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So, I'm feeling nostalgic today, so how's about that Yue from Sakura Card Captor, trying to woo Kagome, but isn't really succeeding? Bonus: Kerbeus is trying to help but. . . Have fun~

This was a challenge, because even though I love Yue…I fail at writing his character T^T

“Why don’t you just be yourself?”

The cliche line had the celestial guardian narrow his eyes at the beast in his full form. Waiting for the miko and their cardcaptor to come out her former’s house, Yue made a note about women taking too long when they promised they would be out in a minute.

“You tried everything?” Kero spoke from below as he laid under the Sacred Tree. “You sure? I think you are too serious around her.” If it were not for all the soap operas he had seen in Sakura’s room, he would have been oblivious to Yue’s feelings towards the miko. It was clear as day to him now. But sometimes he wanted to growl when Yue and Kagome would only stand next to each other and not talk. Nothing. “Why not try to smile-?”

“Didn’t Clow Reed-sama tell you not to be meddling in other people’s lives, Keroberos?” Yue questioned as he stood on one of the tree branches. Ignoring Keroberos’s eyes rolling at his statement, his focus returned to the said priestess showing Sakura the Shikon no Tama. A jewel that had been dried up of its power and now displayed a black gloss. Despite the color, the jewel still held a corrupted beauty that reminded those of the feudal era of the chaos it ensued.

Her courage, and her ability to remain positive to end the destruction and heart break of many in the past gained his respect, but her ‘normal’ modern personality had also captivated him. She was smart, but clumsy at times that allowed him to catch her in his arms. She was brave, but when it came to insects, he was surprised by the jumps she made.

She was a legendary warrior, but still held her quirks that made her a normal human being.

And now, as a volunteer to teach Sakura about auras and reading her own magic, it had given Yue time to find out more about her.

A couple of times he had walked her home, but it was nothing but silent. It was not uncomfortable, but he had wished for her to speak more about herself. At times, they were left alone in the kitchen of Sakura’s home or the living room, and the miko would start the conversation. It was not that he did not want to talk, but he enjoyed listening to her stories and the things she had to say.

“Maybe it’s the scowl you always have on.” Keroberos added.

“What’s wrong with my face?” Yue’s brow rose with crossed arms.

“Nothing, really,” he shrugged back, “I mean, you have a pretty face, but it’s not really a face that says ‘come and talk to me’, you know?”

Yue could only scoff back. This was him. His eyes lifted back to the miko’s window, watching Sakura run out of the room with a huge smile while Kagome cleaned up the stuff she had taken out. It was time to resume their mission to find the demons who were using the Clow Cards. Before he flew down, he caught the miko turning to him and giving him a small wave.

The only difficult part of this was to find a way to show her his feelings in a clearer way.

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I loved those Kurama headcannons you did, I'd love to see more! Thanks!

It’s quite hard to do more general headcanons…it’s easier when you give something more specific, aha. Here we go!

  • Kurama is quite fond of putting flowers in his girl’s hair.
    • So flower crowns are pretty normal past time for them both.
  • It wasn’t rare for Kagome to wake up to love notes, when Kurama had to leave for work.
    • She does the same if she had to leave early herself.
    • Reminder notes are also a thing.
    • And they both kept every one of them.
    • Even have boxes marked by years and inside divided by months.
  • Impulsive dates are pretty common occurrence for them too.
    • Kurama would legit drag Kagome the moment she gets off work and charm the skirt off of her.
  • Their families get on quite well together, so much so that they had outings together at least twice a year.
  • When they got older, they decided to open a flower shop.
    • Kurama grew too much in their shared garden.
    • And on certain days of the year, Kagome and Kurama would give away flowers for free.
      • They helped make their community more friendly because of their generosity. 
      • It might help that Kurama…scared off the negative influences too.
  • They only have one child, and they had him a bit later in their lives.
    • The child have Kurama’s green eyes and Kagome’s hair.
    • He’s quite popular with his peers, from the get-go.
      • Shouldn’t be surprising considering his parents.

Feel free to request anything!

