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Vent art

I’m sorry if the imagery is disturbing…. I rarely publish things like these,ms paint kind of gave me chance to try turn the negative into actual (VERY)quick clean artform, to rely some message or emotion. Vent art is a great tool, it is personal and might be criptic, so people can find what they want in it, maybe bringing them some delight from their own pain? I don’t like to publish gore for the sake of it, nor spread sads, so whenever I do publish these for you to see - it’s only because I like how the art turned out and I want to share it with you. So hopefully I didn’t make anyone sad or worry, it’s simply artwork, part of me (maybe not that nice part but I’m also only human >.< ). So hope you can enjoy it without disgust or feeling bad from it or for me - no need to! I like this kind of aesthetic too! *EDIT* venting is great on paper! It works much better to release pressure.


here’s some drawings from the days I was home in Cornwall this christmas (i was there from the 23rd until today). usual mix of sketches of my dad’s house (containing my dad, my brother and my dad’s pug). Also a vaguely indonesian-looking mask and some boats.

apart from the obviously more overwrought and crosshatched drawings I tried to aim for speed with most of these. I don’t think many of them took more than like a ¼ hour to a ½ hour? Trying to get better at getting a sketchy impression of the shape of a person. I think they succeed in that regard - the last one in particular of my brother playing the guitar genuinely does look a lot like him, I’m very pleased with it. 

xmas / feelsy thoughts under the break for those interested. in any case, I hope y’all had as merry a time as felt appropriate. remember to go easy on yourself and others. 👍

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My Zen Drawing Sketchbook

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