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Crossover between two favorite things. Sorry for the inaccurate bone structure, I take engineering not medics haha. And also, NomiPapyrus and dream!Sans coz I can never forget abt those two devils Nomirandy and dream!Howard.

Oh also, I made a separate blog for my other works (for now it just contain Undertale stuff) if you guys wanna check it out. Don’t wanna mix others with ninjashow stuff (coz ninjashow is special *whispery voice*)



perhaps one day  ● “… To Caroline”  “Yeah, happy deathday to me”


I’m so slow when it comes to digital sketching, ugh!

Anyway, to continue the theme of the Pokemon/Miraculous Ladybug crossovers I keep seeing and loving, here’s a sketchdump of most of the classmates and their partner Pokemon! I’m going to bed though, so poor Nathanael and Alix aren’t in this.

Maybe I’ll do more another day, or polish it up.

Art that inspired this:

ferisae’s Marinette and Adrien (the partner Pokemon for those two is exactly how I imagined them too~)

professaurus’ Young Couple Marinette and Adrien

Dean Winchester/Poe Dameron, as requested by @SuperWiki

Dean likes him.

From the moment he sets eyes on him, really. The guy leaps out of his ship and stretches, arms spreading wide to frame the setting sun. He pats the side of the X-wing, as though congratulating it, and eases down the ladder. A moment later, his droid is rolling up to him, and Poe kneels and talks to it like you would a kid. The whole scene just charms the hell out of Dean. It’s a good way to be introduced to the Resistance base.

It’s his and Sam’s first stop here, after loads of runs to this world and that supplying Resistance outposts and running down operatives for the First Order - “monsters,” they call them. But this is where the magic happens, and Dean’s feeling that magic as he saunters toward the command center, rubbing his hands together and throwing glances back over his shoulder at Sam. “This is it,” he says. “The big time. We’ve made it, Sammy.”

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Owari no Seraph x Tokyo Ghoul

Mika is part Ghoul while Yuu is a Ghoul Investigator

Have some non chibi crossovers. Ehehe….^^; This was fun…Anyways comic looking page pose was from Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 136: Concealed Prison. The one scene with Kaneki and Hide. I will say no more or else it might be spoilers to someone else. 

Soooo let me do a brain dump here on what was on my mind while working on this AU! And if you don’t want to read it you can skip it (and miss out on it) and check out my other crossovers! (in their chibi form! *squishes their cheeks*)

Other Crossovers:  
Neon Genesis Evangelion | Kagepro |  Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! | Attack on Titan

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I might have gone a little overboard with this whole crossover thing.

I just felt like doodling Shinichi receiving a rose from KID ;;

(will practice drawing males and hands, hng)