crossing the marshes

Mean Girls Burn Book South Park style only its more secrets than burns.

- Butters cusses in his sleep
- Kyle likes to document good comebacks to say to Cartman if he’s being an asshole. (Which is all the time)
- Kenny once cosplayed as an Eskimo & built and igloo claiming he was one before Eskimo kissing Kyle.
- Cartman watches weight watchers because he low key likes to work out sometimes
- Pete (Goth kid) likes to dance alone in his room sometimes
- Michael was once caught wearing conformist clothing.
- Henrietta (goth) likes to listen to one direction. Its her guilty pleasure & she cried when Zayne left.
- Firkle (goth) experimented his first kiss with a boy
- Damien likes flowers because of the way they smell.

- Tweek highkey hates coffee and just drinks tea all the time which is more caffeinated than coffee. Hence why he twitches all the time.

Kids in need of secrets:

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Chrysalis: Missed Details

Victoria’s Phone Call

At the beginning of the game, Victoria gets a phone call that is from Zach during her lecture. This observation is very interesting regarding the fact that Victoria and Zach were sexting despite his relationship with Juliet. It is possible that there was more between them.

Max’s Doodles

Also during that lecture, we see Max’s notebook and the doodles she does in it. There is a phrase wrote down in the book saying “winter is coming”, which is an important quote from Game of Thrones. The meaning behind these words is one of warning and constant vigilance, which really foretells the story. There is also a scribble of Frank The Rabbit from Donnie Darko which I have always viewed as a suspensive character which also relates to the storyline of Life is Strange. There is also a doodle of Victoria saying “yes yes yes Mr Jefferson”.

Kate’s Doodles

If you take a closer look at the scribbles on Kate’s notebook in Jefferson’s class at the beginning of the game, you will notice that they indicate suicidal thoughts and already foreshadow her eventual suicide attempt, if you hadn’t already assumed that.

Shark VS Otters Graffiti 

As you wonder around the front of Blackwell Academy you’ll find graffiti of a shark ‘eating’ an otter. Not only does this represent the school’s team, but also to episode 3 where Chloe says to Max “why look, an otter in my water” to which Max says “I can’t even watch any of those shark shows”.

Max’s Guitar

If you play Max’s guitar she plays the song “Crosses” by José González which can also be heard by turning on her stereo and again on the bus during episode 2. If you turn on her stereo and then play the guitar, Max will play along with the song. I think the main theme of the song is about pain and frustration, and in order to cope with that you have to look to love, relationships and positive aspects of life as a source of light. The frustrations could be to do with unanswerable questions, the imperfection of life and the fact the future is unknown. 

Graffiti in Chloe’s Truck

The graffiti in the truck behind Chloe says “you’re about to die”, basically foreshadowing the possible future of Chloe/Arcadia Bay.

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          “ Crosses,
                                  all over,
                                                    heavy on
                                                                        your shoulders. ”


I Couldn’t get this idea out of my head for days now. 
The song at the end of episode 3 makes me cry every single time I listen to it.
(Crosses - Jones Gonzales)

Got inspired by @pricexfield , and also by @therealjacksepticeye ‘s endless attempts to try and save Kate ;-;

I feel like Nathan would be breaking down under the guilt he’s feeling…