crossings the rock band

if you want to get laid, go to college. if you want an education AND to get laid, go to the library. (7.6k)

Chapter 1: dean doesn’t date guys. he even says so. in italics.

Dean doesn’t date guys. He likes guys. Thinks they’re hot, even. He’s man enough to admit that. Dating them, though? No way. Absolutely not. Too much work. He made that decision a long time ago. But when the guy is a librarian with messy hair and blue eyes, he might just have to rethink his life choices. With a little nudge from his friends, of course.

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Hey guys, guess what? Remember that thing I’ve been writing for almost two weeks now that I said was gonna be a nice little college!au. Yeah. It’s getting chapters now. It got a little outta hand. Enjoy!


Dean blinked and looked up from the book he was scribbling in, which wasn’t his, obviously. It was the library’s. And the librarian just caught him.


Castiel Novak was standing over him, thick, tan arms crossed over the chest of his stupid rock band t-shirt, with a raised brow and a deep frown.

“What?” Dean groaned, leaning back in his chair and swinging his arms out wide. He wasn’t going to feign innocence this time. What was the point?

“You’re vandalizing library property, that’s what.” Cas snatched the book off the desk, holding it away when Dean reached to grab it back.

“Dude! I need that for this essay and it’s the only copy you have. C’mon!”

“This is the third time I’ve caught you writing in the books, Dean.”

“Okay, one, pull the stick outta your ass. I’m writing in pencil, so you can erase it if you want to. And two, they’re just notes! It’s not like I’m drawing dicks in the margins or something.”

“Take your notes in a notebook like everyone else. Stop scribbling all over things that don’t belong to you.” Cas snapped the book closed, effectively losing Dean’s page. “I should kick you out this time. I’ve had to tell you multiple times–”

“Okay, but what if someone else needs those notes? Some things in that book are wrong! I’m just helping the next poor sap that needs to use that outdated bundle of kindling.” Dean perked up. “Like Snape, you know? I’m the half-blood prince.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “You’re an idiot is what you are.”

“Are you gonna kick me out, Cas, or can I have the book back?” Dean leaned forward and batted his eyelashes up at Castiel. “Pretty please?”

Castiel’s mouth fell open and all Dean could do was smirk as a flush bled into Castiel’s cheeks. Cas thrust the book back at him, wrinkling up his nose in disgust.

“Fine. But stop writing in the books. Just… stick post-its in if you must annotate.”

“That’s a waste of paper, Cas. I thought you were all about the environment? What with your riding a bike everywhere and the bee pins on your bag.”

Cas rolled his eyes so hard that it went through his entire body. “Shut up,” he snapped, turning on his heel and going back over to the front desk.

Dean snickered and opened the book again, flipping to the page he’d been on before Cas interrupted him.

10 Epic Cophine AUs (Complete) - Fanfic Recs

When you got time and you want to read a really really long Cophine fanfic. Because why wouldn’t you, do you have something else you’d rather do? Here are some of my favourites. I read a LOT of fanfic, so I have many to recommend in the course of these posts!

Born Offside by mintcar
Cophine soccer AU that is funny, has fully-realized supporting characters, and a parallel SoccerCop storyline. Made me want to be a soccer player, before I realized… I suck at sports.

Severed Crossed Fingers by @araby-bizarre
Cophine rock band AU in which Cosima is an indie music darling and Cosima is the drummer in a mainstream band. The mix of music, romance, angst and backstory in this fic is delightful.

03:24:21 by @jaybear1701
Cophine timeloop AU where we see Cosima trying to solve a mystery throughout variations of the same day. Skillfully written with little planted clues and the Cophine development is swoony. 

First Do No Harm by @ladycanuck
Cophine Sci-fi future AU that brings Delphine and Cosima together in an interplanetary drama from Delphine’s perspective. This is one of the first Cophine fics I read that really blew me away.

Master of Biological Science by pmonkey816
Cophine art school AU in which Cosima is an art prodigy and Delphine is an art history major. The build on their relationship in this one is really satisfying, with just enough angst to keep you wanting more.

The Swan and the Dove by @trylonandperisphere
Cophine WWII spy AU where Delphine and Cosima meet over the radio waves and wartime drama ensues. Torturously long build in this fic that is so worth it. 

Crazy Science by @cosimacallsbullshit
Cophine Weird Science AU where Cosima accidentally brings doll Delphine to life. This is a quirky, interesting fic that adds depth to an idea that is well… scientifically crazy!

