crossover things

SuperAvengers: Kevin Tran as Iron Man

“Dude! You are supposed to say Buzz Buzz at the end of your sentence!”

“I’m seeing the potential… Buzz buzz!”

“Much better.”


Some more Mikey and Mikey crossover shenanigans. I don’t know if 2003 Mike would deem this outfit superhero worthy but he does see the potential of such a costume… especially since it is a bug! :P

friendly reminder that dana scully was born in 1964, clarice starling was born in 1963, and both of them attended the FBI academy in Quantico probably around the same time. 

poodins: I may or may not have been influenced a bit by your one video post

OMG! This is FAAAABULOUS *flails* *twirls* LIN GET IN HERE AND SETTLE THIS *collapses*

racethewind10 & webgeekist ;D THREE AUS. ONE EPIC CROSSOVER 


colored twitter doodles of snk babies as digi-destined with digibabies :3

I’ve got a lot of writing in my future.

Let’s just say… something I thought up during the Olicity Hiatus Project is making a triumphant hopefully exciting return.

All I can give away now is that it’s a crossover and I’m titling the universe ‘Billionaire Playboys and Blonde Bombshells" Universe.

Well, maybe I’ll give something else away… the Universe title is inspired by this (also made during the Olicity Hiatus Project)