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Update on my Richonner bros...

So my heart right now is so full of pride: two of my brothers are full-on Richonners. And one of them has finally convinced my third brother to start watching TWD (so fingers crossed)!

A few quotes from the bros this week:

“I think it’s great how this season they’re showing that Rick can’t lead without Michonne.”

“No other TV show has ever had its two badass leads get together like that. It just makes sense.”

“That episode with the two of them was awesome!”

“Oh yeah, that episode where the two of them were gettin’ it on.”

“They’re a power couple. It’s not even debatable.”


*mentions the Jadis and Rick shipping*

“Uh, no.” “Ah, gross.” “Maybe if Rick had a thing for Lloyd Christmas haircuts.”

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Cross My Soul (Day 6: Promise)

Let’s just pretend that this is on time….


“Can you promise me something?”

The question caught him off guard, and for a moment, he thought of saying no. Soul wasn’t very good at keeping promises, he’d really preferred to avoid them. Besides, if he broke it, the young albino would become, yet again, a disappointment. As he turned to face her, however, he was immediately put off by the way her eyes had lost all mirth. This was serious. Soul couldn’t afford to joke around right now.

“Depends on what it is, Maka,” He responded, though he was worried he messed up by saying it. It was obvious Maka needed reassurance. She didn’t voice any displeasure though.

Locking her pure emerald green eyes with his competing rubies, she asked, “Will you promise not to leave me?” The uncharacteristic vulnerability came off of her in waves, and Soul immediately understood. No matter how much she would deny it, Maka had some abandonment issues. She was being an idiot though, like Soul could ever leave her!

“I promise Maka, ’m not going anywhere,”

“Cross your soul?”

Her scythe snickered at the death child’s play on ‘cross my heart’. It was actually pretty damn cute, if you asked him. She, however, scowled at the aspect of him laughing. “What’s so funny?!? I’m trying to be serious, okay?!” He sobered slightly at her yells, looked straight into her ember green eyes, and said,

“Cross my soul, Maka.” He lifted his right hand, and made a cross over where he would guess his soul would reside.

“Promise you won’t let me fall?”

Soul and Maka were quite literally on the edge. His hand was tightly clasped with hers, and Soul idly thought that he couldn’t keep this promise. He pushed that to the back of his mind, though. She was dangling at the edge of a cliff! Not the best time to think negatively.

It was at least a twenty feet drop, perhaps more. If she were to fall, it wouldn’t be without a scratch. As his sanguine eyes focused back on her, he smiled broadly, showing off his shark teeth and dimple. With a voice that evidently dropped with worry, he said:

“I promise Maka, I’m not gonna drop ya,”

“Cross your soul?”

Tightening his grip, he tried his best to lift his nimble meister away from the ledge. However, Soul may looked built, he’s not the one who trains almost everyday, she is. The scythe weapon fell down the cliff, with his meister’s hand still in his own.

Deciding to make the best out of the situation that will most likely lead to his demise, Soul watched the sun set, the wonderful hues of color dancing in the sky as one. The sun fought , and slowly lost, the battle of sleep. Everything seemed so slow, and the scythe could barely position himself to protect her body from the collision with the rocks below. A bird voiced it’s song to the afternoon. How peaceful would their death’s be? Right here, on this lovely late afternoon? There would be no screams, he knew, it would be quick. Just about all the stillness would be preserved.

Soul had excepted his death. Yet as he saw how Maka’s golden pigtails swam in the sky, and catch the beautiful afternoon colors, he remembered the promise he had made to her.

A new determination for their lives–her life–washed over him. Soul’s other hand changed into a scythe and hooked onto a supporting rock. Thank Death her hand was still in his. They dangled by his scythe arm, just a few feet away from demise. Time stood still.

“Cross my soul, Maka.”

“Promise you’ll lead me?”

She seemed to always find a way to make him promise something. As the jazz music drifted through the checkered room, Soul was moving in sync with Maka. The demon watched with a judge full eye. Did the little imp know of his desire for her? Perhaps. They are the same person.

Right now though, he couldn’t really enjoy moving in step with her. There’s a reason she was here, after all. She was risking her sanity just to match wavelengths with Crona. Which was extremely stupid. He couldn’t really focus on that, though. There was a heel in his foot at the moment.

