Thank God this is a before and after picture. It is depressing that I hate all my hiking pictures because my weight was so out of control. The worst part is that I didn’t realize how bad it was and I pretended I was happy. On that note:

Take charge of your health! It is easy to remain complacent and make up every excuse for why things are the way they are, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that sitting on the couch eating pizza is not going to get you anywhere….neither are crash diets. If you want to see real changes you need to start by making a commitment to your change. Envision the new you and make it happen. So let’s start there. Are you committed? 

Why wait?

I am going to be actively tracking my Whole Life Challenge progress on this blog. I will try not to bitch too much, but I also want to keep this as authentic as possible…it isn’t all rainbows and flowers so I am not going to pretend it is. I am also not going to ramble and waste your time. (If I do, don’t hold it against me…shit happens)

I am taking this challenge extremely seriously. It is my third time around and the last challenge I didn’t go into it with the right mentality. It is time to fuck shit up. The mental preparation is in full force. 


-running: stop being scared of it and conquer it head on; putting on the big girl panties

-vegetables: eat lots and lots and lots of them in new and inventive ways. Not relying on meat!

-cooking: set up my recipe book and actively use it during the challenge and add to it! (The first time I did the challenge I didn’t know how to cook anything…it is impressive that at this point I am excited about cooking)

-blog: I will update this son of a bitch…

-double unders: double unders….

-beat my 300# deadlift PR just to beat it

-strict pushups in all workouts 

-appearance: Let me point out that this HONESTLY came to mind last. Don’t get me wrong, I want to look good, but the weight loss is almost just an added bonus compared to all the other benefits from the challenge. I would like some shrinkage overall, but especially around my stomach..belly fat is never a good sign!

-read: this is whole life right? I want to read more…I just ordered 8 books before finishing the one I am reading. 

Time for shit to get real. Welcome to my WLC journey!

This picture below is before my first challenge in March 2012…I will have a new “before” coming up shortly. I will NEVER look this again!