crossover band

Geddy: What'cha looking at, Alex?

Alex: I dunno, there’s some weird-lookin’ dudes in the next car.

Neil: Ugh, just ignore them.

Phil: Those weird-lookin’ dudes in the next car are still watching us, Tony.

Tony: Ugh, just ignore them.

Mike: [thinking] Eyes front, eyes front…


Jessica Day ~ Senor Chang ~ Sheldon Cooper ~ Lydia Martin

3000 followers!!! You guys are absolutely brilliant, magnificent, incredible!! 

Thanks for supporting me so far, and I hope you guys are still like the Crossover Fandom Collage Series XD

Has anyone noticed the parts all have a theme? 

Hi Everybody! Firstly, thank you very much for your support and likes! :) I really glad you enjoy my artworks. :)))) Now, I show you my newer artwork, what I making. :) I will finish this in a short time, I will shading by pencils. :) This is a heavy metal bands crossovers, I drew Metallica, Rammstein and Sabaton band members. :)