“P-promise, Maka. I’ll always be here to take the lead.”

“Cross your soul?”

The imp snickered slightly, as Soul did the first time she said that. Giving the thing a death glare, Soul growled. The music was haunting, and yet his little meister was in no affect of it. The spark in her eyes made his sigh, then he smirked.

“Cross my soul, Maka,” Soul spun her around, ignoring the throb in his foot, as the room in his soul faded to nothingness.

“Promise you’re still my weapon?”

Soul had officially become a death scythe just about a month ago, and he somehow knew this was coming. The worry in her eyes made him sigh. These silly little promises of hers. His little rabbit (don’t tell anyone he calls her that in his head) was such the worry wart.

She rested her head on his lap, the T.V. blaring a commercial he had no care for. It was lunch time, and Maka was being too lazy to get up.

“I promise Maka. I’ll always be your weapon. I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.”

She smiled fondly. They really only used the ‘cross you soul’ thing when they were younger, but perhaps it would be nice to rekindle the tradition?

“Cross your soul?”

He gave her a broad grin. Her hair was getting longer, he noted, as he took it out of her pigtails. Combing his fingers through it, Soul also noticed that she closed her emerald eyes, most likely becoming sleepy from his affectionate actions. When will he tell her his true feelings? Keeping it platonic was extremely hard.

“Cross my soul, Maka,” He absentmindedly kissed a strand of her hair.

“Promise you love me?”

Maka blinked once. Twice. Did he just steal her line? She had to stop herself from chuckling. He was truly a dork, and he showed it more than ever after a year of dating.

They sat on the roof, Blair purring on Maka’s lap, sound asleep, while the meister sat in between her lovers legs. The sun was just a sliver in the horizon. Purples and blues and reds created a painting that will never be created again. Nothing will ever look like this again. The world is too unpredictable to make the same piece of art work.

“I promise, Soul. I love you with everything I have.”

“Cross your soul, little rabbit?”

She blushed at the nickname, though he had been using it since they began dating. His strong fingers traced her cheekbone, while the other hand played idly with a strand of golden hair. Blair stretched out on her lap, but her sleep remained undisturbed. She smiled up at him.

“Cross my soul, Soul Eater.“


Sorry you had to read through my cringe writing!

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Prompt 26 with Shouto Todoroki and a female childhood friend who tries to stop falling for him without knowing that he liked her too?

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia

Relationship: Todoroki Shouto x Reader

Genre: Gen/Romance

Rating: G/PG-13 

Summary: In which you debate on how to tell your childhood friend you’re in love with him. 

Prompt 26: “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”

“Are you and Todoroki dating yet?”

You choke on your drink. You cough several times, causing other patrons in the cafe to glance at you in shock or disgust. You wipe your mouth before looking at Uraraka as if she’s grown hands out of her head. “W-what?”

“Are you dating Todoroki yet?” She repeats patiently. She stares at you, eyes wide with curiosity.

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u like gwenvid?

gwenvid’s fine! i haven’t been very keen on it to begin with, but that’s because of many personal factors, not the ship itself. truth be told, i feel kinda warmed up to it since season 2 episode 7. they’re so good and they care for each other so much, it warms my heart.
so really, i’m kinda like. shrug. i wouldn’t mind if gwenvid was endgame, even. i got a whole buncha pals who’d be VERY HAPPY if that happened, and i’m keeping my fingers crossed for them.

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Great. More Carol filming with Zeke, Jerry, Daniel and the other Kingdomites. Somewhere near the Creepy House probably. Far away from Daryl.

Oh my dear Anon. *sigh* This may go down like a bowl of cold sick, but I’m finding it very hard to care about these filming spoilers.

And it’s not that I don’t care about Caryl - oh I still very much do. I’m just so so worn down from all the “OMG” stressing over what is happening or not happening, I just can’t.

We were spoiled in several ways last year with filming spoilers. Mainly, because we had RD, we knew REALLY ACTUALLY what was going on for each episode - or at least the jist of it, so that meant sightings were in context etc. We don’t have that this year, at all. 

