crossings jeans

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Jean Butler and Michael Flatley choreographed the original Riverdance TOGETHER and she did just as much dancing as him and even arguably more since she started in soft shoe and had to change into hard shoe while he was busy flapping his arms about like a hyperactive bird when they're on stage together they're dancing in unison or in some cases call and response where she does what he does backwards with an added TOE STAND (which in Irish dance I'm fairly certain has no support in the shoes because fuck it we damage our feet like CELTS) AND YET THE DAMN THING HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN THROUGH THE CULTURE AS MICHAEL FLATLEY'S RIVERDANCE FEATURING JEAN BUTLER WHEN PEOPLE REMEMBER HER AT ALL

@mardisoir and @just-french-me-up are being super wonderful, kind and encouraging and thus I have finally gotten round to making a Ravenclaw Jean Prouvaire
Also dedicated to my wonderful other half @montparnassee who has been a constant support system and is just an absolutely beautiful human being ❤︎

I know a lot of you head-cannon Jehan in Hufflepuff but I only have a Ravenclaw tie so I couldn’t do both ❤︎