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‘the 100′ characters sorted into hogwarts houses

Hello! I saw this on @smol-hufflepuff-fangirl‘s page; they did one with BTVS meets HP & it’s pretty great, so please check it out! I know that others have done this, but I can’t remember others specifically. I’m so sorry! If you’ve done this, pls let me know! I wanna see more lol. I’m HP trash. (I know not everyone will agree with me on many of these, and that’s okay. If you think differently, message me and let me know why. I’m interested in why you think so!) Enjoy!!

Anya: Gryffinfor

Yo I fucking love Anya. Asides from Lincoln, she’s the bravest Grounder I’ve seen on the show. She’s a leader to her people, she stands and fights for what she believes in. She puts her money where her damn mouth is and I love her.

Bellamy Blake: Gryffindor

Don’t argue with me. Bellamy has had a few lapses in judgement, as any leader does. He’s seen his mistakes and corrected them time and time again. He will blindly sacrifice himself for his people. He will allow his friends, loved ones, to hate him if it means that they will remain safe. He is the epitome of daring. HE COULD HAVE BLED OUT FROM A WOUND IN HIS LEG AND HE STILL WANTED TO GO SAVE CLARKE. Don’t tell me he’s not a Gryffindor.

Clarke Griffin: Ravenclaw

Honestly, need I say more? She is not in Gryffindor, despite her bravery. In her heart of hearts, she’s a Ravenclaw. She’s an artistic, forgiving soul who cries easily despite her semi-rough shell. Sure, she’s a leader, but she doesn’t want the spotlight to be on her. She becomes a leader out of necessity. She’s very good at it at times, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think she likes it.

Finn Collins: Hufflepuff

I didn’t want to include him in this list at first because I hate him and I think that his actions are almost all wrong and unnecessary af. But then I realized that if there’s one thing Finn Collins is, even after his breakdown, it’s loyal (except where Raven is concerned). He’s loyal and he’s hardworking and he is unafraid (or unaware) of the consequences.

Jasper Jordan: Slytherin

He is self destructive. I’m not saying that to undermine his depression because that is very real. He is depressed. However, he was self-destructive even before then. That’s actually what locked him and Monty up in the first place. The one difference between Monty and Jasper is that Monty cares more about others than he does about himself whereas Jasper stops caring when things get hard. Eventually, I do believe that he’ll care again. He’ll still be in Slytherin because of his cunning, ambitious, “I wanna be in the spotlight” nature.

John Murphy: Hufflepuff

I can already see people shaking their heads at me and yelling at their computer screens. John Murphy is a Hufflepuff. Sure, he went through some really really mean, rough patches, but come on. He is a hard worker. He is just, even if he has a skewed perception of the term. He’s a kid with a rough past who was taught that people who wronged you, or just wronged at all, should die. He’s learned that that’s not the way things should be.

Lexa: Slytherin

Cunning. Ambitious. Resourceful. The three traits to describe Lexa perfectly. Those are also the traits that represent a Slytherin. Sure, she’s loyal to her people, but she’s resourceful. She’ll betray anyone as long as it keeps her and her people safe. She doesn’t look at the BIG picture, I don’t think. I know there are a lot of people who disagree with me and who swear by Lexa. I get it. But I don’t think you’re right.

Lincoln: Gryffindor

Lincoln is the #1 Gryffindor in all of the people, ever. He’s daring and brave so god damn chivalrous. Maybe if Lincoln was a worse person, he would’ve lasted longer. He cared too fucking much. Everything he did, he went the extra mile. He loved immensely, he was loyal more than he should have been, he was stupidly brave, recklessly daring. God I love him.

Monty Green: Gryffindor

Monty is a mix between Ravenclaw, a Gryffindor, and a Hufflepuff. He’s got the qualities of all three houses. The thing that pushes him out of the limbo is his willingness to act upon those qualities. He’s loyal to his friends, to his people. He’s the smartest person on the ground, grounder and skaikru alike. He is kind and forgiving and witty and charming. He’s also the one who single handedly destroyed Mount Weather. Clarke and Bellamy pulled the trigger, but the work was all Monty’s.

Nathan Miller: Ravenclaw

Okay the main reason I stuck Nathan in Ravenclaw is because he is so steadfast in his beliefs. He is very good at distinguishing right from wrong, at knowing who to trust. Once he’s made those distinctions, there is almost no going back. He doesn’t blindly follow people, though. He uses his wit, his brains to see things through. He also clings onto his individuality, which is very impressive and very hard both on the Ark and on the ground.

Octavia Blake: Slytherin

I was tempted to put her in Hufflepuff until I realized how wrong I would be. Sure, she’s got some Hufflepuff traits, but she’s more Slytherin than just about anyone. She’s cunning. Not in an entirely deceiving kind of way, more in a charming kind of way.

Raven Reyes: Gryffindor

I love this woman. To be honest, she’s a cross between a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor. She’s smart and so god damn independent, even when she’s not fully-functioning. The reason that I’m leaning slightly more towards Gryffindor is because of the bravery, chivalry, and daring factors. Raven is, in my opinion, the bravest member of skaikru.

Well Jaha: Hufflepuff

Wells is loyal to a fault, I believe. His loyalty is what got him killed. His loyalty to Clarke is what got him imprisoned; sure, it wasn’t the act that imprisoned him, but it was the reason behind his act. His loyalties to his father and to justice are what gained him so many unnecessary enemies on the ground. He was smart, he was kind, and boy was he patient.


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