Oh Barry.

Episode 1 of Elseworlds: *Oh no! Barry might turn all dark and twisty because he’s said Ollie’s catch phrase and shot an arrow!*

Episode 3 of Elseworlds: *Ollie takes a calculated risk and shoots the crane and Barry nearly vomits 17 times because he broke a rule*

Lets Smash!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already out!
I’m really having a blast playing it and unlocking all those great characters.
In the meantime I’ve also finished coloring this piece where Incineroar is spearing
Ken while King K.Rool is going to superman punch the Villager which has already smacked
Little Mac to a pulp! Oh! And don’t forget about Bowser Jr. which is joining the fight from above!
Anyway and as usual, I hope you like this colorful piece!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a © and Tm from Nintendo. Bowser Jr., King K.Rool, Villager and Little Mac are a © and Tm from Nintendo. Incineroar is a © and Tm from the Pokémon Company. Ken is a © and tm from Capcom.

Arrowverse: The CW Announces Crisis on Infinite Earths
'Elseworlds' closed with a special announcement: 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' is headed to the Arrowverse in Fall 2019.

A crisis is coming to the Arrowverse. “Elseworlds,” this year’s three-show crossover, closed with a special announcement: “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is headed to the Arrowverse in Fall 2019.

anonymous asked:

Shuuhei~! Anything you write with him is marvelous. Could I ask, would you be able to repost the him and Roshi bit? I went looking to reread it, because those two worlds combining is amazing and I already reread the Shinji and Shuuhei giving Naruto a sword love, but I couldn't find it. Likely on old blog :(

Definitely! That one’s in my documents, and I back them up religiously, so I should always have access to it. ^-^

The old lab is perfectly empty, perfectly still, and perfectly white. Shūhei hasn’t ever been so unnerved by the blatant lack of anything, but his skin is itching with nerves like it hasn’t since his first mission in the World of the Living as a student.

“Captain,” he says, and only barely manages to keep his voice even. “I think we should let the Twelfth clear the area before we—”

“Buck up and grow a spine,” Kensei says, distracted and almost offhand as he squints at a bank of monitors. The words twinge inside Shūhei’s chest, and he grits his teeth to keep in an automatic protest. “I’m not going to send a bunch of scientists in here to do our job for us. Do you really want to put that creepy friend of yours right in the line of fire?”

Akon isn’t creepy, and he can more than take care of himself—he’s been second in command of the Science Division for as long as Shūhei has known him, and surviving Mayuri for that long takes a lot of smarts and even more power. Shūhei doesn’t bother to say as much, though. Kensei has his own opinions about the Twelfth and all of its members, and Shūhei isn’t about to try and change his mind.

“Of course not, Captain,” he says, and keeps that even, too. His back feels stiff, but seeing as Kensei isn’t even looking at him, it will likely pass unnoticed. Not that Kensei would likely care even if he was looking; things have been uncomfortable between them for weeks now.

With a grunt, Kensei tips his head, clearly still distracted by trying to turn the monitors on. “Then get on with it.”

A little bleakly, Shūhei wonders how long it’s going to be before Kensei transfers him. Wonders if any other division will even take him, after Kensei tells the captains the reason behind their disagreement. Captain Komamura might, but—out of pity more than anything, probably. It’s not as if Kensei can’t just demote him, either—he already has a lieutenant, after all. Shūhei’s just the spare, the leftover. The last trace of the traitor who attacked Kensei from behind and nearly killed him.

The traitor who Shūhei can’t bring himself to fully hate, even now.

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