swear by rock tape.

12.4 :
[150 wall balls
90 DU’s
2 muscle ups]
…doing your wallballs next to Joey warren : soul crushing.

current rank: 53
hangin’ on by a thread haha

Doin’ the bull dance. feelin’ the flow. workin’ it. workin’ it.

No one starts on top. They climb there through aching rep after rep and hours in the dark tunnel we all hate. They claw there from the bottom of a perfect squat and the top of a beautiful muscleup. We watch them from afar, they make it look so effortless that the words “I could do that” escape our lips. We vow to hit a number or a time or a movement next time we’re at the box. We vow to be better. And then? And then we get in there, crank out 10 reps and feel like we are going to die. Then we realize why they are the ones on top, and we are the ones watching from our couches. Then we get deflated. That score we were hoping for? Maybe in a dream, but even then, unlikely. Then we think, whats the point? But the point is to climb. Even if the top is miles away, the point is to keep struggling, to keep going and to keep your head up.  The point is to be inspired by what they can do, and strive to get there They started down where you are. There was a time when they couldn’t do a pullup, or a pushup, or a proper squat. They made that choice to strive, to struggle, to be inspired - and then to inspire you. When you watch those two competitors tonight, try and imagine where they started. Through that imagination, see where you can go. © JournalMENU LLC