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For most, a plan must be created to fit around a lifestyle, not vice versa. Without adherence, there is no consistency. Without consistency there are no results.


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That time I almost left @amft with a killer again…. the first time was when I left her with the craigslist killer while I test rode my bike. (I left her with newly pedicured feet- overly lotioned and in flip flops. She couldn’t run away if she tried. I’ll come back to this story shortly.

1. 6 am departure time for a 50 mile drive to get to Lewisville for a run before the Crossfit competition. At 6 am I come dangerously close to driving off with the gas nozzle AGAIN.
2. We wanted to run at the dam at Lake Lewisville but we were told at arrival, “YOU CANT EVEN LOOK AT IT.” So we found a trail at Central Park, Texas.
3. Our first ever time to spectate a Crossfit competition. Shirtless people, men with beards, women who could hurt you and all the curse words one can imagine all in one place. I was a fish out of water with my Mexican sugar bomb of a drink, horchata. Nonetheless, we had fun and The Power Couple came in 2nd place.
4. We had planned to go watch our 7 year old friend play soccer afterwards . We were stuck in Dallas gridlock near a part of Dallas that is Little Mexico. So what do you do while stuck in LM??? TACOS!!! I had gone to this place since my early twenties and my favorite was the pickled vegetables they serve instead of chips. They were still delicious.
5. We start heading back to the interstate and we pass a palm readers house. Knowing that this is a bucket list item for Angela I ask if we should stop. She said, “Why not?” Our friend wasn’t going to make soccer, so we had time. I knocked at the door…. no answer. I asked if we should ring the doorbell? And before she answered I said,“ YOU DO IT!” She did. We waited…. no answer. We walked back to the car and honestly I was relieved. Then A said, there’s a man flagging us down. He waved us in. He tells us the pricing which was very misleading because his window said $10 palm readings. He charged us $70 and had no change, so he got 80. Anyway, he asked us if we wanted our readings together or private? A and I were both staring at each other saying the same thing- “what do you want?” He decided for us. Private.

There was a young girl scurrying about the place. I noticed a box of valentines candy on the floor, a comforter on the couch. He told the girl to pick up, told Angela to sit on the couch. We had clearly woken them up. I walked to a back room and left Angela alone. He took a quick look at my palm. Never touched my hand like you see in the movies. And proceeded to “read” my palm. He very rarely looked me in the eyes. When I was done I asked if he took credit cards? Of course not, but he pointed me across the street to a bank. So I left Angela alone …. AGAIN. This time with a psychic killer. I’m a great friend….I know. I walk across a busy street and stand in a line of cars on a busy Saturday afternoon. The car behind me was blaring, “There Goes My Life”, by Kenny Chesney. I laughed. That’s the song I hear as I stand in line amongst cars to get money for a psychic. This took more time than it should have. I had to cross a busy street again. I get to the door and knock. It was like they were waiting for me by the door. Angela’s eyes were HUGE. The said WHY TF DID YOU LEAVE ME HERE??? I take her picture in front of the sign. It’s a moving picture, you can hear our nervous laughter… still. We get in the car and compare stories. MANY similar words and not worth the $80. But I found out that A waited on the couch with a sleeping person laying in the couch across from her in the comforter I noticed. She sat there with a sleeping person and a young girl cleaning in a stranger’s house while my palm was read…. totally normal y'all.
6. The psychic didn’t predict surprise happiness at my front doorstep when I got home. I’m not a candy bar person. If I’m going to impulse buy at the grocery store, it will be Turtles.

That’s a full day and that was our day before 2 PM. Angela got out of the car, nodded her head

“What a random day”

Indeed it was.


Being creative with movement keeps me motivated. If you’re ever in Miami, give this workout a try…

This was today’s workout…

-2 mile run

Warm up
-30 alternating tire toe taps (3 sets, 10 second rest between sets)

-10 tire flips/hop overs -superset with….
-30 alternating walking lunges
(3 sets, no rest)

-15 tire step ups, one leg at a time, 15 tire jumps (15 second rest, 3 sets)

-15 deep tire sumo squats with 25lb plate
-superset with…
-15 alternating calf raises (3 sets, no rest between exercises)

-2 mile run home 🏃🏽#motivationmonday #run #crossfit #lift #humanhero2017 (at Lummus Park, Miami Beach)

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Sometimes people run in their underwear to aid the Children’s Tumor Foundation in their fight against neurofibromatosis. And sometimes at least one of them is a CrossFitter. Hats um… off, to the awesome @danalooks. You rock lady. Donate at

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