crossover october

Star and Marco meet the monsters like real life

In Star and Marco went to visit Bran Castle from other dimensions, they look Frankenstein, Mummy, and Dracula.

Star says, “Ohhh, nice scary costumes.” She says, “Marco, how do you look the monsters wear the costumes like the real life. Right?”

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for prompts! We have the final prompt list now, just roughly a month out now until the week starts. We decided to have 14 themes in total, two each day, in order to allow a variety of content. You can make something for one, both, or tie the two themes together – there are no hard or fast rules to this, just that you have fun. And celebrate our best boy in any way you like!


Wednesday, October 25th: Biker | Travel
Thursday, October 26th: Hero of Kazakhstan | Beka Bear
Friday, October 27th: Good Boy | Bad Boy
Saturday, October 28th: DJ / Music | Social Media
Sunday, October 29th: Favorite Ship | Family & Friends
Monday, October 30th: AU/Crossover | Past/Future
Tuesday, October 31st: Birthday | Free day!

We are looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Feel free to interpret these prompts however you like. If you have any questions about the prompts or week, our inbox is always open!  👍

Lovestruck Halloween 2017 Crossvover Event: Starting 10/5!

When the love of your life goes missing after an argument over how much time you spend playing Lovestruck, you must get them back!
Journey through all the fantastic worlds of Lovestruck with the assistance of your favorite characters in our mega crossover event, releasing throughout October! With our new branching path system, you’ll be able to choose your romantic adventure to a greater degree than ever before!

There will be two portions to this event, a crossover branch mainly starring our male love interests, and a branch mainly starring our LGBTQ love interests, though characters of all genders will appear in both branches! Choose one to be your starting point, or play both!

Happy reading!


This is just a list that I made for myself to challenge myself as an artist. Feel free to use this list as an unofficial INKTOBER prompt list. These prompts are a little more involved, so if you don’t get to every single one, that’s fine. Heck, even if you only do a few, that’s fine. The whole point is to challenge yourself as an artist.

You could also use it as a writing prompt list if you aren’t a visual artist (although some of the prompts might not work as fics, so just do your best to make it work).

You absolutely don’t have to stick to one fandom or one ship. Do what you want, this is your life!

If you use this list, please tag “inktober fandom edition” and “inktober fandom edition: [name of fandom]” in the first five tags so that we can find you and see what you’ve done!

October 1: Your current fandom obsession.
October 2: Your OTP being cute.
October 3: Your favorite character, doing something very in-character.
October 4: Your favorite character, doing something very OUT of character and being sneaky about it.
October 5: Your favorite villain.
October 6: A secondary ship or side pairing you love.
October 7: Your OTP, but as robots (if the characters are already robots, draw them as human).
October 8: Your OTP, as children.
October 9: Hurt/comfort.
October 10: Harry Potter AU! (If you’re characters are in the Harry Potter universe, draw them in the muggle world).
October 11: Your most persistent headcanon (include an explanation of your headcanon in the image description).
October 12: The crossover AU no one knew they needed .
October 13: The crossover AU that we absolutely DIDN’T need, EVER, but here it is, OH GOD WHY.
October 14: A scene from your favorite canon ‘verse fanfic. Link the fanfic with the image. Tag the author if they are on tumblr.
October 15: A scene from your favorite AU fanfic. Link the fanfic with the image. Tag the author if they are on tumblr.
October 16: Your favorite dead character that you want to bring back.
October 17: Your favorite fanfiction trope(s).
October 18: Character of your choice revealing a part of themselves that they rarely show anyone else.
October 19: Your OTP as mythical creatures (if characters are already mythical creatures, draw them as human).
October 20: The character(s) of your choice, trick-or-treating.
October 21: I can’t believe it’s not canon!
October 22: I can’t believe it *IS* canon!
October 23: Costume party!
October 24: Crossover crackship pairing: Pick two characters from unrelated fandoms and pair them together.
October 25: Best friends.
October 26: Fandom swap part 1 (Literally just swap the characters in any two fandoms. For example, Sherlock characters are suddenly the main characters in the Supernatural universe).
October 27: Fandom swap part 2 (Show the other half of that swap. In the example above, this would be Supernatural characters suddenly becoming the main characters in Sherlock).
October 28: Angst (show us the saddest moment in your fandom).
October 29: Fix it! (Using your magic wand, errr…. “pen”, fix that moment).
October 30: Give your favorite character everything they want most in the world.
October 31: Your OTP: the first kiss.

Day 2: So unfortunately I dont have Netflix, and the only two series I watch are Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black… which is an odd crossover to say the least. This was probably the best I could come up with. I feel like a younger Suzanne’s imagination would have made her perfect for some D&D :)