I finally finished!!! Thank God. It’s late though! Man I took a while, didn’t think it would but anyway here it is! Messed up on a few things but hopefully it looks pretty descent.

The one I did is this one!

Day 12: THE “SLIPPERCIAL” attack- Cross can’t run away from his past. The chancla will haunt him forever!

The Crossmember challenge it by @byutak

Cross belongs to their rightful owner @jakei95

“One week I hit a crossmember and it just knocked the head of the guitar off and of course the audience laughed and it made me very, very angry, actually, that the audience were laughing, and so I thought ‘how can I turn this into something, you know, real? It’s not a joke, I’m really freaking out, here. I mean it, I mean it…’ so, I smashed up the whole guitar.” (x)



More progress has been made over the last few days. Got the Shockworks installed in the rear and roughly set the height to where I want it to sit. Sanded the engine bay and plugged up all the holes that have a thread behind them and aren’t being used with grub screws. Then pulled the front struts and crossmember out so I can sand along the chassis rails easier. A strange thing I found when sanding was that both the driver and passenger side rails have been covered in bog. I sanded it all the way back to bare metal on the drivers side and it doesn’t look like theres been any damage and I think it may have been like that from factory since it was below the original red paint too. The old fuel feed line didnt follow the fuel return, breather or rear brake line through the car so we made it follow the other lines the best we could but it was too short so when I get a new one made I’ll need to have the end lengthened. Gearbox has been dropped off to get rebuilt and should be back soon. 

Heading to a few shops and the wreckers over the weekend to buy my new radiator and pick up a few other things I need.

Final Bout 2 Prep Log - 8/26/15 3:27AM

Yo, so far this year’s prep makes last year look like child’s play even though there are only 3 of us going rather than the 5 of last year. Let’s start at the beginning way back on August 31, 2014 - “We definitely can’t financially attend Final Bout next year.” -Everyone

September 6th - “Only 12 months until FB2!”

I swore my only change for the year was going to be going sr after 8 years of drifting with stock powered cars, but then in December Car Modify Wonder became more available so that happened… At the same time Roy (Cressida dude from Boston/Bosstown) moved out here. Everyone but Dom and I had decided Final Bout REALLLY wasn’t possible, so we convinced Roy to join us.

After a winter competing in the Drift Cave Series Dom and I finally put our cars under for some Final Bout changes right as Roy got his new Cressida drivable. I picked up an sr with a bunch of goodies for way cheap, which was supposed to be plug and play aside from an engine harness. 3 months later we were dropping the sr in after getting the smashed-as-fuck front end tubed/tubbed as Dom was pulling all of his suspension off to do crazy s-chassis swap science.

Both Dom and I bought new dailys, which pretty much brought all progress on our cars to a halt for a couple months or so. I stupidly spent the money I had set aside for the sr harness on a diff for the daily… more delays…

A week from the registration payment deadline Angel asked Dom and I who our third team mate was going to be. We were both confused, because we had been saying for months that Roy was our third. Apparently Roy had told us he wasn’t able to go a few weeks prior when I guess we were too inebriated to remember. So we began to scramble, trying to convince one of the other dudes to join. Nick spoke up and asked us roughly how much it would be and logistics etc and said he’d let us know. A few days of radio silence and Nick finally texted back, “I’m in.” Thank fuck!

So now the pressure was really on for real. 2 months until we had to load the cars on the trailer. It sounds like a long time, but considering the scope of work left to do and how few days we could actually be at the shop it was more like 2 weeks if that. I was waiting on a harness, various engine bay components, some aero, and paint. Dom was still waiting to get his modified rear subframe, crossmember, knuckles, front strut tower modification, and paint. Nick, the overly prepared fuck, only had to paint his roof and trunk spoiler and install new tail lights.

Now here we are, 72ish hours until we have to load the trailer. Dom’s suspension is 90% good to go, but he still needs paint. My paint is done, but the car has yet to start and there are a handful of other things that need to be taken care of before it will be ready to drive. My fingertips are raw from sanding, my back is rekt, and my ankle is swollen from smashing it on a jackstand mid-stride, but damn if I don’t feel productive as fuck and excited for the week to come.