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@fibu said in reply to THIS post: @captainivyb yep, that’s exactly what I’m not doing

Good, smart thinking, don’t want to do that.

@fibu said in reply to THIS post: @captainivyb pretty sure everything will be resolved by first crossover episode

That’s what I figured, the question is will they wait till episode 8/9, around the midseason to resolve everything or are we getting a crossover beforehand. And also how will this affect Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow until the crossover fixes things.


I had to do this redraw since the scene reminds me of kuramiyusawa -a lot- and probably someone else did it already too lol

Free! X One Piece Crossover

Initially this was supposed to be a crossover about Sousuke as Zoro, since you know, they both get lost all the time.. Then as it always happens when I draw crossovers, things escalated pretty quickly, so now you have:

-Momo as Luffy (his personality reminds me of Luffy a bit, plus they both have a big Bro, Seijuro could be ACE);
- Ai as Chopper (they are, umh, both cute);
-Rin as Arlong (…………………….shark teeth…?….)

ritualisticnonsense asked:

U want Sterek? How bout a Hercules AU. Like, Derek as Hercules, Stiles as Meg and Erica as Phil b/c I said so. So BB!Der is all misunderstood and after some big shit happens, his parents are like "Sorry hun, ur adopted" & Der goes to find his parents who are cool gods. he gets training, nd when he hears trouble, goes to fight monsters, BUT he finds this guy fighting a riverguardian. Enter STILES Hilarity and sads ensue, Stiles sold his soul to Hades etc etc. Peter=Hades Pain&Panic=Boyd&Scott

I love everything about this, oh my god I am screaming. 

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t want to Sterek all the Disney movies, especially this one because let me tell you a thing I think about all the time. 

The scene near the end of the movie, when Meg pushes Hercules out of the way to save his life. And I just need everyone to take a moment to think about this. Stiles pushing Derek out of the way, risking his life just to save him and when Derek asks why, Stiles just rolls his eyes, looks at him and shrugs, says

I then want you to think about Derek going to the underworld and diving into a sea of souls just to find Stiles, to get him back, because he loves him more than anything, is willing to give up the family he dreamt about all his life, that something that made him extra special, just to be with him on earth. 

Also, can we talk about Stiles singing I Won’t Say I’m In Love (but well, this is Stiles so he probably paces up and down the court yard talking to himself about how he is not in love with Derek Hale, he can’t be) and Allison, Lydia and Kira, Liam and Jackson as the muses? 

Gah, I really want to write this entire thing. Has someone already done a Hercules AU? Does it exist? Because if so I need to read it now

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I believe t'challa would eat tj alive and that wouldnt be a bad thing *waggles eyebrows* but i can also see t'challa being very compassionate and caring and very fucking protective of tj as well. oh jeez it took me all of one long run on sentence to ship it. yikes. so ship name? t'jalla? tj'challa? blackhammond?

T’Challa would be the sweetest, gentlest, most compassionate and fiercely protective lover in the entire world. Just picture him pulling TJ into his lap and enveloping him in those strong arms and singing softly in Wakandan into his ear. TJ would fucking melt in his embrace, would feel so loved and safe <333

Can you tell I love this ship way too much already? [x]

USUK prompt #002

Arthur is a divorced Omega and has a little daughter.

Alfred is a divorced Alpha and also has a little daughter.

Besides the fact both of them are betas, there something else that connects the little girls. As in—

They’re identical twins.

Separated at birth and each raised by one of their biological parents, Amelia and Maddie discover each other for the first time at summer camp and make a plan to bring their wayward parents back together.      

[ Omegaverse/The parent trap AU ]     

Let me headcanon that twin siblings have a very similar scent for this, please-

* Before anyone questions it, I just added the Omegaverse elements + usuk + the nyo girls in it. The summary above is from the movie itself ´ q `)9 It’s pretty obvious, but- just in case.

I’ve got a lot of writing in my future.

Let’s just say… something I thought up during the Olicity Hiatus Project is making a triumphant hopefully exciting return.

All I can give away now is that it’s a crossover and I’m titling the universe ‘Billionaire Playboys and Blonde Bombshells" Universe.

Well, maybe I’ll give something else away… the Universe title is inspired by this (also made during the Olicity Hiatus Project)

And suddenly I have a great desire for a Haikyuu!! x Ace Attorney crossover purely so that I can have Defense Attorney Kageyama vs Prosecutor Tsukki.

Prosecutor Tsukki who is still the same beautiful asshole he is in volleyball anime universe, dryly picking apart Kageyama’s passionate defenses and contradictions with that aloofness and ‘i am going to pretend I give no fucks while I destroy you’.

While of course tittering and smirking across the courtroom at a fuming Kageyama like a complete dick.


And of course you can’t have Prosecutor Tsukki without his ever-faithful Detective Yamaguchi, who’s cheering ‘nice one, Tsukki!!!’ whenever Tsukki blows up Kageyama’s argument.

I guess most people won’t get the joke BUT I had to draw this anyway.

Also Cthulhu!Futaba has to be a thing~ :3

(If you’re not a programmer, the joke is this one: