Losing weight is a weird thing…
An amazing, glorious, uplifting thing. But still weird.

You work hard, and your body changes. But your mind sometimes doesn’t. For the first time in a decade I’ve started to really enjoy fashion and getting dressed. I still hate shopping, but I do my best.

I find myself sometimes still dressing like I am overweight.

It’s a tricky thing. Getting use to looking differently.


I’ve taken some hours to recoup and rest my muscles. I also took some time to think about the work I did.

Having collected my thoughts (and these pictures) I can say with confidence that I am proud of the work I did on 15.1 and 15.1a

I did the scaled workout and I still I hit a wall right around rep 115 but I managed to push through it and got 135 reps in all. It’s not that high of a number, but I’m still proud of it. Then I moved on to 15.1a and established my 1 rep max clean and jerk. I am sure I don’t have to say it, but damn. It was fucking rough.

1st attempt 105 
2nd attempt 115
3rd attempt 125 
4th attempt 130 (failed)
5th attempt 130 

That last 130 attempt was dicey. Really dicey. But I made it through. I also managed a 20lb PR.

I really need to get back on the grind. I know I’m stronger these days. I am pushing myself with the weights. Really pushing. But my food intake has been shit and I can really feel the difference. Which is a problem obviously. Summer is coming and really, aside from need to be physically where I want to be… My performance really needs to be better. So it’s time to push. Back strict paleo and upping my endurance training.

With that being said…
Today was a good training day. Tons of bar work, and I did the WOD RX. I hit a wall right in the middle of the head cleans, but still managed to push through.

Also… Those 5x5 back squats… I did 210 (pr)

Shit was rough.


Sometimes you just have to take a minute and remember where you were then appreciate where you are now. I still have a long long way to go but I’m happy.

My teammates are hilarious. I got to the gym way early yesterday and was exhausted from the day, so I took a nap before we knocked out Angie. Karly thought she was sooooo funny and took a pic. Lol I love that bitch.

Later Browny decided he needed to do a handstand on her butt. Which he did. Lol

Find your inner animal. 😁


What do you do when the dudes got you down?

Wear a Harry Potter shirt and go lift shit. Ok, well it’s what I do. Take my advice or don’t. Lol

Great WOD and strength today. Although I hate goodmornings. But whatever. Awesome WOD, tons of bar work. I like that shit. I am getting stronger and stronger. Now I just need to focus on my skills and endurance.

I also managed to cook tonight. Enough chicken for dinner all this week, and enough spinach salad and a different kind of chicken for lunch. Now I just need to figure out snacks and i am set.