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Seattle Pride was amazing this year! I carried the flag in the parade again and actually ran into quite a few followers who recognized me since I wore my jacket (y'all made me feel like a celebrity!)

I’m so happy to live in this city. Even during the darkest times we never stop expressing ourselves through art, marching and protesting, or building community. Happy pride, Seattle 🌈

Les Amis and co as things me or my friends have done

Jehan: wrote out a huge quote 6 times in different metallic pen colours so that they’d remember it and get better at writing cursive at the same time

Bahorel: someone made a siren noise in his ear so he instinctively elbowed them, turned out to be a 12 year old so they brought him lunch

Marius: walked past someone with freckles and dimples and cried bc “they looked like such a kind person”

Grantaire: keeps making self depreciating jokes and then doing finger guns

Joly: got sent to hospital after having three panic attacks and eventually passing out in the doctors bathroom and it turned out just to be a stomach bug

Musichetta: brings tea in every morning, its always in a different flask. How many flasks does she have.

Courfeyrac: climbed out of a window to get ice-cream from the freezer. Realised the door was unlocked that whole time.

Combeferre: does homework on the shed roof so they can look at the stars at the same time

Bossuet:trips over the second stair on the way to the library every time and laughs about it afterwards

Feuilly: taking English and maths exams two years early and has a part time job, still has time and energy for social life

Enjolras: got told “either throw that coffee away or burn your throat trying to drink it before the bell” chose the latter and couldn’t taste anything for the rest of the day

Les Misérables - Inspector Javert
⭐ “This man was composed of two very simple and two very good sentiments, comparatively; but he rendered them almost bad, by dint of exaggerating them—respect for authority, hatred of rebellion; and in his eyes, murder, robbery, all crimes, are only forms of rebellion.”

Named Women in Les Mis Pt. 3: Paris 1828-1832

Just  a list of *named* women who (first) appear here in the book (and not counting historical figures). I’ve tried to remember everyone; if anyone spots any I’ve missed , let me know!
Part 1
Part 2

The Gillenormands and Co.: 
Mlle. Gillenormand
Mlle. Vaubois (Mlle. G’s friend from church) 
Mme. Pontmercy 
Mme. de T (runs the Royalist salon that Gillenormand attends) 

The Café Musain


Paris generally: 
Mlle. Magnon (who raises the momes)
Mamselle Miss (Magnon’s partner, and also partner in crime)
Mother Plutarch
Mme. Bougon (Landlady of the Gorbeau house while Marius lives there) 
Mother Veuvain (Courfeyrac’s concierge)

The Corinth/e Staff:
Matelotte & Gibelotte (aka Chowder and Fricassee) 
Mme. Houcheloup

Named Women in Les Mis, Pt 1: From Digne to M-sur-M

With a wlw in Les Mis week coming up , I thought this might be useful? Just what it says– this is just a list of women with names in Les Mis, roughly broken down into what part of the story they appear in. I’ve tried to remember everyone; if anyone spots any I’ve missed , let me know!

Part 2: Petit Picpus 
Part 3: Paris 1828-1832

Countess/Madame Lô, a cousin/relative of Baptistine, whose sons have many Expectations
Madame de Viscontesse de Boischevron (Baptistine’s childhood friend and pen pal)
Sylvanie (Mme. etc Boischevron’s …daughter? Niece?) 
Madame la Marquise de R— (who tells Valjean to go to the Bishop for help)
Mother Gerbaud (the poor parishioner who visits while Valjean is eating dinner w/the Bishop)

Jeanne (Jean Valjean’s sister, only in his flashback) 

Paris 1817

Mme. Thenardier 
Mme. Victurnien
Sister Simplice 
Sister Perpetue

Named Women in Les Mis Pt 2: The Convent of Petit-Picpus

Like Part One, just  a list of *named* women in the book (and not counting historical figures).  This is definitely the part of the book with the most female characters, even if most only get a line or two!

Mothers of the Convent

Mother Innocent/Mlle. de Blemeur-the head of the convent when Valjean arrives, who helps arrange the smuggling-out of the coffin (though not knowing about JVJ being in it!)
Mother Cineres
Mother St. Honorine
St. Ange 
St Augustine
De Mechthilde
Des- Anges 
St. Fuentes
St Chantal
Mother Ascension 
Mother Assumption
Mother Crucifixion (the nun who gets buried in the convent)


Students and Visitors
Mlle.  Bouchard (the student who asks for time off, and gets it )
Mme. Albertine (not a nun, living in the convent following some scandal)
Mme. de Beaufort d'Hautpole 
Mme de la Marquise Dufresnes
Racketini, a loud nose-blower 
Mme. de Genlis, who wrote novels and played the harp, and didn’t stay long
Holy Mother Bazile
Holy Mother Scholastique
Mother Jacob

@thegoodlesmisurlsaretaken combeferre making fun pancakes for courfeyrac. he surprises courf with strawberry pancakes, pancakes infused with sprinkles, and the best™ nutella pancakes known to man. it’s a sunday ritual between the two of them. on another note, a saturday ritual is courfeyrac making up bacon for the two of them, because he’s weirdly good at it. if you need someone to make bacon, call courfeyrac.

You are not a fake fan if you only like the movies

You are not a fake fan if you only like the books

You are not a fake fan if you only like the TV show

You are not a fake fan if you don’t want to rewatch

You are not a fake fan if you don’t want to reread

You are not a fake fan if you are not active in the fandom

You are not a fake fan if you don’t buy merch

You are not a fake fan if you don’t go to cons

You are not a fake fan if you dislike the actors/authors

You are not a fake fan if you skip episodes

You are not a fake fan if you skip chapters

You are not a fake fan if you don’t ship the main ship

You are not a fake fan if you dislike the characters

You are not a fake fan if you only watch/read to get a taste of LGBT+ representation

The only thing that makes you a ‘fake fan’ is if you pretend to like something for someone else’s benefit