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TSInktober Day 31: Any character(s) (either from a fandom or OC) and what they would be dressed as for Halloween, and in the process of trick or treating for the evening, write a message of Happy Halloween!!

Why not end the month with the ULTIMATE CROSSOVER??!!

(Dipper and Mabel are PB&J, Star is Sailor Moon, Marco is a vampire, Wirt and Greg are in their normal outfits, Connie is Frankenstein and Steven is Frankenstein’s monster, Dib and Zim are in their normal attire, Phineas is Morty and Ferb is Rick)


requested by anonymous

so we were thinking that since the ex doesn’t have any time limits (or any limits at all whatsoever) we came up with


a 2.5 hour long affair with 20 skaters wreaking havoc in the rink. we are barricading the doors. no one can get out. 

Jean Valjean - Daisuke Takahashi
Javert -  Patrick Chan
Fantine - Mao Asada
Thenardier - Denis Ten
Mme. Thenardier - Ashley Wagner
Bishop -  Evgeni Plushenko

Marius Pontmercy - Nathan Chen
Cosette - Karen Chen (chenchen omg)
Eponine - Kim Yuna
Enjolras - Yuzuru Hanyu
Courfeyrac - Javier Fernadez
Combeferre - Nam Nguyen
Grantaire - Boyang Jin
Joly - Shoma Uno
Bossuet - Nobunari Oda
Bahorel - Stephane Lambiel
Jehan - Johnny Weir
Feuilly - Misha Ge (he waves the french flag)

French flag - Daisuke Murakami

Gavroche - Stephen Gogolev