221b is coming along nicely. I still need a cardboard box, various lamps and chairs, a cow skull with headphones (might need to use a pattern for this one). 

The problem is the layout of the real 221b Baker St is bananas. The entrance to the main room and the entrance to the kitchen are on the same side. Sherlock’s bedroom is through the hall in the kitchen. There are two big windows and green wallpaper on the side with the cow skull. There’s just no way to properly replicate it in Animal Crossing. I’ll certainly do my best though!

I plan to make Sherlock’s room and 221c as well. I’m collecting the items for it now; I just need more bells to expand the house!


Crossinglock Diary 1 - Tour of London! (My town)

My first Animal Crossing vid! I might make more. I’m planning to do dream suite adventures using my Sherlock character =) 

… This was poorly planned I was just trying it out. Heh.