kai crossbow run > <

Vindictus Europe: Kai in April... Walking Dead until then!

Thats what happens when you say your ganna drop Cross Bows….

Your Kai’s didn’t like the idea so much so they attacked him!

The good news is He will be in The Walking Dead until hes fully recovered

and can Join us in April AMC Networks anounced about there star man Daryl Dixon
Who will be loaned to Vindictus for a month, until Vella’s blades arrive!

Daryl said in a interview to KapiH the following:

KH: So are you upset at Vindictus fans for hating?
DD: No bro, im use to such violence, tell them when im recovered il go kick some booty! And Sorry for my Delay, It was unexpected the attack from those Archers at Rocheste Castle’s Gate.

Im KapiH and this news was brought to you by CNN.
Passing the voice back to NxDew to investigate this incident!

Vindictus:Kai's new second weapon!

Crossgun is coming out on thursday! Wooh
I’ve prepared 
My materials for stoneshot (1x Lionotus heart,1x Colru’s shiny stone,3x bone blade fragments & 3x colru nucleus.) Farmed all of it so I’m proud
Saved up about 40m for ES’s,Elixirs, and Dyes.
Bought about 40 empowered enhancement stones
Saved up 10k ap to max some skills out
Farmed 3x Gallant ES
Farmed 9x Enhancement elixirs
Saved up 2x +1 Enhancement coupons (one is my friends who I will be buying it off of him…so pretty much im sending my crossgun to him enhancing it then returning it to me)
Bought 2x Enhancement runes +2 from events so 4 in total.

Plan is to get to +7 without Runes or coupons.
Then use 1 coupon to +8
Runes to +10
Coupon for +11
Then ES with Gallant and dominance.
Dye it red.
I have my crossgun ready for raids! :D
If I have below 90 dura! I shall buy some Dura pots :3 or not.

But I’m missing 
Dominance ES’s…,_, guys selling any? CoD MrHawkeye

[Artist Feature] Vindictus Kai Cross Wallpapers

Back with another one of DXVII’s wallpaper sets, here comes Kai in his next set with not only Bow but Cross Gun Wallpapers as it should be.



These look great so make sure to check out his deviantart for the full resolution versions and more wallpapers including the cross wallpaper series.


themidgettitan-blog asked:

Hello there Sakura! I'm really enjoying what you're doing here, keep up the good work) Also, I have a question regarding Crossgun and the importance of balance. How good is a dominance ES for Crossgun? And if it activates often, is it enough to deal good damage? Or it's better to get ES with balance on equip and go for explo/mael on crossgun instead of Explo/Dominance? And do you have any information regarding the chance to activate the balance buff from Dominance ES or if it has a cooldown? Ty!

From Reminise09 on Youtube: If you can high balance setting more than 75, not need Dominance. but other case, very useful with stamina buff. and not expensive cost to up balance.

“Astray LV Frame” by @deri637
MG Astray Red Frame + Death Crossgun

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