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A Little Puff of Love || Part Two

Title: A Little Puff of Love || Part Two

Prompt: I’m a sucker for Harry Potter

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS) x Harry Potter universe

Relationship: Bones x Reader

Warnings: n/a

A/N: Surprise! It’s Bones! :D When I first came up with the fic, I debated between him, Jim, and Scotty, but Bones really spoke to me for this one :)

This is the final half of a story! To get an idea of what’s going on, you may want to read Part One!

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Speaking of AUs...

Before I became a translator, I kind of tried myself in writing a fanfiction. Fanfiction shorts, to be precise. Crossover fanfiction shorts.

I wrote two parts of small crossover shorts between Umineko no Naku Koro Ni and Detective Conan.


If you are interested in my writing, you can check it out ^^’’’

Part One

Part Two

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For the title meme, 'Damn demi-gods' or 'Selkie Hair'

Ah, that one’s easy:  “Damn Demi-Gods” - an MCU/Pacific Rim crossover (inspired by @mikkeneko, who’s one of the people who first interested me in Pac Rim, I might add)!  

Get ready for a looooong (and uncharacteristically fluffy) fic summary!

The drift is actually magic, a concept created and magically facilitated by Loki as a middle finger to Thor (as the Avengers have only had piecemeal success against the kaiju and haven’t managed to end the invasion - an AU with no Operation Pitfall).  Assisting the Jaeger Program gets Loki dubious amnesty on Earth, though he’s targeted by the interstellar enemies he has made, and also sticks it to Thor by forcing the Avengers to defend against those attacks.

Gipsy Danger is the last Jaeger standing.  After Mako suffers an injury that prevents her from partnering with Raleigh, Stacker Pentecost asks Loki to step in and be Raleigh’s co-pilot.

Loki is resentful of possibly drifting with Raleigh Becket, an Alaskan whose memories are full of snow and who idolizes his older brother, and Raleigh is appalled at the idea of seeing into Loki’s mind, expecting to lose his humanity and his personality altogether.

The theory is that if Loki drifted outright with a human, his psyche would completely overwhelm and possibly simply erase the mind of his partner - so Raleigh fears that drifting with a supervillain who’s famous for hating his brother will destroy his memories of Yancy and his relationship with Mako, along with his remaining friendships.  But the situation is desperate, so he agrees…

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Arurio Crossover series : Armin on ice 1

Now it’s Yurio’s turn to train Armin as a figure skater. So Yurio is Armin’s coach. He has to accomplish the mission which Armin is going to skate a song like a real figure skater. Armin has to start with practicing basic ballet. Yurio is surprised how Armin’s body can be incredibly flexible. Armin told him his physical strength is very low as a soldier so he works a lot of stretch instead.

Now it’s Armin’s first step on the rink. He needs to practice more. But Yurio said it’s not so difficult since Armin’s body has already been trained hard in army. Also Armin learns things so fast. 

“Nothing to worry. He can be skating the whole song by next month.” said Yuri Plisetsky.

This is the last issue : Yurio in SNK world

PS I open art commissions

A Silly X-Files/Twilight Fic

So my friend jokingly started writing a twilight fan fic today and it inspired me to to write this piece of ridiculous.  Please know that this is 100% a joke and is not meant to be taken seriously at all! I thought it was funny and so maybe someone else will as well.  It is what happens when Mulder & Scully are called to Forks Washington by Bella’s dad…

After a five-hour flight and a four hour long drive we had finally arrived to the small and miserable town of Forks, Washington.  We stopped at the police station only to find out that the policeman who had called us in had already gone home for the day.  I was hopeful that at least this meant we could call it a night and go to the hotel but of course Mulder had other plans.  He got the policeman’s home address and next thing I knew we were driving to his house.

I still couldn’t believe that Mulder had dragged me across the country to some nowhere town, because a crazy policeman had a hunch that there were vampires and werewolves hiding amongst its citizens.  That’s right, no dead bodies, no attacks, just one crazy dude with a fucking hunch.

Yet here I was willingly standing next to Mulder as he knocks on the door to Sheriff Swan’s house.  It isn’t the sheriff who answers the door but his teenage daughter Bella, who looks just as miserable as I am.  She asks in a vaguely annoyed voice who we are and we flash our IDs.  She then asks what we are doing here and Mulder nonchalantly responds. 

“Your father contacted us about the possibility of vampires and werewolves living in your town.”.  

