Here are my Tumblr Crushes for 2013.

If you follow my blog, and like the things that I post, I’d definitely recommend following everyone on this list~

  1. fayforpay
  2. glaceons
  3. kiki-the-christmasfolk
  4. xchalk
  5. crossingtodawnstar
  6. neutralemotions
  7. squirtle-sam
  8. osha-watt
  9. italicised

You guys are all awesome - thank you for making your blogs~

lorulecrossing  asked:

I am going through your art tag and your hair tutorial is the most helpful one I have seen oh my goodness. Once I get my tablet I will practice using your tutorial!

woah seriously? o /// o I thought it was a really bad tutorial omg ; u ; I’m so glad you’ll find it useful though hehe :‘3 Ahhh if you do practice using it make sure you let me see :o I love seeing other people’s art! <3