crossover to end all


Hey anon, I’m like. SUPER fond of this crossover ok?? I actually drew it a little already! It’s actually BECAUSE of a Mob Psychonauts crossover that I discovered Psychonauts! If I never reblogged that art way back when, and if Xi didn’t explain it more to me, I would have probably never played this wonderful game! ;v; 

That crossover was a “what if Psychonauts came to Mob’s world”, which I do love, but I wanted to try it in the opposite direction here :’D I tried real hard not to draw stuff for it coz HECK I HAVE ALOT OF AUS BUT here are some short dumb comics and my attempt at Black Velvetopia! Raz and Mob ;7;


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There is Power in Threes (Part 1/3+1)

@the-last-hair-bender, @meggory84,

I present the unbeta’d chapter one of that Labyrinth/Star Wars crossover you all wanted me to write. I can’t promise chapter 2 for a few weeks, as I’ve exams I really ought to be studying for. But I hope you enjoy the first bit. (Continues under a cut as its a tad longer than I like posting otherwise.)

Obi-Wan is nine - three by three - the first time he meets the Goblin King. A full moon shines alone in the eternally lit skies of Coruscant. The initiates had been studying Darthominian folk customs that afternoon in their class on the cultures of other Force users. Bruck had broken a precious artifact in the teacher’s absence, then proceeded to blame it on Obi-Wan. The teacher had not believed his denial. “With behaviour like this, maybe the Goblins should take you,” the Master taking the class had declared. Half jest to reassure him, but that meant they were half sincere at the seriousness of the crime.

“Hey, Oafy-wan.” Bruck had called that night, safe in their dorm. “Maybe tonight Goblins will take you away. You’d fit right in with them.”

Obi-Wan had clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, and forced himself to not retaliate. He had already been refused that night’s sweet, and forced to clean the common area. All for something he had not done.

That night cold and alone, Obi-Wan gazed longing out the window at the moon, hugging himself close. “You know what I wish?” He asked the stars he couldn’t see. “I wish, I wish the Goblin King would take me away to the Goblin Kingdom. At least there I’d know I was wanted.”

Deep at the heart of the Room of a Thousand Fountains, an old water clock completed its final cycle for the day. When the final chime fell silent, the only things in the bed by the window are a small round crystal - clear and pure as a drop of moonlight - and a single stray feather.

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You know you always can call the trollhunter.

So one night a few weeks ago @kprs4ever and I where chatting and eventually we got on the subject of future art projects and collabs. Also because we were particularly energetic We came up with a rather large list of things we wanted to work on,Though KPRS is busy with life and stuff XD I ended up working on the KP/ Trollhunters crossover.
. All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners.


twitter doodles. (my hype for p5 suddenly shot up again and this was the result????)

i love drawing these three. i like to think femc does this on purpose to bring out this side of the p5mc while maya is obliviously playful and positive like always. somebody save him-

Fic Recs

This list is for you if you’re a brand spankin’ new 00Q shipper. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the brilliant writing out there, it’s just what I have come across in my limited time reading fanfiction. Please check out @00qrec @00q-archive for more recommendations!

You’re all welcome to reblog and add your own recommendations! I will add them to my fic recs here.

All works are finished. Please heed all warnings and tags. I haven’t included any crossovers because I’m a crossover whore and the list would never end if I included them.

*Not all works are pure 00Q.

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anonymous asked:

Please, please give me all the headcanons you have for the Over the Garden Wall/Gravity Falls crossover where Greg and Bonnie are Dipper and Mabel's parents (what a stroke of genius, by the by) that you started with Ky-jane.


Stanley and Stanford Pines (Gravity Falls) are twins
Stanley falls in love and marries Velma Dinkley (Scooby Doo, Mystery Inc)
Velma is divorced from Shaggy Rogers (Mystery Inc) whom she had a son with, Wirt Rogers (Over the Garden Wall).
Velma and Stanley have a son, Greg Pines (OtGW).
Wirt has a very complicated but loving relationship with an angel from a different plane of existence, Beatrice (OtGW).
This plane of existence, The Unknown, is connected to The Mindscape.
An older Greg falls in love with Bonnie Anderson (Toy Story 3).
Greg and Bonnie have twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls).
Mabel meets a tourist, Ferb Fletcher (Phineas and Ferb) and falls in love.

All of this hilarity and craziness has been brought to you by the collective psychotic minds of ky-jane, turning-the-tides, imaginshon,  kiki-kit and myself. You’ll likely see fanart and headcanon drabbles from us, but we would LOVE to see what other people come up with!
You're Either In Or You're Out

Louis’s tone is maybe a bit harsher than necessary, but he still stinging from the suggestion that he was staring at Harry. Sure, the way his legs are encased in those skinny jeans is mildly intriguing. But Louis is here to be the next Top Designer, and he’ll be damned if he lets a pretty boy with a sinful mouth get in the way of his dream. Especially if that sinful mouth is spewing phrases like bohemian pantsuit. Honestly. 

Or the one where Louis tries out for Project Runway, Harry is his stupidly gorgeous competitor, Liam is Tim Gunn, Zayn is the supermodel host, and Niall is the guest judge who knows nothing about fashion.

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A Whole New World for Alibaba

Priceless reaction to the dramatic changes of the world in two years. (≧ ヮ ≦)


SE/RWBY crossover doodles from 3 am!! im working on the crossover a bit more nd trying to redesign some of the outfits,, but for now, doodles,,,