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Crosshairs :: Chapter Seventeen

The whole console was gutted with wires poking out everywhere. “What the hell did you two do to that thing?”

Shepard started to speak, but Alenko beat her to the punch. “We got it working.”

The Commander’s mouth clicked shut, but instead of firing off a retort - even though her expression clearly stated that she had some choice words for a certain LT - she slapped her hand over a button. Alenko snorted.

“It was my program got it working.”

Growing up with siblings, Williams could have told him it was a bad idea to open his mouth. Hell, even Wrex took a small step backwards, shaking his head at Alenko. Shepard prodded the LT in his chest and said, “Your program wouldn’t have done shit without me rewiring the damned board.”

“And whose fab unit materials did you pilfer to complete that task?”

Before Shepard could open her mouth, Williams inserted herself between the marines rather forcefully - though she couldn’t entirely contain the amused expression from spilling across her face. “And you said we were the children.” She jerked her head at Wrex to indicate who she meant by ‘we’.

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Okay, Eden Prime chapter is 95% complete and I have some stuff ready for the next chapter. I don’t like posting at night though, so that’s all gonna happen tomorrow. At least that means I have extra time to work on the cover edit for ffnet and write a suitable summary that consists of more than “SHEPARD SHOOTS THINGS ESPECIALLY SOVEREIGN”. I’m getting pre-posting jitters, haha. I haven’t posted something in months.

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Shepard stood just in front of Alenko, providing him cover as he examined Jenkins’ body, eyes scanning the edges of the ridge now that they knew their HUD was next to useless. Whatever these things were, their field tech was off the charts. The little engineer inside her itched to get her fingers on it. Too bad the one laying at her feet showed signs of hardware detonation, obscuring whatever tech set these drones apart. Someone didn’t want them to find out what they were.

“Rotate your scanning frequencies.”

It was the best solution she could come up with till they had time to examine one of the drones in detail and figure out how they stayed off combat radar.

Alenko’s words were muffled as he spoke. “Already done.”

She grunted, still examining the ridge, eyes trailing to the section where the path rounded sharply out of view. She dismissed the abrupt edge approximately ten meters from their position. It was a sheer drop of about two-hundred meters - not something even drones would scale for an ambush when there were better methods of boxing them in a corner like lab rats. “Area’s clear for now.”

She turned to look at Alenko as he stood and said, “Drone ripped right through his shields. Never had a chance.”

Judging by his eyes, he was hurting. He wore his heart on his sleeve and it was hard for her to not resonate in anguish with him, but she was in command. She’d trained for this. No one made it through Special Forces without being able to compartmentalize.

She had all the practice she needed at shutting down.

“We’ll see that he receives a proper service once the mission is complete,” she said, partially to mollify him; and to make sure he remained on point, she added, “But I need you to stay focused.”

His eyes locked with hers, amber sorrow quickly masked with military training. “Aye aye, ma'am.”

So I’ve come up with a ton of headcanons for pre-me1 Olivia. Pretty much an entire timeline from 2170 through 2183 and good goddamn there’s some good story material in there. I’m trying to be smart and have this history created and in the back of my mind as I rewrite Crosshairs because I like to put myself in the headspace, I’m a method writer. 

The infiltration squad briefly mentioned in the old fic has been fully fleshed out and I might do some drabbles.

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Did you want a preview? I’ll give you a preview:


Shepard hunkered down and pressed herself right up against Alenko’s back as he opened his ‘tool to deactivate the last bomb. Williams provided cover fire from the opposite side of the catwalk, while Shepard braced herself against Alenko, using him as a counterbalance as she aimed down the gangway and took out anything that so much as peeped around a crate.

She hated fighting in space ports and docks. Too many boxes and inevitably, someone started yelling afterwards about damaged goods and who was going to pay for it.

“Progress?” she asked.

Alenko grunted, fully focused on the task at hand. She took it to mean ‘not yet but almost there’.

Just sitting here, writing a good-natured conversation in Crosshairs when all of a sudden, Olivia’s busting out the big guns and going all hardass on me, completely out of nowhere. Okay.

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They readied their weapons and then she gave the signal - and both tore out on either side of the boulder, heading in their respective directions. Her first piece of cover put her about ten meters behind Alenko. She hit it first and covered the remainder of his sprint in case anything shot out.

Nothing did.

As soon as he was in place, she slipped out - and immediately took a hit square in the chest as synthetic platforms crashed around the bend fifty meters ahead of them, hot on the heels of a marine running for her life.

Her shields absorbed most of the impact, but the battery fried and she scooted on her ass back behind the boulder, not even aware she’d fallen, but not surprised either. The remaining slug that had gotten through had punched a nice crack in her armor, just inches above her right breast. That was going to leave a nasty bruise.

Not to mention the armorer wouldn’t be too pleased at having to repair the damage.

“Commander, what’s your situation?” Alenko’s voice was like a slap to her face as he repeated his question through gritted teeth and bullets.

She thumbed her comm link open. “I’m fine. Ignore me and cover that marine.”

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Okay you beasts, here’s the whole scene


“See anything?” Alenko’s voice filtered over the comm.

She peered through her rifle and surveyed the open area ahead of them. “It’s quiet. Wide open, no points of cover for about a hundred meters. We’ll be sitting ducks if we get caught out there in an ambush.”


“Too bad we don’t have a drone of our own,” she muttered.

“Knew I should have gone engineer all the way.”

Shepard twitched, the initial urge to jump overpowered by a decade of military experience. She hadn’t meant her remark to carry over the comm.

“Maybe send out a tech mine,” Alenko suggested, “I could float it out, see if it catches attention.”

“Come on up.”

A few seconds later, he slithered up next to her while she grabbed some raw materials from her belt and spooled up the fab unit on ‘tool. When it dropped into her hand half a minute later, still warm, Alenko said, “Toss it, I’ll catch it.”

Shepard threw it like a frisbee. He caught it with a smooth mnemonic, only his fist glowing a faint blue as he guided the mine out into the valley. It floated about a meter over the ground.

Nothing assaulted it for the duration of its travels, which was a hell of lot farther than she’d have guessed.

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Please tell me you kept the “Kaidan v. the Down Time” interaction. I really loved that bit from “Memories”!

I have some version of it, yes. I reworked the pacing and added more ‘down time’ between Shepard waking up and them heading straight to the Council chambers for the meeting, mostly for the investigation to feel more 'real’ behind the scenes of investigating Nihlus’ death and Saren’s involvement, and because it in game, it has gaming time convenience - but the real world lacks that.

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