Also, ironically, Carol filming so little and being where she was made things very clear. We knew most episodes were not going to feature Carol, if they were filmed anyplace but Creepy House. And we knew Daryl and Carol weren’t going to film together until Daryl got out of the Sanctuary. So there was really very little uncertainty.

This year, truthfully, we know SO little. We have no clue what happened in the first episode. 

We don’t know if Daryl and Carol had 20 mins of on screen sex, then split up to divide and conquer. We don’t know if they had awkward almost sex and are keeping away from each other with uncertainty. We don’t know if they are interacting on a regular basis but then fighting with other people. We don’t know if they hate each other and will never speak again. We know NATHING.

So I just can’t bring it in myself to stress out about things until we know how the season starts. And EVEN IF Gimple is keeping them apart for much of 8a - God, it’s irritating as hell, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad for Caryl. Everyone and their dog talked about how amazing the Caryl reunion was last season and was one of the highlights of the year. Gimple may have thought “wow yes, i must do this each season, split them up then let them have a magical, emotional reunion! That will make people happy!” I mean, he’s an idiot if he does that, but my point is it doesn’t mean Caryl is in the dumpster.

Like I say, I personally don’t know enough to jump one way or the other. I’m staying neutral because I can neither get super excited at this point, or feel like I want to jump ship. I’m just floating along on a dingy waiting either to be rescued, or for a storm to toss me over the side and kill me. 

It’s going to be a long summer.

(P.S. last year my excitement didn’t happen until i saw the trailer. Fingers crossed the trailer gives us a big clue one way or the other) 

A little behind on this update, as they sold out about the day after their launch, but this is an important announcement nonetheless!

My first run of hand screen printed shirts is all sold out! Thank you immensely to those who ordered them, it’s been amazing to see them take off and I’m so happy to bring you all something like this. 

So what now? For those who ordered: these shirts will be shipping at the end of August, as I am waiting on my mailing bags and some extra goodies to arrive to me. For those who missed grabbing a first run shirt or had fingers crossed for other sizes/styles/colors - here’s what’s up next: 

  • I will be looking into purchasing wholesale shirts in a wider range of sizes!
  • I’d love to grab a few more styles as well (such as v-necks or tanks)
  • I will also be looking into a few more colors to print on!

Will we see all of these options available in the next run? Maybe! Size options are the priority, so the next print run may only have those changes, but I do hope to eventually have these other options available as well, so if you don’t see something that fits ya perfectly, please feel free to let me know!

I hope to do another run in September, so keep an eye out!

There are so many things I’m still waiting for the manga to reveal.

1. More Sakusa and Itachiyama. I’m getting excited thinking about it. What makes him one of the top 3 aces and what makes his team the top pick to win Nationals.

2. Also one of the top 3 aces, Kiryu from Kyushu. We only got to see his back.

3. Miya’s school name so I can stop calling it Miya’s school. And give me more of his shit-eating smirk because I’m in love.

4. Hoshiumi meeting Hinata or vice versa. The Little Giant and the aspiring Little Giant head on battle.

5. Just let my shipping feels tingling pretty please and give me more Kageyama and Tsukishima interacting and getting along. Everyone gets along fine with Yamaguchi. Hinata and Tsukishima has also warmed up to each other. Now, just give me for once a glimpse of how they’re gonna be friends (just like how Yaku and Kuroo is on each other’s throat in first year but get along just fine in their third year). They won’t be best friend I know, and no even though I cross my fingers for it but of course it won’t go canon they’ll fall for each other, so just let them be friends with casual banters.

