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Naruto Hip-Hop Crossover [Group 2]

Godaime Hokage, Lady Minaj x Cudi Sarutobi x X Inuzuka x Snoopato of the Wood Release x Young Thugimaru x Eve Haruno x Bust“A” Raikage Rhymes x Godaime Mizukage, Missy Terumī Elliott x 6 Paths of the 6 God x DOOM Uchiha x Chance the Ninja x Cham of the Red Sand x Kinkaku Boi x Ginkaku 3000

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Group 1: HERE

Artist: dotnova

Princess Sakura Acute of Hoshido is ready to fight the forces of Embla! There’s just one problem: clerics like her are not exactly good at battling… She needs other heroes to help her save Askr. If your muse would like to join the Order of Heroes, add them to this group photo dressed up as a Fire Emblem character! (Also, don’t forget to make it transparent! It makes it easier for other people to add their characters.)

Let’s go! :▷

“There is no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. There is only victory, or in your case, defeat.” Cosplay by Luna Valley Cosplay. Saiyan armors crafted by Intergalactic Creations. Photography by Gabriel Elizondo.

Shake it off

Bitty has a “Bakers gonna bake” shirt - his fans think its cute and funny and obviously about this out and proud baker telling people to shove it if they’ve got a problem with him.

Jack has a “Skaters gonna skate” shirt and when press asks him about it and if he’s a Taylor Swift fan, he says it’s a gift but he’s heard some of her stuff before and is this a Taylor Swift thing? (he knows the connection, it’s just a chirp because he’s recognized for not knowing much about pop culture)

No one ever connects them because who from baking and hockey fandoms has crossover?  From the Samwell group, they see it as just a funny bro thing.  “Bitty chose a pretty funny shirt for Jack.  Wonder if it was a birthday present or something.”

Anyway, later, after they come out, they wear the shirts together for the first time and people go CRAZY because they’ve had these shirts for how long?  Did they wear them together before? (no) Did they wear them on the same day? (yes) But these two have been trolling everyone by wearing matching outfits and NOBODY KNEW.

It goes viral when Kent shows it to his friend Taylor on Twitter and she takes a picture of herself smiling and doing thumbs up with a “Haters gonna hate” shirt in support of them and, for a while, Haters gonna hate is a THING (the entire falconers team has these shirts, as well as the Samewell group and tons of their fans).  When Jack or Bitty are asked they say it’s nice to have the support and it’s glad that this movement is helping others find peace of self, but their focus is on the individual response the song promotes – “Shake it off” – because you can’t hold any control over what others do, but you can adjust your own reactions to difficult situations, etc.

Anyway, a few years later, when the hype has died down, Zimbits adopts a baby and, on their first outing as a family, Jack and Bitty are wearing “Bakers gonna bake” and “Skaters gonna skate” shirts and little baby Bittle-Zimmermann is wearing a onesie that says “Shake it off.”




/brain is full of jaegermonsters/

/brain is reminded of Discworld book Monstrous Regiment/

ooooooooooooh shiny crossover coffee-obsessed jaeger Maladict yes



Daenerys Targaryen
Laira Saito
Harold Stark
Hea Velaryon
Asha Greyjoy
Donna Tyrell
Arianne Martell
Myrcella Baratheon
Ellaria Sand
Oliver Redwyne
Sansa Stark
Guy Tully
Carol Royce
Margaery Tyrell
Natalia Celtigar
Jorah Mormont
Azarni Saito


Any interested parties are welcome to join if they would be interested!


Born in the midst of a violent storm, the first thirteen years of Daenerys’ life was spent evading those that would see her dead in exile across the Narrow Sea. Sold at the age of thirteen to a Dothraki Khal to be his bride in exchange for an army, Daenerys would walk a long and winding road in the months to follow. Losing a brother, a son, and a husband in the process, Daenerys would walk into the flames of Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre only to emerge unburnt with three hatchling dragons amongst the ashes.

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Toadette: Jezykia Darke Cosplay
Toad: Wanderer Lila Cosplay
Peach: @helenasteele
Mario: The BlackArcade
Bowser: @eye-ofa-panda
Donkey Kong: MrAddup
Lakitu: @starboltcosplay
Rosalina: @morganelisecosplay

Photo taken by YGK at Anime Central 2016

Reading the comments on Boueibu episodes on gogoanime is so infuriating! It’s not a ‘male version of xxx mahou shoujo anime’, the boys are not lame, it’s not dumb. It’s called parody and it’s hella witty, hilarious, cute and well-thought out in the end.

I mean,
“This is literally a sailor moon and miraculous ladybug crossover but with groups and they’re all boys instead “


When will people learn to distinguish a different set-up for seemingly alike content? 

At first sight, the Hunger Games is exactly like Battle Royale, but then you see/read it, and it’s entirely different. There’s a concept that’s the same but otherwise, nah.

Even for sports anime it’s like commenting “this show is just like that show but…” on episode one, without knowing the full content. And then many sports anime are alike because it’s the same thing, they play sports and they wanna go to Nationals/the Inter-High. So just give it a rest and watch or don’t watch, don’t compare everything to something else right from the start. 

After all, ‘you’re just like that person, but more stupid’.

Not a very nice thing to say, is it.