! 

Oh la la thank you again so much Fire! She did the sketch and I did the render!

as both zelda and osomatsu-san trash this was bound to happen and i’m not sorry ohmygod i call it “the legend of nya-chan”! 

follow the adventures of hero choromatsu and his sparkly fairy companion karamatsu in their never ending quest to save princess nya-chan!


 with also the help of ichimatsu the creepy merchant!

(aka choro as link, kara as navi and ichi as ravio)


Dimension Dorks

i liked my last crossover pic more… Ford and Star both look kinda derpy, but I was working already way to long  on this and just wanted to finish it….. well i did… yeah… (i really like dipper and morty though… and the trees in the background xD)

Star’s saying something like: before he got damaged my wand made those HUUUUGE explosions!
i didn’t thought of things the others would say… just be creative xD

I drew this awhile ago, but because of this blog I decided to clean it up a little.

From what I understand you do mostly Sans, but I thought this might interest you as well. XD


I love this holy crap sonic is my b OY! Ahhh this is really cute! Thanks so much for showing me this he’s precious hhhG.