So here's what I can figure out about Warcross based on Marie's pinterest

1. The main character is Emiko Sato
2. There were a lot of pictures of buildings and places with Chinese characters, so I’m guessing it takes place in a futuristic China
3. Her father is a painter, and I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and say that either her mother or both of her parents are dead, because this is a Marie Lu book and that means the protagonist requires at least one dead parent
4. There are different teams (i.e. The Andromeda Team, the Phoenix Rider Team, the Suit Brigade Team) with representatives from different countries
5. They’re probably competing in some way
6. Emiko Sato is amazing k. She’s got colorful hair and tattoo sleeves which immediately makes my heart want to explode
7. There’s a guy called DJ Ren who is probably an important character, but it doesn’t seem like he’s competing in whatever this is
8. There’s bounty hunters, which probably means that at least one character is a criminal. Because, again, this is a Marie Lu book, so that means there at least gonna be someone breaking the law
9. There are hackers, which leads me to think that Emiko is a hacker. There’s no real evidence to support this. She just gives me a hacker-y kind of vibe
10. Because I’m a very hopeful person, I’m going to pray that there’s a transgender character (please) and you know there’s gonna be gay stuff going on. I mean look how her books have progressed in terms of gayness. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
11. Maybe Sam Mackenzie and Hideo Tanaka could be a couple. They’d look cute together. I’ll be sure to reblog this later and add how wrong I am when i inevitably see them end up hating each other because you know. My ships never work out

Feel free to add anything else you can figure out

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What do you think about theory about Jon marrying both Sansa and Arya?

Hi anon,

TBH I’m not a fan of this theory.

IMHO one’s too few, and three’s too many so I don’t think a romantic relationship between 3 people is healthy in general.

And the same rule applies to fictional characters.

So no, even if I want the Starks to rule in the end I won’t like an ending with Jon married to both Sansa and Arya.

I have nothing against the other ship but Jonsa is my personal preference so if Jon will marry a Stark in the end ( I’ve got my fingers crossed for this) I think it’s clear who I want him to marry.

Thanks for the ask anon :)

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Awww I bet they miss each other. We are gonna have a fandom party if she gets spotted in Montreal 🎉❤️🎉 I know I shouldn't hold my breath but we can but hope. It would probably be a weekend due to her schedule with KC right? So not this weekend as TCA but fingers crossed next weekend.

Yeah but I am no longer holding my breath for anything on this ship.

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Taeguk~ I just NEED them to kiss 😭😭 I mean my Block B ship, Zikyung totally made out tho for laughs in a fanfic live action skit. (Bighit take notes!!!) All I ask is for taeguk to do the same! Can you imagine tho??? How many hits...(1/2)

(2/2)… that would get?! Hahahhahahahaha 😍😍😍 they’ve come so close anyways, multiple times, so why nottttt~?? Fingers crossed for the future! Sorry for writing you an essay, I just have to many feels! They are my OTP! I love your blog btw!!!! 😗

..a Taekook kiss i hear… my guilty pleasure of half imagination cause the other half i don’t need to imagine it. I’ve seen such kiss scenes here and there in kpop world but nooooo.. i want nothing less than this!!!♥  (/▽\*)。o○♡

Pulse - A Moriel Fic

thank you to @spookylucky and @imaginarypigs who both asked for something dancing/Rita’s related for Moriel. Thank you @illyrian-baby for reading this over for me before I posted it! 

Title: Pulse 

Summary: Mor/Azriel. Set in the middle of ACOMAF just before Azriel journeys to the mortal realm in an attempt to infiltrate the queens’ castle. Mor coaxes Azriel to come to Rita’s with her and even manages to get a dance out of him before he leaves. 

Link: AO3 

The rich, heavy music of Rita’s envelopes him, a throbbing, pulsing, warm embrace to contrast the cool, dark caress of his shadows. The tips of his scarred, callused fingers run in endless circles around the lip of his glass, the smooth material flowing like water beneath his touch. He raises it to his lips and takes a sip of the velvet liquor within him, letting it blaze through his system.

But even as he drinks then sets the glass on the table again and allows his fingertip to continue its circuits around the rim his eyes never once leave the dance floor. Laughter bubbles up from her lips, free and clear, sweeter and more emotional than the music that lifts and drops and carries the dancers along on its current because he knows the true depth of it.

He knows what they did to her. He knows how they hurt her, how they tried to break her, to leave her nothing but a broken, empty shell. His blood boils at the thought of it and the cold rage that’s been murmuring within his bones for over five centuries.

But she laughs, so bright and clear and free. The wildness they could never tame, the life they could never kill, the laughter they could never steal from her. She laughs her defiance at the darkness in this world and fills it with her light instead. She wears her heart upon her sleeve, daring them to try and take it from her again. She is a breath of sunlight in a cold dark place while he lurks in the shadows.

