crossing the goal

My First Dream: Town of Crystal

“ooohh! i’m soo excited!!”

“I dunno Mamoru…”

“Aaahhh This room is so bright and cute!!”

-Crying real tears because this room is to die for-

“Soooo softttt =w=“

“This house is amazing!!!”

“Nice to meet you, @mayorchibi!”

MERANGUE!!!!” -dies-

“Aahhh how pretty!”

“Have some food little fishies!”

2years, same shirt… About 35# loss. My scales been low battery & finally let me weigh today, I thought I had gained (bc not knowing is scary) turns out I’m down a pound. Putting me 2# under my original “ultimate” goal weight. Not even trying anymore, just highly active between work & cross fit.

So I'm at the mall and I had the most emotional moment when I was in target earlier

I was shopping for an outfit for Christmas and decided that maybe it would be okay to buy a pair of skinny jeans. I haven’t worn skinny jeans probably since the beginning of high school because I hated the way they fit me and I pretty much stopped wearing jeans completely when the last pair I bought was a size fifteen. So now that I lost all this weight I went in there and I was like I’m probably like a size ten now . Which I was just assuming because the lowest size I ever was was an 11 and that was in sixth grade. So I grabbed a size ten and went to the fitting room. They slid on with ease and I was psyched. But then I realized that they were big and I could probably fit into an eight. So I hurried back out and got an eight then came back and those were kinda big too!! I went back and got a different pair then I had to sit in the dressing room for about 20 minutes because I was in awe and started crying because I was sitting in a pair of perfectly fitting size six jeans and I just couldn’t fathom that it was actually happening and that I’ve actually come this far. From a 15 to a 6. I was never that small to begin with. It’s been about three hours and I still can’t get over it!


There was a noise outside on the balcony and the mc thought it was either a ghost, a cat burglar (a thief who enters a building by climbing to an upper story) or a deranged pervert.

MC: “Wh-What do you think you’re doing? I’m going to call the police on you, weirdo!”

Scorpio: “Quit messin’ around! Hurry up and open the door you ditz!”

Well done, MC.

From Signs of Love on a Holy Night: Punishments