crossover styles

Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.


he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda

When you have no imagination but still crave to do stuff for this wonderful fandom
so basically, a ghibli redraw because I couldn’t get enough of this AU

Dont forget about the PQ2 too.

Dream Team

So this is how I’ve sorted them hope you don’t mind/// but I’d love to know which house/position you guys would sort them into:) Tae & Jimin are beaters (reminds me of Fred and George) Namjoon is keeper, Jin, Hobi & Suga (you can see him being overprotective over his quaffle) are chasers, and Jungkook is a seeker. Yup although they are in different houses they play together cuz interhouse unity


Listen…I love Psychonauts and I love Mob, so here’s some crossover doodles and concept ideas for a level inside Mob’s mind that I put way too much thought into.

I could talk about this concept all day.


This took longer than expected 

Song lyrics from “love like you” (I skipped the beginning part cuz I was having issues drawing it)

Me and @sweet-her0 were having issues on what ship we liked, and after a small debate we decided on sheith. We still like all the other ships this one is just in the top.