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For most, a plan must be created to fit around a lifestyle, not vice versa. Without adherence, there is no consistency. Without consistency there are no results.


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Now that I have a car I could finally have a go at Crossfit but I also want to get back to Yoga and my budget doesn’t stretch that much. I could do MoveGB and have 2 or 3 sessions a week wherever I want but I’m not sure I’m willing to spend 30% of my monthly personal allowance on it. Or I could just focus on my running and do at home yoga considering I have a 10k in 5 months.

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Tonight I feel strong. The photo on the left is right after we moved to our current residence in 2012. I had given birth less than a year before but had recently lost some weight and was proud of it!

The photo on the right was tonight during Crossfit! We did a short WOD for time and we were practicing dead lift before. It was my first time to dead lift since 1999, for reals.

I pulled 155# and think I could have gone a bit higher, but it was a great, exhausting, redemptive friday night workout!

Five miles is in the plan for tomorrow morning!