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I Have A Halloweeny Idea

It could be a total flop, but I want to try something that fits with the halloween feeling that I’m deep in at the moment (can you blame me though?) and is mcl related.

I want to write a halloween party drabble. My headcanon for my candy, Phoebe, is that she has always wanted to throw a huge halloween party but has never had the chance to. This year, I want to change that. And I want to get your candies involved.

If you want me to include your candy in this drabble (that I’m going to be working on from now until halloween) please reblog this with:

  • a picture of your Candy
  • their name and age
  • what she’s going to be dressing up as (if you can provide a picture, even better)
  • how you imagine she knows Phoebe (click here to check out Phoebe’s tag for ideas)
  • they way they would behave at the party
  • any other little facts you think that I should know about them

I’ll be taking the first 10 candies (this may increase if I feel that I can take on more, and if there’s more interest) and this list of who got in first will be able to be found on a page on my blog