And here’s two of the rulers of Homeworld! Well…one ruler & one ruler-in-training. I already mentioned Kane being White Diamond, but yes. Julie is Yellow Diamond in this AU.

But, you’re probably wondering why YD is so tiny compared to other Diamonds. Well, in this AU, the original YD wasn’t Julie…it was her mother. To be more specific, during the start of the rebellion (way before gem!Mike defected, of course), the original Yellow Diamond was broken into pieces (by accident, mind you).

White Diamond, using the largest remaining piece of YD’s gem made Gem!Julie who was only a small part of YD’s original self, and thus much smaller than a diamond should be. WD still wants her to help rule Homeworld with him, and so she’s given a lot of info on Homeworld from either him or some of her instructors. YD has no memories of being the previous YD, as she’s her own gem now, and disagrees with how Homeworld is run, obviously.

Yellow Diamond goes by Anglesite when she sneaks off to Earth to help the rebellion, via a secret warp pad. Her Pearl (<-Claire) covers for her absence if need be.


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“How’s loverboy?” Connor teased as you got yet another text from Stiles. You’d been texting constantly since you met the other day.

“Oh shut up.” You muttered, feeling suddenly warm in the face.