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Crosshairs :: Chapter Seventeen

The whole console was gutted with wires poking out everywhere. “What the hell did you two do to that thing?”

Shepard started to speak, but Alenko beat her to the punch. “We got it working.”

The Commander’s mouth clicked shut, but instead of firing off a retort - even though her expression clearly stated that she had some choice words for a certain LT - she slapped her hand over a button. Alenko snorted.

“It was my program got it working.”

Growing up with siblings, Williams could have told him it was a bad idea to open his mouth. Hell, even Wrex took a small step backwards, shaking his head at Alenko. Shepard prodded the LT in his chest and said, “Your program wouldn’t have done shit without me rewiring the damned board.”

“And whose fab unit materials did you pilfer to complete that task?”

Before Shepard could open her mouth, Williams inserted herself between the marines rather forcefully - though she couldn’t entirely contain the amused expression from spilling across her face. “And you said we were the children.” She jerked her head at Wrex to indicate who she meant by ‘we’.

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