The dress she wears clings to her body and flows with her movements like liquid silk, hugging every curve, rippling with every beat of the music which she catches perfectly each time. He gets lost in her rhythm, transfixed by the rise and fall of her hips, held prisoner in the way her body moves with the music that surrounds her. It’s as though they’re one, as though they’re connected, bound together. The threads of music, the flute and fiddle and drums each were forming a string around her that moves her with them, as though the melody is her puppeteer and she its marionette.

She throws her hands up above her head, leaning back as she sways, her body flowing like water, her eyes closed. She is transported, and he with her, though he remains so many agonizing feet from her. She gives herself to the music that surrounds her; to the heat of the dance floor, the beckoning call of the thick atmosphere that floods her lungs like opium smoke and carries her away.

His mouth goes dry as he watches her and when her eyes open and lock with his a shudder goes down him and his shadows seem to flee from him, leaving him feeling oddly bare before her. A broad  grin spreads across her lips as she looks at him. She winks one of her big dark eyes at him and then breaks away from the dancers around her, weaving fluidly between them until she stands before him.

Stretching out a hand, her face wild, breathless, breathing hard she says, “Dance with me.”

“Mor,” he murmurs slowly, not moving though his body tenses.

She just leans down and takes both of his scarred hands in his and gently tugs until he’s one his feet and his body is jolting lightly against hers and it takes every bit of self control he has not to crush her against him and kiss her while her eyes shine with that burning, wild light as she gazes up at him, her eyes drinking him in like oxygen.

Slowly she presses her body against his and he closes his eyes, not for the first time revelling in the way they fit together, how every curve of her nestles in against his rigid muscles until there’s nothing separating them but their skin and clothes and the same taut barriers that have kept them apart for five hundred years. Standing on her toes she coils a hand round behind his neck and murmurs in his ear, “Dance with me, Azriel,” the shiver at those words travels through them both, “Please.”

He never could deny her anything if she said that word. That one murmur from her and he was hers. Completely. A marionette all of his own but tangled in her strings this time.

With a nod he acquiesces to her demand and the smile that lights up her face in return, crinkling those warm, molten eyes of hers, could bring peace to a land ravaged by war, he’s sure. She leads him to the fringes of the floor, cast in the shadows of the lights that pulse and illuminate the main space. She knows him, knows he doesn’t want to be in the thick of things; knows that he’s doing this for her; that he doesn’t crave the heavy, pulsing atmosphere that she does. He only craves this, this moment, this intimacy; her.

Mor deftly takes his hands in hers and places them where she wants them, one around her waist, palm pressed flat against the small of her back, the other she holds in hers, gently letting their fingers lace together. Then she leans in and rests her head against his shoulder, their bodies appearing in the darkness as one. And as one they move together. Her hips start to sway, picking up the beat of this new piece and he follows her, half guided by the music and half by her movements.

They know each other so well that their bodies take almost non-existent cues from one another. Be they in the midst of battle, carnage erupting constantly all around them or huddled together on the edge of a crowded dance floor they move in perfect sync together. Every action of hers causes a reaction from him, predictable as a tide, inevitable as night following day. It’s not difficult to lose himself in it; to let himself become one being with her.

Az rests his chin on the top of her head, tucking her in even more tightly against him as the music begins to swell. He can feel her enthusiasm, her love of this escape, this joy and he lets his guard down so as to share it in her.

And he understands when she looks up at him, her rich, velvet soft eyes filled with emotion why she’d wanted this, wanted him to come, wanted him to hold her. This is her eye of the deafening storm that rages around them and threatens to tear away everything she holds dear. It’s safe and quiet and a place where she can forget Hybern and the book and the queens and the chaos that looms ever closer. It’s somewhere she can just dance, and smile, and laugh and hold him.

The music guiding them along shifts, becoming darker and more intense and his grip on her tightens on some deep buried instinct. A small gasp huffs from Mor but she doesn’t pull away, instead she slowly turns in his arms until her back is pressed to him and then she starts to grind against him. Az closes his eyes, pulling her close, both hands now on her body, roving over the surface of her. The silk dress she has on is so sheer they might as well be skimming over her naked skin.