The Never Home Girl by @thecirclesquare
Cophine WWII AU told from Delphine’s POV. Lots of angst, but also really beautiful moments of love and self-discovery. Delphine’s journey in this is stunningly told, you will love it. 

Anathema by assassinslover
Cophine vampire/werewolf AU in which rivals (werewolf Cosima and vampire Delphine) fall together against the status quo. Great parallel storylines with Sarah and Alison as the story progresses.

Train Under Water by @mveloc
Cophine AU that finds both Delphine and Cosima battling inner demons. Beautifully told meditation on mental illness, grief, loss and love - have tissues for this one.
How Jimi Hendrix's race became his 'invisible legacy'

Two weeks after closing Woodstock with his reinvention of “The Star Spangled Banner,” Jimi Hendrix decided to offer a free concert for a group he called “my people.”

He held a concert for an African-American audience in Harlem, a place he once called home. Hendrix’s homecoming, though, was almost ruined as soon as he stepped onstage. Someone threw a bottle at him that shattered against a speaker; eggs splattered on the stage. Hendrix gamely played on while much of the crowd melted away.

“They didn’t like him,” says Charles R. Cross, who recounts the episode in his biography of Hendrix, “Room Full of Mirrors.” “He was jeered. People heckled him.”

A new film focusing on a more triumphant period in Hendrix’s life is rekindling interest in the guitar icon. “Jimi: All Is by My Side” shows how Hendrix left New York for London to become a star. Yet no film has explored another twist in Hendrix’s journey: How black and white audiences misunderstood the importance of Hendrix’s race, both to the man and to his music.

Hendrix traveled to Harlem because he was trying to connect with blacks who had dismissed him as a musical Uncle Tom: a black man playing white man’s music. Music critics and biographers say Hendrix also was frustrated by legions of white fans who only saw him as a racial stereotype – a hypersexual black man who was high all the time – instead of a serious musician.

There are signs today that more fans are starting to appreciate how Hendrix’s race shaped his life and sound. Yet he’s still seen by many as a musical genius who just happened to be black instead of a man whose genius was inseparable from his race, says Jeremy Wells, author of “Blackness Scuzed: Jimi Hendrix’s Invisible Legacy in Heavy Metal.”

Wells first noticed this pattern when he examined how white heavy metal musicians and fans described Hendrix. They rarely mentioned his race, or even said that his music transcended race. Wells said he found that odd given Hendrix’s sound was steeped in the blues tradition of black guitarists such as B.B. King and Muddy Waters.

“Nobody would say that race doesn’t matter for Muddy Waters,” says Wells, an English professor at Indiana University Southeast. “But there’s a whole industry devoted to saying it doesn’t matter for Hendrix.”

Race mattered more to Hendrix than most people realize, critics and biographers say: He was hurt by black radio’s refusal to play his music; he experienced stinging racism during his time as an R&B sideman and star; and some of his most famous songs were profoundly shaped by his experiences as a black man in America. [Read More]

Severed Crossed Fingers, pt. 23 (Epilogue)

Rock Band AU. Cosima is one of indie music’s newest darlings. After a chance encounter with drummer Delphine Cormier before a show, she is asked to be the opening act on tour for an internationally acclaimed rock band. Ultimately, she ends up getting a lot more than she bargained for. Cophine.

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AN: Well, this is it folks. I just want to say how sincerely thankful I am to all who have read and commented on this story. Since I began, I’ve made some really awesome friends in clone club, and feel super grateful for this neat little experience. My heart is so full.

Thank you all!

28-years-old. Over ten years of career experience. Seven major festival dates successfully performed. And still, Cosima Niehaus finds herself on the bathroom floor, spewing like an amateur.

Her head is in a toilet this time, at least, as opposed to the trashcan. She can consider that some small victory.

The hurling passes much quicker than it had years ago. After a few good heaves, she sits up and takes a deep, greedy breath.

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The last time they have seen each other they were normal teenagers. 

Six years passed and now she’s Lydia Martin, the country star (also known as the sweetheart of American music industry) and he’s Stiles Stilinski, a member of the sensational rock band Beacon

When their paths cross again it’s clear there’s an unspoken connection between the strawberry blonde and the boy with chocolate brown eyes, but love is a fragile flame. 

It could easily burn out, when you could build a castle out of all the bricks people throw at you.  

Or in other words Stydia Music Stars AU

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