crossover omg

Following this post and a lot of anon back and forth, here’s the alpha crew as a few other of the Voltron characters!


So, long ago and far away, I’d read this excellent GF/RnM fic that inspired me so much that I wanted to draw sequentials for it. Unfortunately the author is rather busy and may have lost interest in completing their fics, leaving me wondering if it’s worth it to finish drawing the rest, or if I should just repurpose the pages I’ve completed for an entirely new story instead? I’ve no idea what the original author wanted to do with their story – make it a ship fic (which would be a-okay by me!), or scrap it and adhere to Journal 3 canon (not necessary if it’s an AU, imo), or, who knows…! 

That said, the artwork is still mine, and I can tweak it for small changes if I decide to continue the story as a completely different, separate narrative altogether. 

O peanut gallery, lend me thy thoughts! What should I do with this?

After being away from my computer for about a month, been trying to use the good ol’ paper and pencil~ Starting with le Splatoon crossover~
Tho the picture does not do justice, omg. <XD

Ask-Alex-Hedgehog, omg so sorry that I can’t make it to megacon this year and hope this gift makes up for it! :’D

anonymous asked:

if your life depended on u dating one of the mystic messengers which one would u choose

the college student is the easiest target and won’t cause much suspicion…. it would be hard to date a corporate heir or his assistant, a famous musical actor or…. a hacker, i believe?