The whole world shrinks to the space contained within his arms. There was nothing and no-one but this, but them. They were eternity in a moment. They were everything being swept away into nothing. They were the final note of the last song ever played that continued to echo on long after the death of the world. They were complete.

Desire flares in him as the heat swells and rises between them and it takes every bit of self control he has to reign himself in. He wants to kiss her. He wants to take her in his arms and kiss her until she’s breathless. He wants to bury his hands in her thick, golden hair and press her to him. He wants to caress her skin, wants to press his lips gently to every scar, wants to find some lost light within himself and gild her in it until she’s glowing and eternal. He wants to release the aching, unbearable tension he feels in them. He wants her. He wants her.

But then the song ends and a new one begins, light and playful and the spell that had been wrapping around them, intoxicating them, draining them of air and all the sense that’s kept them from each other this long breaks and they slowly and mutually part from one another, both breathing hard.

Catching each other’s eyes they agree silently and slowly weave their way out of the packed place, Mor making easy, light excuses to what feels like half the people there as she leaves. Azriel just trails quietly along in her wake, the shadows that had faded and swept back as he’d danced with Mor returning to wreathe his body in their darkness once more.

Breaking  out into the cool wash of Velaris, steeped in night and calm and quiet, they begin to move away from Rita’s. Mor decides she wants to walk rather than have him fly her home and he falls patiently into step beside her as they amble up the high street, their bodies jostling occasionally against each other. But the tension they found together in those few pulsing, lost moments in Rita’s, when they were so intimately together they might have been in a new world that was created for only them.

They arrive at her place, on a surprisingly quiet corner removed from the general hum and rhythm of Velaris, set overlooking the river. Mor turns on the spot and looks up at him. With a quiet, genuine smile, unlike the broad, dazzling grin she so usually flashes, she stands on her toes and presses a soft kiss to his cheek. “Thank you for coming with me tonight,” she murmurs, taking his scarred, battered hand in her own perfect, soft smooth one and squeezing. “Be careful tomorrow, in the mortal realm, okay?”

From anyone else he would have darkened at the fussing or the coddling but from her…He understands her worry, the worry she so rarely lets show through that bright, careless facade. But she feels it; she feels everything so deeply for those she loves. So for her he only leans down and presses a soft kiss to the top of her head and growls gently, “I will.”

A soft smile blooms on her lips again at that and his heart lightens even as his shadows do at the sight of it.

“Goodnight, Az,” she murmurs softly as she turns and heads inside, giving him that smile once more.

“Goodnight, Morrigan,” he whispers, his words stolen away by the breeze and impossible to hear behind her closed door, where his eyes linger for just a moment longer than necessary before he spreads his wings and launches himself into the waiting sky.

All framed and shipped to #Scotland today for my show at @tiggallery in December. Crossing my fingers that this and the 7 other #paintings arrive safely in a week. #wherebeautysleeps

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I don't think pearlmethyst will be endgame, but I DO think that then fixing their relationship and being friends again will be something at the end.

That’s the bare minimum of what I think will happen, most definitely! The show has a bunch of loose ends that will most likely be resolved at the end, and Pearl and Amethyst’s broken friendship is definitely an important one that I look forward to seeing resolved. The thing is, I feel like there’s still something ‘hidden’ in their relationship. It feels like there’s something deeper that we still don’t know about them and what they used to be for each other. Something that caused that massive difference between their once-close friendship and this tension-ridden mess it ended up as.

I personally think it’s going to go down one of three ways, from most to least likely:

