crossmen cymbal line

Cymbals Rule

It blows my mind that 22 people came out to try out for the Crossmen Cymbal line, which will ultimately have five members.  More may come at the other camps, but this one was designated for cymbals.

But, then, who wouldn’t want to be this bad-ass:


Things that are awesome:

- I am the Crossmen Cymbal tech.

- I got a 100 on my first Language Disorders test. 

- Tomorrow is the first day I don’t have to get up early since last Tuesday.

- My best friend comes home Friday for the weekend. 

- I don’t work the next two weekends.

- We’re going to Fogo de Chao for Donald’s birthday on Sunday. 

- I got my biggest check that I can ever remember.

- So I bought Minus the Bear tickets and clothes from Forever 21. 

- American Horror Story comes on tonight.

Things that are not so awesome:

- I’m still at work until 7. 

- I’m not marching my winter age-out.

….I’ll take it.