At this response, Bella’s face turns red and she quickly shuts the door. Mulder and I look at each other puzzled and then from the other side of the door we hear Bella yelling at what we assume to be her father,

“Dad! What the fuck! You called the FBI! I told you, my boyfriend Edward and his family are nice vampires! They don’t suck human blood! And Jacob and his wolf pack are cool too! You are the worst!”

Then the sound of footsteps running up the stairs.  Once again, the door opens but this time it is the sheriff standing on the other side.

“I am so sorry about that. My daughter is just going through a classic teenage rebellion faze.  Please come in!”

I reluctantly walk into the house with Mulder and sit on the couch.  The sheriff serves us tea and tells us all about his crazy theories, Mulder is loving it.  Upstairs I can hear Bella blasting some angsty rock music and I wish I could join her. 

After what feels like hours the sheriff finishes up telling us all about the family of hundred-year-old sparkly vampire family who have seduced his daughter and the pack of hot young werewolf dudes.  Mulder and I finally leave and head for the hotel.  The whole ride there Mulder continues talking about his excitement for the case and I try to ignore him.  

 Once we get to the hotel Mulder asks me if I want to look over some files with him in his room but I reject his offer and head straight to bed.  I lay in the crappy motel bed listening to the familiar sound of Mulder watching porn next door and eventually drift off to sleep.

 I am suddenly awoken a few hours later by a loud knock coming from the door next to mine, Mulder’s room.  It is the middle of the night and so I know that something must be wrong.  I quickly grab my gun and head out of my room.  As I approach the door I see Mulder talking to a tall stranger.  He does not seem in any immediate danger so I hide my gun and approach them.

 Mulder sees me coming and flashes a bright smile.  I stand next to him and take in the stranger.  He is tall, well built, handsome, and very pale.  Mulder politely introduces me to the stranger,

 “Scully this is Edward, he is Bella’s boyfriend and a vampire.  And Edward, this is Scully she is my…uhh…my partner.”

 I nod toward Edwards and he nods back but he does not have a kind look on his face,

 “I was just telling your partner that there is nothing for you to investigate here.  My family is not dangerous.  We only drink animal blood and would never kill anyone.”

 “Okay”, is all I manage to say in response.  I really can’t believe that this man standing in front of us is actually a vampire.  Mulder seems to need more proof as well and so he asks Edward if we can meet his family and if they can show us their vampire powers, and in exchange we will not investigate them any further and will leave Washington.  Edward hesitates but eventually he gives in and much to my dismay we are soon in his car and on the way to meet the rest of his “vampire family”.

 The rest of Edward’s family was less brooding, surprisingly friendly and just as beautiful and pale.  We sat in their fancy mansion for a while and learn about their lives for the last hundred years as vampires.  I had to admit that it was quite the entertaining story and for the first time I found myself not feeling completely miserable.  But even though they had convincing stories it was still not enough to fully convince either Mulder or myself and so we soon headed outside to play “baseball” which they assured us would leave us with no doubts about their vampiric nature.

 This was Mulder’s heaven and my personal hell, baseball with vampires. They ran around the bases so fast that you could barely see them and hit the ball so hard it would get lost in the woods.  I quickly gave up and stood off to the side to watch but Mulder enjoyed playing, even though he was getting slaughtered by all the other players.  I much more enjoyed watching in awe as these seemingly super humans did things that definitely defied science.  

 I was so focused on the game that I didn’t notice that I was no longer the only person watching the game.  A young and beautiful man wearing no shirt had emerged from the woods and was standing a few feet behind me also watching the game.  Eventually I turned around and was shocked to see him,

 “Impressive isn’t it.”

 It took me a moment to recover from the shock before I was able to respond,

 “Yeah it is..ummm..who are you?”

 The young guy approached me and held out his hand.

 “I’m Jacob Black. I’m part of the local pack.”

 “Local Pack?”

 Instead of responding to my question, Jacob backed up a few steps from me and suddenly I was no longer looking at a man but a wolf!

 I reached into my back pocket for my gun but before I could pull it out the wolf was gone and I was once again looking at Jacob, the man.  

 “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

 Once I got my breath back I was able to assure him that it was okay, but mildly terrifying.  