  • 1: Implicit Pearlmethyst - Over the next few seasons (hoping there will be more seasons), Pearl and Amethyst will work on slowly mending their broken bond, while Pearl comes to terms with Rose’s death. In the finale, there will finally be some implicit dialogue or symbolism hinting at the fact that Pearl is finally able to let Rose’s memory rest and that a new love might be blooming between her and Amethyst (Example: Pearl and Garnet talking serious things after the climax, while Steven and Amethyst are off to the side messing about and celebrating whatever victory the show will hopefully end with. Garnet somehow leads the conversation on to Rose and how Pearl feels about her now, trying to determine how her friend is coping, and Pearl expresses something along the lines of ‘life moves forward, not backwards’ and somehow making it sound hopeful, before looking towards Amethyst, who briefly pauses to smile back at her). I feel like this is the one most in line with the show’s themes of dealing with grief, acknowledging that while the hurt never really goes away, it will dull over time and something new and just as beautiful will eventually appear and make it all worth it.
  • 2: No Pearlmethyst - Option two is that the show will reveal a different relationship between the two and what it once was, most likely a sisterly or mother/daughter-ish relationship, if any. Their relationship will be confirmed to be similar to a blood-relation and any romantic hint will, in that light, look more like a hint towards estranged family members re-learning how to be there for each other. (Example: Amethyst having another breakdown and telling Steven that he’s ‘not the only one who lost a mom that day’ or something similar). While I feel like this would make their current scenes with each other pretty awkward in hindsight, I wouldn’t put it past the writers to ignore storytelling conventionalities in order to approach family relationships from a unique angle. They’ve done it before and they’ve done it to perfection, so it’s not out of the question.
  • 3: Explicit Pearlmethyst - Finally, it could be revealed that Amethyst always liked Pearl and became bitter when Pearl isolated herself after Rose disappeared for reasons explained here. As with the first option, they will continue mending their friendship and Pearl will come to terms with losing Rose, which all has some kind of huge on-screen pay-off in the finale. (Example: a straight-up on-screen victory smooch, just because I want to see conservative parents cry).

As a side-note, in my own private opinion, I think not going anywhere with romantic Pearlmethyst would be a huge waste of potential unless the writers come up with something that fits even better. They’ve already pushed the limit so hard with Ruby and Sapphire’s canonically acknowledged relationship, it would be such a shame if they didn’t at least try to develop a relationship from the ground up between two characters with so many problems. It would be such a massive step forward in terms of LGBT+ folks in media, letting two feminine-presenting characters go through a grand romantic storyline like that.

Moreover, it would help tie up a bunch of other character-related plotlines, such as Pearl’s issues with perfectionism and refusing to see Rose as less than a heroic martyr of love and perfection (I actually have this headcanon that this was part of why Pearl loved Rose so much - she was a defective drone herself, but Rose embodied perfection, so Pearl wanted just a glimmer of that perfection to light up her own imperfect life - but that’s pure speculation on my part). If Pearl could learn to love Amethyst, flaws and all, it could help her make peace with her own faults and learn to love herself wholly, even when she messes up and has moments where she doesn’t feel ‘strong enough to do anything.’ On the flip-side, Amethyst learning to love someone with such high expectations for herself could help her embrace the act of genuinely trying. It could help sooth her jealousy of people she perceives as being better than her and inspire her to keep trying to be a better person, maybe even inspire her to take better care of herself and believe in herself. And in moments where this is just not possible for her, well, Pearl is naturally protective and caring towards all her loved ones. They balance each other out so perfectly and learning to see beauty in each other could fix so many of their personal problems. It would be such a smooth, warm, realistic way to develop them and I really, really hope this is an opportunity the show won’t miss.

Or maybe something even better is coming our way?

Anyhow, that’s my Pearlmethyst ramble for today! So Pearlmethyst-fans, let’s cross our fingers and just kind of … prayer-circle it up in here.

and please don’t ask me to write something like this for Jaspidot ever, I have literally no reason for shipping that mess, Pearlmethyst is my big meaningful ferry dripping with thematic overthinking and emotions, Jaspidot is just the weird little trashboat I refuse to get off no matter how little sense it makes

Let the Hiatus Sunday Fluff fest BEGIN XD!

So my and my fellow rumbelle fans little shipping hearts were broken last Sunday with the Once mid season finale so delintthedarkone has started this little event if all goes well I will be posting a rumbelle drawing for ten Sundays *crosses fingers*

Some may look more detailed than others, more finished than others but they all have a little love.

For my first I wanted to keep the Christmas and holiday time feel to it so we have Belle Wrapping up the gifts, it’s my fav part of the holidays ^_^. Rumple mean while is trying to take a peak at what Belle got him cute!

Hope you like!