 “So you’re a werewolf?”


 “And are you friends with the vampires, I mean, the Cullens?”

 “Not really, but I am friends with Bella, Edward’s girlfriend.”

 Jacob then began to open up to me all about his tense relationship with the Cullens and his relationship with Bella.  I was intrigued and so I continued asking him questions and soon I was also learning about how he was in love with Bella but had waited too long to tell her and now she was with Edward.  It made me sad seeing how clearly still heartbroken Jacob was over his love for Bella.  I imagined how I would feel if I waited too long to tell Mulder I loved him and he ran off with someone else.  But I quickly had to banish this thought from my mind because it made me too overwhelmed with sadness.  

 Once Jacob finished talking he transformed again into a wolf and escaped back into the woods.  My focus shifted back to the baseball field to see that the game was now over and Mulder’s team had unsurprisingly lost.  It was late, I was tired, and I was ready to return to the hotel to get some sleep before we would no doubt leave Forks the next day and return to DC. Maybe this was indeed an X-File but there was nothing more for us to investigate.

 Thankfully Mulder was ready to go soon as well and so we let Edward drive us back to our motel, thanked him for the night and both walked towards are separate rooms.  But all the drive back I couldn’t stop thinking about what Jacob had told me, about how he had waited too long to tell Bella he loved her and how I didn’t want to make the same mistake with Mulder.  

 “Mulder!” I called out to him as he was inserting his keycard into the door and walked over to him.

 “Yeah, Scully.” He stopped what he was doing and turned to look at me with his gorgeous hazel eyes.

 “Since there is technically no case here that means we’re not on the clock anymore.”

 “I guess so.”  Mulder clearly did not know where I was going with this so I continued.

 “So that means if we were to consort in the same hotel room, we wouldn’t be breaking FBI rules.”

 I could see a drastic shift in Mulder’s whole face, from exhaustion to excitement and, maybe I was just wishfully thinking, but possibly even desire.

 Instead of responding Mulder opened the door to his room and motioned for me to follow him in there.  Once inside he asked me if I wanted to watch TV or something but I shook my head and said,

 “Mulder I don’t want to wait too long and lose my chance with you, like Jacob did with Bella.”

Mulder was still confused, “What does that mean Scully?”

 I took a deep breath, “It means I want you to kiss me Mulder.”

 And so he did just that.  

Coming Back to Action

    I’m back and I am willing to come back on my Fanfics again! There is one bad news though. For those who are following my crossover story of Sofia the First and Undertale well bad news… I will not continue that story. I’m so sorry. I know a lot of you encourage me to keep going but… I forgot about it and can’t keep the ideas going. 

    I do have great news though! I decided to go into my new AU version of different OCs and Canon crossovers. Everyone is human so no monsters involve in this story. There will be animals but the animals that we are used to in reality. Anyways yeah, this probably won’t make no sense in whatsoever. You’ll be understanding it when I get further onto this story. I have found a game where I was able to do a little bit of scene within the story. So that’s going to help a whole lot! I have to warn ya! There will be multiple shippings involve in the story.

    The story plot is a high school story so… if you guys are into romance, drama, and action. Then this crossover may be for you if that is you don’t mind fanfiction. I will throw in some of my own characters from my own story but they won’t be like the main characters like my OCs and a few of the Canons. Anyways Frisk (from Undertale) is new at the high school and the first friend she comes across is Lisa. Those two becomes BFF a little while. Well, Frisk wanted to make more friends so she signs up to be in the cheerleader team. Which she gets in and well the rest of her high school year short of becoming a living hell. That is till she accidently bumps into the popular boy name Friday Jay, Skellington. The son of wealthy and famous man, Jack Skellington. Then Frisk’s life turns from a living hell to the most romantic time of her life.

   There is more to this but… I will not give any further information cause well I’ll spoil the rest of the story. I don’t like to do that. Anyways if you are interested in this idea of mind then sweet! I’ll love to hear some feedback from any of you guys. 

   I’ll post those short image or scene that I did and post it on here. There is two scene that I will have a comic like to get the idea what to be expected in the story. Anyways have a great day and hope I don’t get overeating with these Cheetos that I keep eating and here I’m typing this out. 

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